All Kinds of Primers from Look Fabulous Forever

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Primers for your makeup


All Kind of Primers from Look Fabulous Forever

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I introduced you to the company Look Fabulous Forever this summer when we showcased bright lipsticks. When they sent us the lipsticks to use for that post, I also requested the lip primer to have my mom try out since she gets that bleeding of the lipstick around her lips. My mom has loved this product, so when the company reached out to me again, I figured maybe you guys would like some more information about primers.

If you’ve never used any kind of primers before with your makeup, then let me give you some background. My first introduction to any kind of primer was when I was just a pup. It was when I had bought my dental practice over 20 years ago, and I noticed that my assistant’s eyelid makeup didn’t crease at the end of the day. And considering that my mouth is always covered with a mask, most patients looked at my eyes quite a bit. So my assistant gave me her secret. It was an eyelid primer. Well I’ve used that kind of product since then and it’s magic.

So I thought we’d try out a variety of Look Fabulous Forever primers for you on our Thanksgiving day a week ago. And tell you truthfully what worked for us and what didn’t because I always believe there is a pro and con with everything. And as a special incentive, the company is offering  20% off your first order with the code LFFJTS20 valid only December 1 – 31st 2017 (inclusive) and excludes p&p, collections, samples and gift vouchers. This cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and it is for new customers only.

Smooth Like Silk Face Prime

Let me introduce you to the foundation primer from Look Fabulous Forever. Since I was trying out the primer, they also sent me the foundation to use.

Foundation primer

I’ve actually used many foundation primers over the years, once I found out about them 14 years ago. I stuck with the same one for over 10 years, but I’d noticed recently that it didn’t seem to be working as well. I’m sure it’s that my skin has changed since menopause.

Of course, in all reality, I haven’t been loving my foundation recently either. I wasn’t sure if it was the primer or foundation that was not working. What I’d notice is that the foundation wasn’t smooth and even anymore. And not only at the end of the day, but even right after I applied it. So I was truly excited to review Look Fabulous Forever’s products.

Applying foundation primer

Our experiment

As a biology person, I always want to compare and study things. So I thought the 3 of us would apply our primers on the right side of our faces only, and then compare.

If you think that using a foundation primer is an annoying extra step then you should take Tricia’s advice in the video below. She combines the primer and foundation so that she’s really only applying it one time. I also learned through this video to really rub the foundation into the skin. It’s always amazing to me, that after 50 years, there’s still more to learn.

Foundation Primer for Women over 50

Here’s the photo with all my makeup applied half way through the day. Unless you have a much nicer computer monitor than I do, I certainly don’t see a difference between the two sides. But let me tell you, at the end of the day, when I went to remove my makeup, there was quite a difference. The left side without the primer had many blotchy areas noticeable. Now when I say noticeable, I mean me looking closely in the mirror. Could my husband see them? Only when I pointed them out to him.

Did I like it? I absolutely love the Smooth Like Silk Face Prime. It’s almost like a clear gel that is super smooth.

I wasn’t sure I loved the Continuous Cover Foundation on the first couple of tries. It’s a little thicker than what I’ve been used to using. But after I looked at the photos, it seems to look very natural and matches my complexion wonderfully. And it’s no more expensive than my other foundations.

Lip Prime

For Nancy, she was able to try out the Lip Prime along with her Fabulous Lip Colour.

I know for myself, personally, I’ve started to see the fact that lipstick is moving into the lines around my lips. My mom had given me her protocol 2 years ago when I talked about lip makeup. But that was a ton of steps, and still didn’t work all that well for her after 8 hours.

Lip Primer

When I gave this to Nancy to use, she laughed and said that her lipstick doesn’t stay on long enough to have it bleed into the lines around her lips. And she was right, LOL! It wasn’t an hour after we took our first photos and had a snack, that I noticed that Nancy’s lipstick was gone.

It’s funny, because I must be super careful when I eat and talk, because mine didn’t look any different.

Applying Lip Primer

The experiment

But we tried the same experiment for Nancy and the lip prime. We had her use the primer only on the right side of her lips. It says it works even when you reapply your lipstick, so that’s what she did for the photo below which was halfway through the day.

So the moral of the story is, if your lipstick doesn’t stay on very long, then you probably don’t need this item. But the “fix it” part of my personality would say we need to find a kind of lipstick that does stay on for Nancy better. Because to me, a colorful lipstick makes the biggest difference in our appearance. Especially once we start losing color in our hair and eyebrows.

Lip Primer on Women over 60

And check out my mom’s photo later down in this post, because she’s wearing the lip prime too.

There’s another video showing how to apply the lip primer on Look Fabulous Forever’s site, but I like this one better. Because it’s more detailed, and I think those details can make a big difference if you’re trying to get the lip primer to work the best way.

Eye Prime

Here’s the Eye Prime that my mom was able to try out along with one of the eye shadows. I chose the Aubergine No Shimmer Eye Shade for my mom to use.

Eyelid primer

I know my mom has used an eye primer in the past. And truthfully, what she’s used hasn’t worked well for her. I don’t mean to tattle on her, but when I go to her house to take photos, it’s usually in the mornings about 9 am. So it’s not even like her makeup has been on that long. But there would already be creases on her eye lids. Maybe it’s just she hadn’t found the right product because it’s certainly not that her skin is oily.

But I will say that the Look Fabulous Forever is probably a tad more expensive than the ones my mom gets at the drugstore. And sometimes it’s true that we get what we pay for.

Applying eyelid primer

The Experiment

Again I had my mom only use the eyelid primer on her right eye. Of course it can be confusing in these photos, because in the top photo she’s applying it in the mirror, so it’s the right side. But the photo below is straight on, so her right side is actually what you see on the left. The below photo is half way through the day. There isn’t a lot of creasing yet, but I can see a little starting to happen on her left eye.

The one thing my mom didn’t love was that the eye shadow wasn’t very deep in color. I suggested she dip her brush in water next time to see if that helps. But just so you know that fact.

But let’s also talk about the lips here. I told you that I gave my mom the lip primer that we received this summer. And she’s been using it daily. Enough that she just bought another one from Look Fabulous Forever. And if you knew my mother, then you’d realize she doesn’t usually spend that kind of money on those items. She’s more of a drugstore beauty woman. So to me, that says how great it’s been working for her.

And if you’re looking closely at this photo, sure, you can see a little bit of lipstick bleeding on the lower lip. But this is after about 4 hours of application, so I consider it fabulous.

Eyelid Primer on women over 70

Here is Tricia’s video regarding how to use the eye prime.

Primers for a natural look


I do believe that one product isn’t perfect for every woman out there. We all have different skin. Along with the fact that we live in different environments. So it comes down to finding something that works great for you and your face. If you’ve been looking for some better makeup items, I hope you’ll check out Look Fabulous Forever and their selections. They also have some wonderful video tutorials, brushes and collections along with some before and after videos.

This is a sponsored post about Look Fabulous Forever. We were also gifted these primers along with the foundation, eye shadow and lipsticks from the company.

And don’t forget the wonderful offer that Look Fabulous Forever is offering my readers only.

Offer: 20% off your first order
Code: LFFJTS20 
Validity: Friday 1st December – Sunday 31st December 2017 (inclusive)
T&Cs: Excludes p&p, collections, samples and gift vouchers. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. New customers only.

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