Print Mixing and Hats to Wear in Summer

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Hats to wear in summer for women over 50

Print Mixing and Hats to Wear in Summer

Styling some print mixing and hats to wear in summer is a great way to add interest to any outfit. Granted both of these details are ones that not all of us are comfortable wearing. Which is how this all came about with the theme from yesterday’s post about “unexpected.”

Quote of the day: Remember fear is a bluffer, it boasts more than what it can really do. Call its bluff, and it will disappear.” Richard Daly

This quote is that friendly reminder to ignore that thought of “I love that on others, but I can’t wear it.” If other’s can wear it, you can too! And just remember the numbers don’t matter. Whether that number is size, age or even budget.

So let me introduce my friend, Shelly again today. Shelly joined us earlier this summer when Nancy was vacationing. And I twisted her arm to join us again since Nancy couldn’t make this photo shoot before we left Denver.

Don’t forget to check out how my mom was challenged with this idea of unexpected and then all three of us together at Union Station in Denver.

Woman over 50 and hats to wear in summer

Shelly’s Wearing

Pants: from Sams~~Kimono: Target~~ Top: Dressbarn ~~ Shoes: ~~Earrings: ~~Hat: ~~Purse:

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Shelly and Styling in an Unexpected Fashion

I know Shelly groaned when I told her that the theme for these photos was to wear something unexpected. Who likes to be pushed out of their comfort zone? But seriously, this theme really taught me something.

Summer outfit for a day in Denver

While we might not always feel comfortable trying something new with fashion and our style, no one else knows that. For example, even though Shelly doesn’t usually mix prints with her clothes or wear a hat, you wouldn’t pass her on the street and instantly know that.

Hats to Wear in the Summer

Black and white

Shelly said she bought this hat at a craft sale 4 years ago. And has NEVER worn it. Her girlfriend wears hats all the time and looks adorable in them (and she doesn’t mean me) and they were getting ready to go to Italy, so she thought it’d be a perfect time to wear a hat. Yet she carried it all through Italy and never put it on.

I’m sure we all have things like that in our closet. We get something and aren’t sure how to wear it. Or we think we don’t look good in it. Which is why this exercise is perfect. Because don’t you look at these photos and think Shelly looks fabulous in this hat?

Seriously, I can relate. When we first started looking for hats for Rob about 8 years ago, they ALL looked funny on him. Truthfully I think it’s just because we weren’t used to seeing him in hats. But we persevered and now he has at least a dozen of them. Just like when he was on the blog this summer.


This kind of blouse with the embellishments is a great find for those women who hat to fuss with necklaces. It’s like there is a necklace attached to the top.

And since there are pearls as part of the embellishment, Shelly wore her pearl earrings. I love that we can wear pearls with any outfit now. Not just a fancy wedding or event.

The small clutch purse is one that Shelly recently bought at a craft sale this summer. It’s great because it had a shoulder strap that she can then wear the purse cross body.

Hats to wear in summer


For those of you who hate to shop, I have the answer for you. Sam’s (or Costco) since you are there getting groceries. Not that these stores have everything you want, but they can have some great fashion items from time to time.

I’m saying this because Shelly bought these pants from Sams. In fact, she bought 3 different ones in different colors, that’s how much she likes them. Another great tip. If the style is great on you, then buy the same thing in many colors!

My first fur vest was from Sams. And it’s STILL in my closet 6 years later. It’s the vest the three of us wore in one of our first blog posts.

Comfortable sandals


Kimonos are one of those summer fashions that are good for so many reasons. We have worn them on the blog many times in the past. This black and white kimono is from Target, and Shelly loves it over her sundresses in the summer.

But as part of the “Unexpected” theme for this week, Shelly combined it with her print pants. This is definitely not her normal, yet I think she did a great job. Especially since the pants are a subtle print and from far away look like a solid. Besides, combining prints with black and white seems to be the easiest, and something we’ve tried before.

Kimono and hats to wear in summer

So if I asked you what would be an unexpected pairing for you to style, what would it be? Print mixing? Hats to wear in the summer? Or something else?

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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