That Problematic Piece in Your Wardrobe & Ageless Style Link up

That problematic piece gets a makeover

That Problematic Piece in Your Wardrobe & Ageless Style Link up

Quote of the day: “Genius is often only the power of making continuous efforts.” Elbert Hubbard

It’s time again for our Ageless Style group to all weigh in on a challenge. So I asked the group to pull out that piece in your closet that you consider problematic. Sure, maybe you love it, and have kept it for a long time, but it really doesn’t get worn like it should. Does that sound like anything in your closet?

This post comes on the heels of us styling our go to pieces previously. We all have items that we reach for all of the time. But how about those neglected pieces? Usually there’s a reason they aren’t as well loved, so the three of us will give you the back story and what we did differently.

How to wear a problematic piece for women in three decades of life

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: When I told my husband this category, he knew exactly which item I was going to style.

This animal print skirt is one I purchased over 12 years ago on sale from Banana Republic. The problem is that back then, I thought I had to find a top that matched either the ivory or brown in the skirt. And this was no easy feat. I know I have worn it at least once, because it has a dry cleaning tag in it. Yet for the life of me, I don’t remember what I wore with it, or even when that was.

Yet for some reason, in all of my purging, it has stayed in the closet. Possibly because it’s an elastic waistband, and so it always fits?

Can you style a problematic clothing item by changing it up

Now that I’ve seen so many other women wearing animal prints, I realize that I can add just about any color to the print and have it look great. Since the skirt is a breezy, lightweight material, I opted for a shirt I had just thrifted last month that is sheer and lightweight.

I will admit that this combination is outside of my normal box. Usually I prefer brighter colors and contrasts in my clothing. I also decided to try to keep the outfit looking soft and feminine, which is not my usual. But I love changing things up, and I think that’s a huge advantage with clothes. Easy to switch up and change up our looks.

Can you style a problematic clothing item for women over 50

Even for my accessories, I chose more delicate items.

My bracelet is one that used to be my Aunt Nancy’s. All three of us received some of her jewelry when she passed away last summer, and we even styled a blog post around it.

Even thought the colors in the bracelet don’t really match the outfit, I thought the delicate glass pieces were a good fit.

What to style with a problematic clothing item for women over 50

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of how the back of the blouse looks with this tank under it. I’m imagining that a higher back would look better. That and I may need to go bra shopping. Hopefully I will find a good solution so this blouse doesn’t end up as a problematic piece also.

Looking at our photos like this while I write this blog post, enables me to really critique each item. I wouldn’t consider this a huge failure, but I also think the shoes are a little bulky for the overall vibe of the look. Of course I am limited by what’s in my closet, and a girl only needs so many shoes, right?

Styling a problematic piece for women over 50

Skirt: Banana Republic (similar here)~~Top: thrifted (similar here)~~Shoes: Unisa (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)~~Purse: Mix No. 6 (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: Nancy pulled out this royal blue shirt as her problematic piece.

She bought this top on a quick trip into Ross one day because she loves the color and embellishment.

Her problem is the fact that it seems dressy to her because of the silky material and the beading on it. Therefore she doesn’t wear it with jeans or for a casual day.

How we wore a problematic clothing item that we don't often wear

I think this is one of those wonderful kinds of tops, that can be grab and go. Since it already has some decoration on the front, you wouldn’t have to add in more accessories, yet you’d feel complete.

There are many shirts available that are adorned which means you don’t have to add in more pieces. There are some that look like you’re already wearing a necklace. And there are many right now taking advantage of the embroidery trend. The other option is the tie shirt to add that decoration.

How we wore a problematic clothing item

I love that Nancy added in a third color with her shoes, earrings and purse.

Many of us don’t always think about adding a third color. I know in the past I would have tried to match my shoes to the colors already in the outfit. Yet it’s a fun way to change up your look so easily.

And notice that Nancy’s bracelet is a metallic neutral. Not every accessory has to match each other for the outfit to work. I love how the gold bracelet picks up the metallic from the embellishments on her top.

Style a problematic clothing item with other items

Nancy says she doesn’t like wearing this top with black pants because then the outfit seems too dark. She wore it with white pants today, but I’ve had her style it with her bright pink pants in the past. Don’t you think it would also look nice with the raspberry pencil skirt she just wore?

So the question is two fold. What other colors would you pair with this top? And because it’s the silky material, would you only wear it for dressy times?

Style a problematic clothing item for women over 60

Pants: Liz Claiborne (similar here)~~Top: (similar here)~~Shoes: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (80+) Outfit: For my mom’s problematic piece, I convinced her to wear this mint cardigan.

Now you may not think that a mint cardigan would be hard to style, yet there are many reasons she doesn’t wear this much.

First off, it’s part of a set which means in her eyes the two pieces go together. Here’s a time when she did wear the skirt by itself. And since she’s lost weight, the cardigan is slightly big. Of course, it just took some alterations on her part to make it better for this post.

How to wear a problematic piece for women over 80

The other reason my mom doesn’t wear this cardigan is because it’s a St. John’s Knit sweater. Now that meant nothing to me when she first told me that, and for those of you that are the same, it’s an extremely expensive brand of clothing. She purchased this suit when she was working in alterations at Nordstroms and found it on sale.

Therefore, my mom considers this a dressy piece and doesn’t think to wear it on it’s own. Trust me, if I had a cardigan that cost this much, I’d be wearing it every day, ha ha! In fact, I couldn’t get her to pair this with jeans for this post. Yet, that’s one way I would wear it.

How to wear a problematic piece you've had for years

I am impressed that my mom chose her yellow purse for the outfit.

You can see where I get my love of yellow purses honestly, LOL! It’s such a great way to add a punch of color to any outfit. For the summer, even adding in a bright pink purse would be fun. Other great options would be a blue purse, orange purse or even a straw purse with tassels would add whimsy.

How to wear a problematic piece you've had for years with other items in your closet

My mom paired this mint cardigan with white pants just like Nancy wore. Personally I think both of their tops would also look great with white jeans. It’s a more modern approach to an outfit without spending a lot of money.

Since the cardigan is in the green family, my mom added in her green silk blouse. I would love to hear the other options you would consider for this wonderful sweater. I feel like it’s such a classic one that shouldn’t be hidden away anymore.

80 year old woman wearing a problematic piece styled from her closet

Pants: (similar here)~~Cardigan: St. John’s Knits (similar here)~~Top: (similar here)~~Shoes: (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)

I’d love to hear you weigh in on all of our problematic pieces and how you would wear them. 

Truly I think a different pair of eyes can help us see things we wouldn’t have ever considered.

How to wear a problematic piece for women over 40

Having fun with a problematic piece for women over 40

Styling a problematic piece for women over 40

The Ageless Style Group

Make sure to check out the other women’s ideas and join in on the link party. It’s amazing to see everyone’s different takes on a theme. And maybe it’ll give you some ideas of styling that problematic piece in your closet.

Ageless Style group

Our Co-Host for the month is Maria Kelly from Passion Fruit, Paws and Peonies, and you can follow her on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Pinterest. I love how she’s taken a dressy dress, and added her leather jacket to it. You’ll have to visit her blog to hear how this dress has even traveled with her to other countries yet has never been worn.

Maria Kelly with a problematic piece styled from her closet

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