Products Purchased Because I Love Them SO Much

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Gifted products that later I've purchased

Products Purchased Because I Love Them SO Much

Wouldn’t you love to know which products I’ve purchased because I love them so much? It’s been wonderful to be gifted many products over these last couple of years. And while I only accept offers from companies that I feel really align with me and my values, there are a couple that really stand out.

Quote of the day: “If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in a library.” Lily Tomlin

Of course Lily is joking with the quote above, but I think it’s interesting to find out the “real story” or the “truth”. That being said, what is truth to me, isn’t always the same for each and every one of you. Yet, I wanted to share the companies that I’ve purchased their products over and over.

I am in no way being paid for this post, although I will point out the one company that I could make a commission from your purchase. And I also want to say that just because I haven’t reordered from a certain company does not make them bad. For instance, I don’t need to purchase much in clothing nowadays. So the things I have reordered are things I don’t already have. Does that make sense? The following are in alphabetical order.

Anthony’s Sun Shirts

I’ve worked with Anthony’s twice now. And while I do like many of their selections, it’s the sun shirts that have really caught my eye. So after our recent post about these sun shirts, I ordered another one. You can see it in the second photo above.

In fact, my husband ordered one too because we are both trying to be sun smart. I don’t have a photo of him in his shirt, but here’s a secret. Anthony’s doesn’t sell men’s items. But Rob is a small/medium in most men’s shirts, so he just ordered a large. We looked at the size chart and it was true to the measurements.

I don’t get a commission or anything for this, but there is still a 15% discount, Touchofstyle, you can use on any of Anthony’s products until August 31, 2019. If you like their products, it’s smart to sign up for their emails. They have quite a few promotions that come through these emails. And most promotions can be used with my discount.


Formulate as a product I've purchased

So I have to admit, I haven’t actually purchased the second shampoo and conditioner set of Formulate, but I would have. I got to the point where I could tell a huge difference when I stopped using my Formulate. In fact, I even put the product in smaller bottles to take with me for traveling. That’s how much I love it. This was not a paid collaboration. I only decided to work with Formulate because I struggle with my hair.

You can read the original post on my blog here. What is it? It’s a hair company that tailors the ingredients just for you. You want thicker hair? They add stuff to do that. You want straighter hair? That goes into your recipe. Etc, etc.

The company reached out to me about a month ago to see how I was doing with my formula. When I reported back that I would need to order more, they said they would send me another order. They have even offered to run another giveaway for my readers good until June 8, 2019. One winner will receive a set of customized shampoo and conditioner (14 oz full size).

The huge difference when I use Formulate, is how much thicker my hair feels. I think you can even see a difference, so I experimented for you. In the two photos above, can you see any difference? Sure, you could argue that the day, place and other things make a difference. But I can FEEL a difference. It took about a month of using it to notice what it does. But now if I don’t use it, I can feel the difference almost immediately again the next time I do use it.

I did have one reader reach out to me and say she didn’t like the product. So I asked my contact with Formulate about this. She said that they do have a satisfaction guarantee. If someone doesn’t love their products, they will take their feedback, make adjustments to their formulas and send them a new set, no extra charge. You would also be eligible for a refund within 30 days if preferred.


Who would’ve thought that I would love compression socks? After helping my grandma with her pair when she was alive, I wouldn’t think it would be on my fashion radar.

But after working with Go2Socks, I realized how beneficial they were along with being cute. Especially with all of the traveling we have been doing lately. I twisted my husband’s arm to get a couple of pairs too. In the photo above, mine are the leopard ones, and Rob’s have the white dots. We each have about 5 pair now.

There is still a discount code available for these also. Jodie25 will get you 25% off any non sale socks. These compression socks come in different strengths, but they are all fun!

I’ve been wearing mine around the house just to help with any spider veins and circulation. Sure that might change in the summer. Rob will tell you he can tell a huge difference when he wears his. Sure, his legs don’t swell when we travel if he’s wearing these. But also, just around the house, they make his legs feel stronger.

GoPure Beauty

GoPure Beauty

GoPure Beauty is a company that keeps their fees low by not spending money on crazy packaging or celebrity testimonials. This is the one company that I would get a commission if you purchased anything. But I have purchased from them twice. So that should tell you something.

The photo above is of the original products sent to me to try out. Since then I’ve ordered the Argon oil, Rosehip Oil, along with Vit. C moisturizer and Vit. C cleanser. I’ve also reordered the retinol serum, Vit. C serum, the hyaluronic serum plus the two oils because I used them up.

I use the two oils mixed as moisturizers on my whole body at night. My skin is very dry, and it’s been even drier since menopause. And it’s been working so I don’t feel like I’m molting. I also have another trick with the Rosehip Oil that I’ll blog about soon.

Their costs are SO reasonable. But right now before May 16 (tomorrow if you’re reading this the day it’s published) you can get $10 off with my code.

Life Sprouts Bioceuticals

You haven’t heard of Life Sprouts Bioceuticals on the blog yet because I’ve been working with them on my social media only. That’s why I suggest that you follow me on all of my social sites because I do post different thoughts and ideas on each.

But so far, two of their products have really hit home. One is the Bladder Brake that my mom has tried and has reordered twice. It works that well for her.

The other product is for me and called Femina+. For me, it helps with my crankiness (sure, you could use another word). And while I really didn’t purchase another bottle, it is only because Life Sprouts offered to send me an additional bottle. Trust me, I wouldn’t take a supplement if it didn’t really help.

They are only offering a discount on the products I have reviewed so far. You can use the code JODIE for 15% off of the Bladder Brake, Femina+ or Revivify. There has been one product sent to me that I’m not going to review. It didn’t seem to make a difference for me, and I only want to be authentic.

What I really like about these supplements is there aren’t many “extra” ingredients in them, and they aren’t very expensive. Especially because they offer bulk purchasing.


Shapeez bras as a product I've purchased

The dreaded bra. This topic can spur so many debates and conversations. I know I’m not the only one that thinks they make such a difference in how our clothing fits. And I’ve blogged about finding a good fit and issues twice already on this platform.

But once I found Shapeez, I’ve been converted. Not that the information I reported in the past was wrong. However, I’ve ALWAYS struggled with how I couldn’t wait to take it off at the end of the day. Heck, I even asked about this when I got fitted in the past. And no one had an answer.

While I love that the Shapeez bras make my look smoother too, it’s the comfort factor that sold me. And by sold I mean that I’ve purchased 3 other ones. Granted the discount code isn’t available anymore, and they are expensive. But aren’t all good bras? Why are they more comfortable? I think it’s because there is more surface area that is working as your band. That’s not a scientific fact, but it makes sense to me.

My mom, Nancy and I were each sent a Shapeez for the post we created. Mom has since bought another one and Nancy has purchased 2 more also. Once you know your size, then you can even check out the discount rack. That’s where I bought my black one that is also a camisole that I wore recently. The only time I really don’t wear a Shapeez is when I go for a massage. I get no commission for talking about this, but if you are looking for a better bra, you might want to check them out.

Walking Cradles

Another company that I’ve purchased their products after being gifted them is Walking Cradles. There may be many footwear companies that sell comfortable shoes now, but as a shoe snob, I also look for stylish ones. That’s why I’m so over the moon about Walking Cradles. It also doesn’t hurt that they are a small company with heart. You may remember I went out to their warehouse in St. Louis recently to model shoes for their Shoe Stravaganza.

There’s so many great things I can say about this company. One because their marketing director and I have become such good friends. That’s her, Lisa, in the above photo with me. She is a wealth of knowledge. For example, when I posted about the Shoe Stravaganza, she went out of her way to help a couple of my readers with foot issues, find the shoes that would fit their feet the best. And she will do that for you too. I can pass on her contact information if that would be helpful.

But there’s also their shoes. All their shoes are made with comfort in mind with their tiny pillows in the soles and many of the shoes have a ton of adjustability. On top of comfort they have sizes 4 – 13 in slim to wide wide.

While I’ve been given a pair of their sneakers, and the three of us were gifted sneakers last fall, I have purchased the leopard booties and white mules that you see pictured above. Not that I need more shoes, but I’ve become VERY spoiled having ones that feel as good as they look.

Walking Cradles is still offering a discount to my readers until July 1, 2019. Use the code Style15 for 15% off. The other advice is to sign up for their emails because there are many promotions throughout the year that could be perfect for you. For instance, they recently had a BOGO on certain styles. And who doesn’t love saving money?

The Truth about Products I’ve Purchased

If you have ANY questions about any company or what I’ve ordered, I’m happy to share anything and everything. You can email me at Jodie@Jtouchofstyle.com or comment below. I am ALWAYS honest and will give you any information I have.

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