Emerald green with lime green

Professional Advice on What Color Goes with Emerald Green

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Figuring out what color goes with emerald green is easy. One of my superpowers is combining all different color combinations to make your closet bigger and more versatile.

Quote of the day: “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it or work around it.” Michael Jordan

This quote is how I approach most of my clothing issues. I believe we get into ruts and habits with not only what colors to combine together but also how to wear an item. It always makes me feel like I’m getting more bang for my buck with my clothing when I can make it more versatile.

As a bonus, I am giving two unique options of what color goes with emerald green. And I will also link to a couple of my color recipe blog posts to help you find options for your closet.

If your closet is full of the colors that work best for you, then combining those colors together tends to be easier. For example, if you look better in muted colors, and that’s what your closet is full of, then they should all pair well together.
Most of my closet is made up of bright and clear colors in warm tones. I do have some muted colors because I believe we shouldn’t always play by the rules. Besides, wearing colors that aren’t flattering to your complexion can still work if you wear them on the bottom half or get creative in other ways.

Insider tip: I have a couple of ideas of how to make your “bad” colors work for you.

I’ve also discussed having your colors analyzed. As with everything, this can be very subjective, but you can read about 2 different online systems here.

As for winter color combinations, we have showcased ideas with gold (both metallic and mustard yellow) and then orange too,

Emerald green and navy blue

Skirt: Express ~~Top: Semantiks~~ Boots: G by Guess~~ Scarf: Vera-thrifted~~ Earrings: Made by my friend, Judy~~ Purse: Kate Spade-thrifted~~Socks: Go2 compression socks

What Color Goes with Emerald Green: Navy

Navy is a fabulous neutral that can be a nicer dark color for paler complexions. Many times as we get older, wearing black can wash us out. So finding another dark neutral like navy can be the perfect substitution.

This navy skirt is one that I’ve had for over 30 years. Is that hard to believe?? The incredible thing is I was 20 pounds heavier when I wore this skirt in my dental school days. Yet it still fits fine now. This goes to show how our weight isn’t the biggest determinant of how things will fit. It has more to do with our measurements, and how the weight redistributes over time.

Navy is a wonderful base color for any other color you choose, so it’s no surprise how beautiful it looks with the emerald green blouse. Both versions of my emerald green and navy are clear colors and have warm undertones.

Make sure to see other options that go well with navy here.

How to figure out what color goes with emerald green

The Details That Tie the Two Colors Together

Many times when we wear 2 solid colors, they can appear disjointed. That’s where your accessories, shoes, or jacket can tie it all together.
For this outfit, I used a print scarf as a belt to give the look intent.

Notice that the colors in the scarf are not an exact match to the navy skirt and emerald green blouse. Yet they still “go” together wonderfully.

It’s hard to describe how colors “go together” when they don’t match exactly. Yet I think we all know that color is a very subjective subject. The best advice is to just try it and see how it looks. Remember, that standing in your bedroom, may not give the “true” colors of something, and things can look very different out in the sunlight.

Insider tip: This is an oblong scarf that I used as a belt. You can see the scarf in a short video to show a way to tie it around your neck. For using it as a belt, I just tied the ends in a knot and tucked one of the ends under the main part. The advantage of a silky scarf as a belt is it can be less restrictive and not as hot compared to leather belts.

What we title certain colors is truly a learned thing. Just look at the examples in the last widget on this post of emerald green items. Even though the description is emerald green, they aren’t all the same.

Accessories for the Emerald Green & Navy Outfit

I decided to keep my accessories at a minimum for this emerald green and navy outfit. Even though the blouse has a small stand-up collar, I wore my shoulder scraping earrings (made for me by my friend, Judy). Normally I wear these longer earrings with off-the-shoulder pieces, but I decided to throw that rule out the door.

Because I was wearing such long earrings, I forgo a necklace so the focus would be on my face instead.

With the print scarf as my belt, I decided to pull the lime green coloring from it for my purse. The lime green is also a clear color (as opposed to a muted color) and adds a really bright pop.

Skirt and tall boots for fall

The Emerald Green Blouse

This emerald green blouse is one I’ve had for over 8 years. I used to wear it to work under blazers, and I kept it because it’s a wonderful color with my complexion.

The fact that it’s a silky material may make you think to wear it only for dressy events. However, I believe that these kinds of tops can be worn with our casual attire also. Just think how it would add a wonderful vibe to your jeans. There’s no reason you couldn’t pop on a silky blouse instead of a plain t-shirt when going to the grocery store.

Insider tip: I regularly wear a basic t-shirt under my “nice” blouses. By doing this, I save the wear and tear of washing or dry cleaning on the outermost shirt since it isn’t up against my body. This is especially helpful for saving money on dry-cleaned items.

Knee high black boots with a skirt

Adding Another Neutral to the Outfit with OTK Boots

If you are still on the fence about over-the-knee boots, I am here to tell you I think they are a wonderful option for women of any age if you struggle with being cold. The fact of the matter is because they cover more of your leg, they will keep you warmer.
This is one of my tricks to wearing short skirts and staying modest. Click over to see 4 other options.

Even in Arizona, I have over 5 pairs of these types of boots. They work wonderfully to be more modest with my skirts and dresses and even leggings.

Want to know what socks I’m wearing? When I’m exposing my bare leg and still wanting to stay warm, I will make sure to wear knee-high socks. This day, I wore my compression socks because I knew we would be shopping and standing for some time.
In fact, you can see the orange trim peeking out of the boots in the back below, haha!! The brand of the majority of my compression socks is Go2 that we’ve worked with here.

Insider tip: Not all over-the-knee boots are created equally. I prefer the ones that have some thickness in the shaft so they stay up better on your legs. It’s hard to know that fact if you are ordering them online. However, my biggest tip for ordering anything online is to know the return policy BEFOREHAND, so it’s not a big deal if you don’t like the item.

Colorful outfit for older women

Can’t Find Emerald Green When Shopping?

If you love the color emerald green but it’s not trending at the stores, what do you do? I think this is the best reason for checking out consignment or secondhand stores. Even if a color isn’t “in style”, you can oftentimes find the colors at these places.

If you don’t have great thrift stores near you, then check out my favorite online ones:
thredUpthis link gives you $10 (and me in return).
Poshmark — here is the post about how to shop the site.
Uncommon Closet— nonprofit to help women
Gild the Lily– a local Michigan store that sells online

Overall Dress: Paper and Crane~~ Top: Semantiks~~ Boots: Vivaia c/o ~~ Brooch: thrifted~~ Earrings: Charming Charlies

Another Option of What Color Goes with Emerald Green: Rust

Now let’s talk about another option of what color goes with emerald green for the fall and winter season. I feel like the color rust has been gaining popularity again, and you can see how these two colors play well together.

Just like with my navy and emerald green, I chose a rust item that is warm versus cooler in value. It’s also brighter in nature and thus pairs with the bright emerald green blouse nicely.

With this outfit, I wore my brown booties made from recycled water bottles that have been reviewed here. Even though the brown booties and rust overall dress don’t match exactly, they are far enough apart to still look pleasant together.

The rust overall dress seemed a tad plain for my preference, so I added an emerald green brooch right in the middle of it.

Insider tip: If you have a post-type earring, you can sometimes make it work as a brooch. It wouldn’t work on this corduroy dress, but it would work on a loose-knit sweater as I showed here wearing brooches as a possible decoration idea.
You can find many fabulous brooches at secondhand stores.

Other Posts Getting Creative with Color Combinations

I have a color recipe that I use for many queries of how to combine colors. This would work with the question of what color goes with emerald green.

I’ve talked about my recipe in many ways but here is the basic idea for a solid color. I will give examples with the emerald green color.
1-Add a light neutral.
White or light grey would be options.
2-Then try a dark neutral
This navy is what I would consider a dark neutral, but also black or charcoal grey. Don’t forget about dark denim for this idea.
3-Now grab a light color
Pink is one that I love to combine with green, but also think about lilac.
4-And a bright color
You can still use pink since there are many shades of pink. Another idea would be bright orange.
5-Use the same “hue” but in a different shade
I did this with the lime green but another choice would be olive green.
6-Find a print that has the same color in it.
This is an easy one. You can grab a print accessory or clothing item.

Here are a few posts that will give you more ideas of how I have used my color recipe.

What color goes with emerald green?

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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