Quick and Easy Ways to Change Up an Outfit with Different Types of Purses

Quick and Easy Ways to Change Up an Outfit with Different Types of Purses

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3 Decades of women with types of purses

Quick and Easy Ways to Change Up an Outfit with Different Types of Purses

We are exploring the idea how different types of purses can change up your outfit. Beware it’s a long post, since we are comparing sizes of purses and also seasonal versions.

Quote of the day: “I am so hip even my errors are correct.” Nikki Giovanni

A quote like this should be in our mantra daily. With fashion there are many options especially with purses that can look good. And the three of us are still wearing the same outfit to showcase that truth.

This was a suggestion by Gina asking if a purse should reflect the outfit or the season. Since this is a loaded question for a fashion blogger, we went hog wild with possibilities. So much so that we split it into 3 blog posts.
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Different Handbag Color Opportunities with the Same Outfit

Jodie’s Outfit of Color

These options with different types of purses will include a narrative about the color too, but the idea was to incorporate a large purse, small purse and then a winter and summer option.
As a personal note, when I was working I did NOT concentrate on my purse to go with an outfit. I may have changed out my purse for some evening dates, but otherwise, it was stuck under my desk. Now? That’s all changed!

Colorful outfit for women over 50

Pants: Kancan (I won these last month) ~~ Sweater: Belong Lifestyle ~~ Boots: DSW ~~ Necklace: Gifted from an Instagram friend

Big Vs. Small

Matching types of purses with an outfit

Large Yellow Tote

This large yellow tote has been around a LONG time. You can see all of the wear and tear on the handles. I bought this at a boutique over 8 years ago and I love that we can fit our camera in it when we are out and about.

I do like how there is a shoulder strap however, I find that it becomes too heavy and my shoulder aches after I wear it that way. Therefore I tend to always carry it by the handles.

Many times you will hear that if you’re petite you shouldn’t carry a larger purse. I think we should all break that rule from time to time. BTW, I am 5’2″.

Bright colors for an outfit

Wristlet Clutch

This orange wristlet was a freebie from Banana Republic with a purchase. While I can’t fit a lot of things in it, one fabulous detail is it has a charger in it for your phone!!

I do like a wristlet because they can be easier to carry than a clutch. And I can swing them around, LOL.

Insider tip: Many straps can be interchanged. See this strap? It can be unclasped and used on a different small purse.

Winter vs Summer

Winter types of purses with a colorful outfit

Fur Wristlet

I thrifted this baby and I find it’s the perfect accessory for many of my winter outfits. In fact, I took this purse on our Caribbean cruise last winter because I thought it would help give some winter vibes for my looks. \

Insider tip: Many of these “fur” or material purses can be adorned with a brooch or pin.

Summer types of purses with a colorful outfit


This striped straw purse was also thrifted. I love the wooden handles and I think the colors make it more versatile. I wouldn’t think twice about using this in the fall or winter.

Types of Purses with Lesley’s Neutral Outfit

Lesley wore a neutral outfit for all her looks and the same concept applies. Color plays a part but we are concentrating on the size and season.

As reference, Lesley told me that for years, she operated with 3 purses: a summer, winter and dressy one. The dressy one was from her vintage collection that grew and grew.
It wasn’t until about 8 years ago that she started expanding her purse wardrobe and adding in different styles and colors. When she started modeling for the blog, she really grew to appreciate the advantage of making a purse an important accessory in an outfit.

Woman over 70 in neutrals

Pants: Chicos ~~ Cardigan: JM Collection~~ Top: Chicos~~ Shoes: Alfani

Large vs. Small

Large tote as types of purses

Floral Tote

This floral tote is the one that matches Lesley’s backpack. She picked them both up at Target and like them because of all the neat colors in them.
Again, this is a good example how a larger purse works with shorter women. Lesley is 5’0″.

Small clutch for types of purses

Small Clutch

Maybe you notice that Lesley also changed out her shoes to match this clutch?? She’s all about extra credit that way, LOL!
She’s created coordinated accessories with the clutch, headband and shoes.

Winter vs. Summer

Winter types of purses

Winter Maruca Purse

Lesley chose this dark floral print purse for her winter option since it’s very muted.

Insider info: These Maruca purses (Lesley showcased one as her crossbody purse in the last post) are designed and produced in Wheatridge, Colorado. Lesley has about a dozen of these purses and finds they are easy to “work” out of for day to day living.

Summer types of purses with a neutral outfit

Classic Straw

Not only is the light straw purse classic for summer, but this one is also crocheted. I love the colorful beads on the straps.
While most of us leave the natural straw bags for summer, just think of it like wearing a white top or white jeans even in the winter. IT CAN BE FUN!!

Charlotte and a Column of Color

A column of color makes for a wonderful outfit foundation, and even with a leopard cardigan, the size and season of the purse can vary.
My mom shares that she didn’t intentionally start to collect handbags. It just happened since she had a good storage area for them. She uses her grandmother’s hope chest to store them all.

My mom’s tip: Purses are like shoes, if you wear or carry the item every day it wears out. If you rotate between several, they tend to not wear out as much.

Woman in her 80's with a column of color

Pants: Dana Buchman~~ Cardigan: Yemak~~ Top: Croft & Barrow~~ Boots: Journee

Big vs. Small

Darker purse for winter types of purses

Classic Tote

My mom chose this classic tote as her example for large types of purses. It blends into the darker colors of the outfits so the focus is more on the cardigan.
BTW, Charlotte is 5’4″.

Mixing prints with types of purses

Snakeskin Clutch

This is an antique purse. It used to belong to my grandma on my dad’s side, and is real snakeskin. While it’s much smaller than my mom’s tote, it is quite roomy for stuff!

Winter vs. Summer

Whimsical purse outfit

Winter Whimsy

This whimsical purse was found at Kohls. My mom originally was thinking it was an owl, but then realized what a cute penguin it is. The fur and sequins give it such personality. Yet even though there is fur on the front, I think this would work any season.

Adding color with types of purses

Summer Watermelon

This watermelon purse is also what I’d consider whimsical. It reminds you of eating watermelon with the juices dripping down your arms!!
For this outfit, it also acts a wonderful pop of color!!
Again, I think we should start thinking of purses as season less. Just because this is the shape of a “summer” fruit, doesn’t mean you couldn’t carry it now!

Different types of purses for seasons

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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