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The Reality of this Popular Style: Distressed Jeans Over 40

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For a while, the idea of midlife women wearing jeans was very controversial. And then the distressed jeans for women over 40 hit the market. Your first response may not be a positive one, but hear me out!

Quote of the day: “Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say.” Barbara Kingsolver

Insider thought: I love to share quotes yet I don’t always know the author. I read up about Barbara Kingsolver because this quote really hit home. As a poet and novelist, this woman has a passion for helping individuals find their voices.

Finding your voice. That’s a powerful statement. Because so many times our style is shaped not by what we design or our own desires, but instead, by some rules and practices, we were told by others.

I’m not saying that distressed jeans for women over 40 are something everyone needs to wear, but I’m working hard to be more open to the styles of the era that I live in. Heck, personally, I was uncomfortable in my first pair of distressed jeans. So much so that I upcycled them with some lace to cover the openings (see here).

Yet the more we see a certain look or silhouette, the more it becomes something we aren’t as surprised by. And truthfully I feel younger in my distressed jeans since none of the older women living in my retirement community wear them! Now that’s an interesting reason to wear something, right?

So welcome my friend, Cathie, to this idea of wearing distressed denim over 40. Cathie is not only a stylish friend, but she is a huge thrifter also. Even if you don’t subscribe to the distressed denim over 40 looks, this outfit would be easy to reproduce with what you have in your closet.

The series this week is concentrating on different denims so make sure to check out the light blue option, medium wash denim (shorts no less) as well as the dark denim outfits.

Spring style with distressed jeans over 40

Jeans: Lane Bryant-thrifted~~ Top: Free Assembly-Walmart ~~ Shoes: Sketchers by Bob~~ Earrings: Tak Creations c/o~~ Purse: Michael Kors-thrifted

Cathie Styling Distressed Denim over 40

I’ll share some tips and reasons you might want to “think” about styling distressed denim at the end of this post. NOT that you have to wear it, but you know I like to think about the pros and cons of everything.

Cathie went with a fabulous classic color combination to pair with her distressed pair of jeans. Blue and white are always classic for springtime and since it was warm in Arizona, Cathie wore her white camisole top.

She kept the shoes and bag neutral and added splashes of personality with her accessories. More of those details are included below.

White cami blouse and distressed jeans over 40

Babydoll Cami Tops

A white babydoll cami top is something that will go with absolutely everything. This babydoll style is having a comeback and being shown in everything from tops to dresses.
It’s really not a lot different than the peplum style in that it isn’t fitted around the bottom hem. This creates a nice silhouette especially if your bottom half is tight.

The other advantage of the babydoll style is if the weather is warm. You have a flowier fit that isn’t constricting or cutting off circulation. Plus you don’t notice the sweat dripping down your back, haha.

Let the Accessories Shine

The way to make a basic outfit fit in with your personality and style is to layer on accessories that speak to you. Living in Arizona around all of the beautiful cacti has become a way of life, and finding cactus paraphernalia makes it even more fun.

Cathie is wearing these cactus earrings from a site that was just launched called TAK Creations. And she even has a matching necklace from her stash.
The white cami is the perfect backdrop for the necklace, and I like how the necklace is long enough to drop onto the white.

Insider tip: Did you know there are extenders you can get for your necklaces to make them longer (on Amazon)? That way you have the option of making it the length you need for a particular look. Don’t forget that if the necklace is too long, you can use clear elastics to tie up the ends.

The backpack was the purse of choice for the day because we were exploring a local area. The neutral tones go fabulously with the outfit and it bookends the look with the color of her hair. And backpacks are easy to carry when you are trying to shop too!!

How to style distressed jeans over 40
Cuffed distressed jeans over 40 for spring

Metallic Sandals

Any of the metallics are a great option for your summer sandals. They are considered neutral and thus will work with all of your summer looks.

To give you an insight into which metallics you might prefer here are some ideas.
If you tend to wear darker shoes even in the summer, then look for bronze, dark pewter, or chocolate metallics.
The lighter metallics are the silver (which can look white), gold, and rose gold versions.
Ideally, I always think it’s good to have one from each category so you are prepared, LOL!

Plus size jeans style

The Reality of Distressed Denim over 40

The absolute reality of distressed denim for any aged woman is the fact that it’s a modern style. You may think it’s silly, you may think it’s ugly, and you may even think you’d never wear it in a million years.

Insider thought: Think back to some of the styles you loved as a young adult. Were any of them looked down upon by your parents or grandparents?? I know Rob always comments that his parents HATED the afro’s that he and his brothers wore.
And as a young person, did you look at these older relatives’ styles with distaste?
Since we are visual animals, it only makes sense that younger people would relate easier to someone that dresses more modern.

Yet just in case you might even want to consider it, let’s start with baby steps and why it could be advantageous.
1-The raw hem. The raw hem on jeans is a great way to dip your toe into the distressed jeans over 40 trends. It’s not super obvious to others, but you’ll be stepping into the 2020s this way.

Insider tip about raw hems: Anyone who has to shorten jeans to get them to fit should love this. Because you can cut off the length you want and not need to know how to sew. And if and when you don’t want the raw hem anymore? It’s easy enough to hem them up and make them ankle jeans, capris, or even shorts.

2-Distressing in small areas. Not all of the distressed denim over 40 are in the front and center. There are many pairs that have a small distressed portion on a back pocket or up by the waistband (that can be hidden with a long shirt if you feel uncomfortable with it at first).
If you don’t like the open knees, then consider other options.

3-Wear white distressed jeans. If you want to try out a pair of distressed jeans, start with a white pair first. You can hardly notice the distressing in the white jeans.
You can see that example with white distressed jeans here.

4-Wear it in when you’re with the youngins. You know the saying, “when in Rome.” Well, you’ll feel more comfortable wearing any kind of distressed denim over 40 if you’re with others wearing the same thing. And most of the time that would be with the younger generations. I swear, they will think you’re hip and cool because you’re embracing the modern trend.

Distressed jeans over 40

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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