Reasons to Wear a Statement Necklace

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Purple statement necklace

Reasons to Wear a Statement Necklace

Why would you even want to wear a statement necklace? Well, I have a couple of answers for you. The theme this week came about when an email subscriber, Jayne requested, “I would like information on styling necklaces, particularly in view of my age and my neck and decolletage which are showing signs of age.”

Quote of the day: “Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable.” Theodore N. Vail

Truly I wish to inspire all of us to embrace our bodies no matter our size or age. I’ve shared this idea many times on the blog, and my favorite post is the Perfectly Imperfect one. Sure, the physical body does age and society has yet to celebrate that.
Therefore in response to Jayne’s request, this week, we will have 3 ideas of how to wear necklaces.

My mom has quite a few statement necklaces which you can see here and here. And true to my personality, I think there are pros and cons to these jewelry pieces.

Reasons to wear a statement necklace:
1-You create a focal point on the jewelry instead of your clothing or body part.
2-It can add a flattering color to your face
3-The basic tee now looks so interesting.

Now I would be remiss if I didn’t point out a disadvantage too. They can be too heavy or hot especially in the summer heat. Yet make sure to see how Lesley approached this and my idea too.

Charlotte and her Purple Statement Necklace

Mature woman and statement necklace

Pants: Peck & Peck~~ Top: Acorn~~ Shoes: Dream Pairs-thrifted ~~ Necklace: from Cheyenne Wyoming~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Express- thrifted

My mom tells the story about when she acquired this necklace. It was when she was living in Denver, and the singles group attended the Cheyenne, Wyoming Frontier Days. There was a booth there with this Indian family’s items. This lovely necklace had been hand made by the grandmother of the tribe.

Insider tip: Shopping for jewelry at these fairs gives you more unique items than shopping the big department stores.

Statement necklace with a t-shirt

Does your Statement Necklace Have to Match?

For my mom’s outfit she wore this purple statement necklace with a lower cut purple top. It really addresses the concern of covering the decolletage area if that is your goal.
Charlotte has worn this same necklace with a white top before if you want to see how that looks.

I tend to think the idea of matching your necklace to your top is a way to have it all appear as one. If you want to have your necklace stand out, it’s better to have it on a contrasting clothing item. We experimented with this concept in the past.

Insider tip: Most necklaces can be lengthened with special add ons. If you want to shorten it, I use an orthodontic elastic.

Adding in a Touch of Turquoise

I was ecstatic to see my mom add in a different color for her purse. Personally, I know that she has a purple purse (or two), yet this turquoise one really makes the entire outfit look very modern, and not as matchy matchy.
I will say that the bigger purses like this can be a black hole for your stuff. That’s exactly why I use smaller bags inside my purses to be able to find things easier. Plus I’ve learned how beneficial it is to pare down what I carry.

Insider tip: The advantage of changing purses is finding things you forgot were in there. Seriously, I just found a receipt from a week ago.

Summer time is exactly when you see so many fun straw bags. Many of these can be found inexpensively which I’ve shown in the widget below.
The real reason my mom bought this purse? Those tassels that came with it. And the best part is they can be taken off and added to any purse.

Casual outfit with a statement necklace

White Pants for Any Season

Fashion rules have been part of our life. Yet have you ever analyzed what they say and why? I am a questioning person by nature, so when you tell me I can only wear white from Memorial Day to Labor Day, my question is why?
Researching the fact, I found that it was a practical solution dating back to the 1900s. This was when white clothing was made from lighter weight material. HOWEVER, since that has changed over time, it’s good to realize that we can wear white any time of the year.

Insider tip: Think about all the fashion rules that reside in your brain, and question them. I bet most won’t apply now.

Floral shoes for any age

Floral Shoes

My mom has worn these shoes quite a bit already this spring. I think floral shoes are such a great option for every person. Just think of how they add a little pizzazz to an otherwise solid color outfit like this. Charlotte wore them with her pink pants recently too.

Here’s a couple more options that you might consider adding to your closet

Woman in her 80's in style

So how did you like this way to take the focus off your decolletage if you think it’s not where you want the focus for the day? Would you wear a statement necklace?

Reason to wear a statement necklace

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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