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Red Heels Outfit: Unique Concept for Valentine’s Day

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Just because it’s the month when we think about what to wear for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean we have to deck ourselves out in red or pink. Not that there’s anything wrong with decking ourselves out in red and pink, haha.

But how about finding other ways to incorporate red into our looks? Like I did today with a red heels outfit.

Quote of the day: “Today is a new day. As an expression of the sacred field of unlimited possibilities, you have the capacity to make this a day filled with love and enthusiasm. Why not live as if it mattered?” Dr. David Simon

Now, what’s unique about this red heels outfit? Two things to be exact. One is the fact that none of my clothing items are red. Just my footwear and accessories, yet it would work wonderfully as a way to “wear red” for any day.
The second uniqueness is that I’m wearing a backless top even though it’s winter and I’m over 50 years old.

I’ll give you more details about all of the individual pieces in this look, and you can put together your own red heels outfit. Even if your red heels are flats, LOL!!

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Add a pop of color with footwear and accessories

Skirt: Zenana ~~ Top: From Creations Boutique ~~ Lace top underneath: Kleid~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o JODIE15 gives you 15% off your first ever purchase~~ Purse: Maruca ~~Glasses: Zenni Optical

Overall Look

The overall look is a dressed-up outfit. Not every skirt outfit has to be considered dressy, but because of the material of the top, the lace top underneath, and the footwear, I think it’s something you would wear to a fancier event.

The event was our Christmas Eve dinner, which goes to show how many of our outfits can do double duty. Since red is the color for many holidays, you can wear it year-round and not look like a holiday.

Yet even though the color of the season may be red (or pink) doesn’t mean you have to drape yourself in those colors to be part of the fun. Our accessories and footwear can add the required vibe as I’m showing in this red heels outfit.

Red heels outfit for mature women

Red and Orange Together

Let me address the color combination of red and orange together. I actually consider orange one of those underappreciated colors. So many people snub it thinking that they can’t wear the color.

Let me remind you one and all, that there are many, many shades of every color and I believe you CAN find one that looks good on you. Maybe you don’t call it orange, but instead, you call it rust. Or salmon. Or another such term. But in reality, it is a shade of orange, and yes, you can rock it.

Now could orange and red be paired together? Why not would really be the question? I believe that any two colors can pair together when you find the right shades and values that appeal to you. And since orange is a combination of red and yellow, then it only makes sense that they look wonderful together.

Insider tip: You don’t have to study the color wheel or color articles to know which color combinations you can wear. Instead, get inspiration from the things around you. For instance, if you like a flower arrangement, take note of the colors in it. Or is there a scarf print in your collection that brings you joy? Then put those colors together with your clothing.

Red Accessories

This is one reason that I love accessories so much. They can “complete” an outfit that might otherwise seem disjointed. Don’t get me wrong, I adore adding in an entirely different color with my footwear. And yes, it can be the only item of that color in an outfit. In fact, if you look at the rearview of this outfit, that would be your impression.

However, I realize most of us feel more comfortable when that color is repeated in a look, and that’s where accessories can make all of the difference. With this red heels outfit, I made the red seem more intentional by wearing a red necklace, red earrings, PLUS red lipstick.

Insider tip: My all-day lipsticks of choice are either Maybelline or Rimmel as I share on my Tools of the Trade page here. They really are better than others I’ve tried.

But in regards to having only one item of color in a look, you can see how I did that with my purse. The purse is a purple print bag given to me on my birthday by Lesley. It’s her favorite brand of purses from Colorado.
And I like purple as an “extra” color since it’s a red secondary shade also. (Meaning that purple is made of blue and red and this shade is more pinkish).

Orange and red heels outfit

The Black Pencil Midi Skirt

This is probably the type of basic item that most women have in their closets. Yet I will say, this version is much comfier than the ones I used to have. It’s a knit material and therefore nice and stretchy!!
It’s one reason that sometimes the newer pieces of clothing are better than the vintage versions. Just think of how spandex has made you love your jeans!!

I will admit that the skirt seems tighter in these photos than what I thought in real life. Yet I’ve come to the conclusion that my curves are nothing to be ashamed about. I consider myself relatively modest in my style yet it’s never a bad thing to embrace our bodies.

Insider tip: I know everyone loves black for your bottom half, but I get frustrated with the hair and lint that shows up on it. I do love a lint roller however, I never take them on vacation. So the second-best method is water. Just run your hands in water and rub them over the item, and the hair and lint will come off.

Comfortable red heels with Walking Cradles

Red Heels Outfit

Your red heels outfit wouldn’t be complete without the red heels, haha!! This pair is the Samanthas by Walking Cradles. If you search their site for the Samantha, you’ll see they don’t have this red pair anymore, but 5 other colors. It’s a classic style, in that the heel is wide enough to be easy to walk in and the pointed toe is sexy.

You shouldn’t be surprised that I’m also wearing my Ultra Low-cut Sheec socks with these shoes. You don’t see them because they are invisible if you choose the right style for the shoes you are wearing. And while I never used to wear socks with my pumps, I find it keeps my feet drier and warmer.

You could easily recreate this red heels outfit with red shoes that have lower heels. EVERY pair of footwear have heels, and they don’t have to be high heels!!

Backless top

Backless Top For Old Women?

Here’s the other unique detail with this red heels outfit for Valentine’s Day. The backless detail of this top is so different and interesting. Of course, when I first saw this top, it was from the front and I was drawn to the shiny material. Then when I turned it around, it was quite the shocker.

Can a 50+ woman wear something backless? Of course, we can. The biggest drawback is finding a bra I realize. But after my extensive research last year with strapless bras (which I have updated to include my new favorite version) I have two that will work no matter what, and that’s the original reason I bought this top.
I always think that a woman’s back is sexy so why not show it off? This top is one of those that looks so demure from the front, and then BOOM, what a fun surprise!

But then, I figured there could be ways to wear this backless top even during the colder months. You know my love of layering, so I added an ivory lace top under the orange shirt.

Insider tip: With a lace shirt like this, it’s good to be aware of how your bra pinches into your skin in the back. That’s why I was wearing either my Shapeez or Ruby Ribbon bra (I can’t remember which because I love them both) as I talked about in my comfortable bra post.

Incorporating red in our outfits

Other Red Outfit Ideas

What I love about having different models on my blog is how we can take a theme and interpret it so differently.
Nancy wore a different shade of red and Charlotte paired her red with leopard.

Sure, the three of us above are all wearing our Christmas Eve outfits and we made sure to all wear red. Yet you can see that each outfit is as unique as our personality. And you’d never realize that we didn’t style these for Valentine’s Day.

I hope this gives you inspiration for shopping in your closet instead of always thinking you need to buy new things. Not that shopping for new things is bad, haha. I’m a pro at it and am happy to help you if you want.

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Other examples wearing red shoes with contrasting outfits

Red heels outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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