Red Jeans and a Gray Leopard Cat Sweater

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Animal Prints for every age

Red Jeans and a Gray Leopard Cat Sweater

When we talk animal prints, this gray leopard cat sweater is truly the animal print piece. So when I asked my mom what color she’d like to combine with her animal print, she said red.

Quote of the day: “Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you’ll help them to become what they are capable of becoming.” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

And in my head we are all capable of looking great. No matter what age, size or the budget you have. It always brightens my day to see my mom continue to enjoy looking wonderful.

The whole idea with this series is to try pairing some colors with animal prints. Lesley showed us her favorite color. I went with a very unusual color combination. And now my mom is showcasing the color she wanted to wear and why. If you’re interested, keep reading.

Wearing red jeans with a grey leopard cat top

Jeans: Lands End~~ Sweater: le Chois~~ Top: My mom made it ~~ Shoes: ~~ Ring: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Vera Wang-thrifted

We Have Animals Galore

If you’ve been reading awhile, then you might remember that my mom should be called the “owl lady”. She has not only a jewelry collection of them, but also knick knacks around the house. I showcased many of them in our October highlights post.

And how apropos for her to wear an owl ring with all of her other animals on her today. She’s wearing the gray leopard cat on her sweater and then she has snakeskin on her shoes and purse. That’s a whole lotta animal.

On this day, we went to the Phoenix Zoo for their Roars and Pours event. It’s an adult only evening at the zoo. The funniest part is we took the tram around and we were relegated with stories of how the animals procreate. Not what we expected but it was interesting.

Is a Gray Leopard Cat Sweater Considered a Novelty Print?

Showcasing red and leopard print

There was a time when I would never consider novelty prints because they weren’t as grown up and serious. Luckily I’m over that, and my mom enjoys them too.

This sweater is not new. In fact, my mom wore it with a denim shirt under it another time on the blog. Of course, that was when I was styling her outfits, because she likes to match to the colors in the sweater more.

Insider tip: Most stylists will tell you that crew necks aren’t the most flattering style. That’s easy to change with a turtleneck (like my mom is wearing in this post). The other options are to wear a collared shirt (like I had my mom wear before) or tie a scarf at your neck. This changes the focal point.

When are You Too Old for Red Jeans?

Styling a gray leopard cat sweater

Of course I consider that a sarcastic question. Because the answer is obviously never. Why should a certain color be wrong for women of any age? Therefore, wearing red should be good for any of us.

My mom has worn these jeans many times on the blog. Even when we first started blogging. So needless to say, Charlotte doesn’t mind a bright colored pair of jeans.

I went through this thought that I couldn’t wear red jeans while I was working. And now I’ve tried to analyze why. Sure, red is a bright color that attracts attention. Having attention on our legs is not a bad thing. Plus you won’t feel invisible in them. Are you convinced?

Insider tip: If you feel too conspicuous in a bright colored pant, then go for the darker colors. Burgundy is a great way to get started.


Red snakeskin loafers

Loafers are really making a come back. For those of you who already have some in your closet, you’ll be happy. My mom has this pair from me. I was gifted them from another friend but they were a tad too big. So my mom inherited them. Better that than throwing them away.

All three of us wore different varieties of them this fall, and I love how you can find them in so many styles.

Insider tip: If your loafers are too flat and don’t offer the arch support you need, there are some great insoles you can use. Rob and I have both used these before and they really help.

Red jeans and a gray leopard cat

Charlotte and Her Love of Red

While blue is my mom’s true favorite color, she asked to wear red for this series of posts. Why? Because she said red spices up the grey neutrals of most animal prints you see.

Even though red is second to her favorite color blue, she remembers many pieces from her childhood in this color. For instance, in high school she had a red dress she wore for Christmas at her grandma’s house. It’s recorded in a photo that just turned up a couple of years ago at a family reunion.

As for red boots, she remembers having a pair of red knee high boots in the 1970’s. Does that mean we all need a pair of red boots? Because they tend to stick in your memory more than all of the black and brown pairs you’ve ever had.

Even now, my mom has several pair of red shoes along with a couple of red purses. It reminds me of the time that we styled red sandals differently.

Older woman and red jeans with a gray leopard cat shirt

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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