Reliable Ideas for a Neon Pink Sweater Outfit

Reliable Ideas for a Neon Pink Sweater Outfit

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Reliable Ideas for a Neon Pink Sweater Outfit

Styling a neon pink sweater outfit may not be on your radar, but bright pink is a great color for the springtime. Maybe you like the ideas from Charlotte’s color combination with bright pink? Lesley will be showcasing her outfit too.

Quote of the day: “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel

Most of our life, we have thought of our clothing as how to blend in and look like others. While there is a place for that, I also believe that our look should reflect our personality.
And since our personality is very unique, it’s good to incorporate at least a little “je ne sais quoi” into any and every day.

Since I talked about how the theme of bright pink isn’t a new idea in my mom’s post, I wanted to explore a color combination that isn’t as obvious.
As for the reliable ideas in this post, I would say it’s two fold.
1-Try it, you might like it
2-Add in a neutral, and we all know that animal prints are neutral!

Neon Pink Sweater Outfit

Adding animal print with a neon pink sweater outfit

Jeans: Maurices ~~ Sweater: Antonio Melanio-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles~~ Scarf: Gibby’s Frillery c/o ~~ Purse: Naomi & Ruth Boutique

Therefore, I decided to incorporate yellow into this neon pink sweater outfit. I distinctly remember seeing pink and yellow together only about 5 years ago on someone’s blog and thinking it was so interesting. In fact, I wasn’t even sure I really loved it.
Yet the more I thought about it and played with the color combination, the more I decided it should be in my wheel house. WHY? Mainly because the two colors seem happy, and that’s my main feeling in my life right now.

Other examples of when I wore pink and yellow
How to Wear Pink in October with Interesting Color Combinations -both bright
Trench Coats 2 (for Cool Weather) -light pink and bright yellow
Styling Fringe on Different Clothing Items– gold and pink/purple

BTW, these yellow jeans I purchased at Maurices, which I used to think was only a young girl’s store. However, I have found many treasures there. And this sweater was bought at a consignment store yet it still had the tags on it.

The Rest of Outfit

This purse was the purse of choice because of the activity for the day. Since I was going to be exploring a museum and wearing my purse as a cross body bag, I planned to have the strap blend with the sweater.
Even if it was hanging on one shoulder as pictured, it’s not an obvious contrast to the neon pink sweater outfit. BTW, I will include some details about the museum we visited in Lesley’s post.

Small business plug: This purse was purchased from an online boutique called Naomi and Ruth. The owner is here in Arizona, and we’ve met up with her a couple of times. She is a wonderful soul, and if you ever feel the need to shop online, I hope you check out the site. BTW, free shipping on US orders.

Since the neckline of this sweater is a slight cowl, a longer necklace didn’t seem to work. Therefore I grabbed one of my Gibby’s scarves. You saw me wear another version in my half tuck post.

Another small business: These scarves are made of bathing suit material and therefore S.T.R.E.T.C.H. And with my discount code (good until March 31, 2021) it’s a great deal for around $10. The code is JodieTOS25W and you can see many ways to style them in one of the highlights on my Instagram page. The huge advantage of these scarves? They are the perfect size to tie and go!

Out of my many pairs of glasses, I wore the ones that are darker and seem more neutral. This is a pair from Zenni, and I am a huge proponent of buying glasses online. In fact, I recently blogged about picking the right glasses frames.

Another Version of a Half Tuck

Because this sweater is somewhat boxy, I used the side half tuck method. This is even different than the side tuck my mother used earlier this season (linked below). Plus you can see me wearing this exact same sweater for our New Years Eve outfit and I used the front tuck.

Other options of the half tuck
The Side Tuck Shirt –Another Perspective for the Half Tuck
Your Outfit Made Better with a Faux Tuck
Useful Ways of Why and How to Half Tuck a Shirt

Why do I feel the need to “do” something with this sweater? If I let the sweater hang then it almost cuts me in half. You can see in the rear view photo, how long the sweater is normally. It’s also boxy in shape. So adding in some kind of half tuck, gives it an asymmetrical hemline which is more interesting.

Snakeskin Walking Cradle sneakers

Comfy Shoes

Having the colors of the outfit be super bright, I chose neutral shoes. Yet I still wanted print footwear since the top and jeans were both solids. The other factor in wearing these snakeskin sneakers are the fact that they are Walking Cradle shoes which are my go to for walking excursions.
I do love the newer sneakers for not only comfort but also great style.

Small Business alert: Walking Cradles have been my go to for comfort since I found them. They have sizes 4-13 in widths of narrow to wide wide. I am an ambassador for the company and do receive a commission if you purchase through my link. If you sign up for their emails, then you get notice of all fabulous sales along with the first look at their new collections.
You can use the code JODIE15 for 15% off your first pair. Thank you for supporting these fabulous companies!

The other comfort factor is my no show socks you can see peeking up in that photo. If you’ve been a long time reader, then you know I used to think the no show socks only stayed on your foot if your shoe was tight enough.
Since discovering Sheec socks, I have learned there is a difference. In the past I wouldn’t even bother with socks, but I have to admit, it’s nicer to have on “good” no show socks.

More Small Business info: Sheec socks are sized for your feet (not just the usual size of 5-10) along with solehugger technology that keeps it secure to your feet. I have a tab on my site for Sheec No Show Socks with an updated quarterly discount code. They are the only brand I wear now.

Pink and yellow

The Final Word

I know it seems like I might be hawking all kinds of businesses in this blog post. That wasn’t my intention, yet I am very passionate about supporting the small businesses around us. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate Amazon and Target as much as the next person.
But as a retired dentist who had my own practice, I realize the struggles these small businesses encounter.

So thank you for reading and following along on this site. I know many of you have tried the companies that I love and love them too. I always appreciate when you share with me your favorites too!

Neon pink sweater outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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