Ageless ideas of styling pink for autumn

Reliable Ideas For Styling Light Pink For Autumn

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Styling light pink for autumn is a fabulous way to show support for breast cancer awareness. Not only that but it seems silly to save certain colors for only one or two seasons. So here are 4 different color combinations with light pink for your inspiration.

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Quote of the day: “The man who views the world at fifty the same as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.” Muhammad Ali

Don’t you just love that quote? I realize that Muhammed Ali was not referring to fashion with his words, but I think it’s very applicable. Life changes, we learn and grow and our style should evolve (to be better, not worse, haha).

I say this especially because I was one of those people who wouldn’t wear pink for any season once I was working. Pink was too girly, and I had this crazy concept that I had to be serious. Let me just say that I’m glad that I’ve grown to learn how our style should be fun and not stressful.

Styling light pink for autumn
1-Charcoal grey
3-Leopard print
4-Black and white plus snakeskin
5-More ideas for wearing pink in October

I’m showing a progression of options of styling light pink for autumn from one color to many colors, print clothing and then a conglomerate of all the ideas.

We have also shown how pink can be worn in winter.

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Adding One Neutral to the Light Pink: Charcoal Grey

Pink blouse belted under a cardigan
Jeans: Steinmart~~ Cardigan: Zennania Elements ~~ Top: Ann Taylor-thrifted~~ Boots: Jambu c/o~~ Purse: Target

Lesley’s first choice of styling light pink for autumn was to pair it with charcoal grey. And she did that by creating a column of color with the outer layer of this look and using light pink as the backdrop color.

If you still think of light pink as a “baby” color or only appropriate for springtime, then this outfit should change your mind.
The darker grey creates a more fall vibe and seems perfect for a woman over the age of 50, 60, or any such decade.

Let’s discuss a couple of the specifics of Lesley’s outfit that give it style and charisma.

Finishing Details

While we can get too caught up in fashion details at times, there are other times that they can take a sloppy look and make it more international.
Those are the kinds of details I want to explore.

1-The belt. I know, I know, many of you abhor belts and think they don’t work for women with a midsection. But let me tell you that you’re wrong in a nice way. Check out, Lesley!! She will tell you that her body shape is similar to zucchini, yet the belt gives her outfit structure. Without the belt, you wouldn’t even realize she had a shape to her.

2-Her purse. For those of you who prefer solid colors in your outfits, then I suggest you invest in a print purse. It gives the overall look an air of delight and takes it from ho-hum, to wonderful.

3-Scarf. Scarf? What scarf you may be saying? Well, keep scrolling to the photo showing the rearview. It’s as I always say. Just as many people see you from behind, so make sure to give them something fabulous to look at.
This trick is truly incredible. If you have any doubts about your rearview, then give them a different focal point like the scarf.

Scarf trick: This is a long, rectangular scarf. Just fold it over and over to make it the width you like for wearing as a headband. Drape it over your head and then tie a knot under the back of your skull. Use bobby pins if it moves around. Now, let the ends just drape down your back.

What Color Jewelry Goes With Light Pink

For Lesley’s example, she is wearing silver with her light pink and charcoal grey. This is not the only option. Make sure to scroll down to see how Cathie paired gold jewelry instead.

Another autumn aspect is ankle boots. This pair is from Jambu and the style is not available on their site now. But it goes to show how your booties will last for years and years. But if you check their current selection of boots, Jambu is leaning towards a more casual style of boots this season.

Insider discount: I do have a discount code of Style20 for 20% off anything on their site until the end of October.

Scarf in the hair for older women

Styling Light Pink for Autumn With Rust

Woman over 50 styling light pink for autumn
Dress: Baoyan c/o ~~ Top: Red Poppi-won in a giveaway~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Orleans”~~ Purse: no label preloved

For my styling of light pink in autumn, I wanted to experiment with a color combination that you might not consider otherwise. That’s why I focused on rust.
What exactly is the color rust? I would call it a transition from red to brown. And since both red and brown goes fabulously with light pink, then rust should also.

Two other fabulous bloggers showcasing the same color combination:
1-Laura did it here with her blazer and a graphic tee.
2-Liz did it here with a rust cardigan and a light pink top.

My other idea was to create an outfit with pink on the bottom half instead of the top half. And I did this by layering a top over my dress.
This is a wonderful way to work with a color that maybe isn’t as flattering near your face. Sometimes this light pink color can blend into my skin’s color and make it look like I’m naked.

Insider tip: Remember your dress can be layered just as easily as your other clothing items. In fact, if your dress seems too tight, this is a perfect way to camouflage that detail as I’ve showcased before.

Finishing Details

Just as I pointed out with Lesley’s outfit, some details can give the overall outfit character. For my look let’s concentrate on the silhouette and the addition of another color.

1-Silhouette. When you add a top over a dress, you have the choice of leaving it hanging or belting it. Since my goal was to add a little bulk to this look, I left it open and hanging. This dress is a bodycon dress and as much as I’ve embraced the body I have, sometimes it still feels tighter than the occasion calls for. That’s why I left it untucked.
If you want to see this top half-tucked, I wore it with light-wash jeans this spring.

2-Another color. Using three (or more) different colors in an outfit is something I suggest to give your outfit more depth. It doesn’t mean you need a ton of that additional color. You can see from my example, I added green to the mix. Olive green with my shoes, and a brighter green with my purse (that my husband calls a monstrosity).
More about the shoes below.

Accessories with Rust and Light Pink

My accessories are a combination of browns and white. In fact, the hearts of the earrings used to be bronze. However, the bronze color really blended in with my hair (especially when it was longer), so I painted the hearts with a coat of white nail polish.

This olive green style of sneakers is the “Orleans” from Walking Cradles. If you love the olive green color, then check out the “Ozzie” sneaker that also has a higher shaft. I was able to showcase the new Ozzie version when I was out visiting Walking Cradles in St. Louis. The advantage of a higher shaft is when wearing them with pants in the winter, you are more covered and warmer. Plus you won’t have to worry about what color socks you are wearing.

As for the Orleans-style sneakers, I have them in 6 different prints and think they work from the gym to date night. If you search “Orleans” on the Walking Cradles site, you’ll see the 21 options of colors they have available right now.
One of the reasons they offer so many different options is because they are a best-seller for those of you looking for comfortable shoes.

Insider tip: If you need added arch support, then you should check out the selections under the Metro + Collection tab instead.

Wearing rust with light pink for autumn vibes

Leopard and Light Pink

Wearing a belt with a skirt
Skirt: Sharon Young-thrifted~~ Top: Chicos-thrifted~~ Shoes: Nina-thrifted~~ Earrings: Amrita Singh ~~ Purse: Amanda Smith-thrifted

Now another fabulous option of styling light pink for autumn is to pair it with an animal print. For example, Charlotte is showing her light pink top with a leopard skirt.
If you are like my mom and routinely pair pink with brown, then this would be a way to upgrade that idea.

Finishing Details

There are a couple of details that make Charlotte’s outfit more intentional and stylish.

1-The belt. My mom’s belt serves a different purpose than Lesley’s belt. It is acting to separate the top from the skirt instead of giving shape to the outfit. Not every skirt outfit needs this finishing touch, but it can make it look more thought out.

2-Ruffles. Mom’s shirt is more than just a t-shirt. Even though our society is more casual now, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear items that have sass instead of being plain. We tend to think of ruffles as a very feminine trait, but let’s not make that mean we aren’t strong and independent.


Since the color scheme was browns and pinks, those are the colors that my mom accessorized with.
The earrings are both brown and pink together, and the best part is how lightweight they are.

Insider tip: Looking for lighter yet bigger earrings? Then the materials to look for are wood, acrylic, material, and leather.

Styling light pink for autumn with leopard print

Black & White Plus Snakeskin With Light Pink

Belt a long blazer
Skirt: Time & Tru-Goodwill ~~ Blazer: Lane Bryant-thrifted~~ Top: Walmart~~ Boots: Target~~Purse: gifted from a friend

Cathie went a step further and used her outfit to incorporate 2 other colors in addition to animal print. She’s wearing a black tulle skirt, a white top, and then a pink blazer over it. The cherry on top is the snakeskin print booties and purse.

Fall fashion of 2022 has been all about blazers, so I was super glad that Cathie pulled this one out to wear.

Finishing Details

1-The belt. It cracks me up that 3 out of the 4 examples show a belt as part of the look. Yet, they all provide a different kind of detail. Cathie is belting her longer blazer which does pull it in so it’s not open, yet and also adds a sense of decoration to it.

2. Her skirt. Tulle skirts are not what you see every day, yet maybe that’s sad fact of life. Because any time I see a tulle skirt, I think of fun, whimsy, and celebration. Anyway isn’t that how every day SHOULD be? I’ve even written about why a tulle skirt is ageless if you’re interested.

Snakeskin & Gold Accessories

Another animal print besides leopard that has been popular is snakeskin (although don’t rule out zebra because I’ve seen a lot of that lately too).
Just as my mom showed with her leopard skirt, the snakeskin prints pair fabulously as a styling idea with light pink.

And I’d like to point out that Cathie is even using both a black and white snakeskin print with her boots as well as a brown and white snakeskin print with her purse.
You are not limited to only one colorway in an outfit.

Insider tip: I always say that your personality is multi-dimensional, and therefore, your style options should be as varied.

And I love how we have gold as the metal of choice with Cathie’s look compared to the silver with Lesely’s look. You can see how both work!

Tulle skirt for styling light pink for autumn

Styling light pink for autumn for grown women

More Ideas for Wearing Pink in October

The idea of styling pink in autumn isn’t a new one here on Jodie’s Touch of Style. We have tried this many times and have even more inspiration for you to think about.

1Interesting color combinations (you can see that Charlotte gravitates toward brown and you will recognize her same shoes from this example)
2Shades of pink and purple
3Hot pink in the fall
4Styling light pink in autumn with tan (here is the full dress of what I’m wearing from the above photos)

Styling light pink for autumn

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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