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Reliable Long Cardigan Outfits: Chic Looks for Cooler Temperatures

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Stylish older ladies

Reliable Long Cardigan Outfits: Chic Looks for Cooler Temperatures with Ageless Style

Finding ways to style your long cardigan outfits without feeling overwhelmed by this item is our goal. The weather may be getting cooler yet that doesn’t mean we can’t still look chic.
The prompt of cozy cardigans was suggested by Amy from our Ageless Style Group.

Quote of the day: “Those who truly lead are able to create a following of people who act not because they were swayed, but because they were inspired.” Simon Sinek

In order to become inspired to try new styles or silhouettes, I always appreciate seeing multiple options. Therefore the three of us are showcasing our long cardigan outfits with jeans, white pants, and a print dress for variety.

It doesn’t stop there. Of course, Lesley, Charlotte and I added in accessories that give each look extra sass.

Different ways to style long cardigan outfits

Rules for Long Cardigans

I’ve read many articles about the rules about wearing your long cardigans. I’m here to prove that fashion rules are made to be broken.

Everything you read says to make sure the layer under your outfit should be tight and form-fitting so you don’t look bigger. As I like to proclaim, I would like to know who decided that looking big is bad? In fact, in most things, we tend to think bigger is better.
So let’s stop worrying about looking thinner, taller, or any other kind of “er”. Instead, let’s concentrate on being the best we can be. For the three of us, that means enjoying our clothing and putting together outfits that make us feel great!

Insider tip: If you need more cheerleading about being perfectly imperfect, it’s one of my most popular posts.

There is a ton of variety for the longer cardigans so you can have a couple of neutral ones and some colorful ones. They range in length to just below your hips down to your ankles. The materials can vary from polyester, cotton to wool, and everything in between. Some of these sweaters have pockets, collars, or closures. The only thing exactly the same in ALL OF THEM is that anyone can wear them. Just make sure to try many options.

Long Cardigan Outfits with Jeans for Casual

Jeans: Style & Co ~~ Cardigan: Style & Co~~ Top: Banana Republic ~~ Shoes: Franco Sarto~~Scarf: ~~ Purse: no label~~Hat:

Lesley is wearing a mustard color open cardigan with her straight-leg jeans. She’s also wearing a black blouse under the long cardigan that is neither tight nor fitted, In fact, you’ll notice the blouse is untucked and floaty. Yet she still looks absolutely wonderful as part of this outfit.

You can see her in another example of this silhouette here.

Insider tip: I discussed the specifications of straight-leg jeans in a blog post recently. The different silhouettes of jeans are trending which makes them easier to find at the stores.

Let’s dissect the look some more. What Lesley did do is create a darker column of color under her sweater. While most columns of color are exactly the same color, the fact that both the denim and black blouse are dark still creates this effect.

The footwear chosen is this pair of leopard print shoes. You might be surprised to know that Lesley was NOT a fan of animal prints before she was a blog model. Yet now, she has more than a couple of pieces scattered throughout her closet.

Why are animal print shoes so fabulous? Because they add a print to the bottom of the outfit. And since they are comprised of black and brown which are both neutrals, the animal print is then considered neutral and goes with almost everything.
In fact, in this look. the brown of the leopard is warm and so mirrors the mustard color of the sweater.

Insider tip: Notice the print mixing with the scarf and shoes. This is an easy way to dip your toe into print mixing (see what I did there, haha?)

Column of Color with Long Cardigan Outfits

Pants: XOXO ~~ Cardigan: Mesh + Lace ~~ Top: thrifted~~ Shoes: Bijou ~~ Scarf: Mom made it~~ Purse: Bought on the ship on our Caribbean cruise

Charlotte styled a light green camo cardigan for her outfit. She’s worn this when we discussed that the camouflage print is a very modern trend. It’s been trending for years now and is still going strong.

In the original post where she wore this sweater, she styled it in a monochrome way. This time she used a white column of color under the long cardigan to make the colors pop.

Instead of matching her choice of shoes to the sweater, she kept them the same tone as the white column of color. The shoes are actually silver but tend to look white from far away.

Insider tip: If you don’t love white shoes, another option would be to wear light grey shoes.

Again, you can see that my mom’s pants have a straight-leg style, yet it’s not a distraction from the flowy silhouette of the cardigan.

Styling Long Cardigan Outfits with a Dress

Dress: Kate Spade-thrifted~~ Cardigan: Zenana~~ Boots: Lilac Nanette Lapore and Yellow Amazon~~ Earrings: Francescas~~ Purse: ~~Scarf: Mom made it

Long cardigan outfits also work wonders with dresses. Basically, a dress is a column of color also, yet in my example, it’s a print compared to Lesley’s dark columns and my mom’s white column.

Insider tip: Your cardigan does not have to mirror a color in the print of a piece you’re wearing. Look closely and you’ll see there is no pink in the dress. But both the dress and cardigan are warm hues and therefore work well together.

I think a longer cardigan is the perfect covering for a straight dress. It’s basically a softer version of a long coat. Yet don’t rule out other silhouettes of dresses to pair with a longer cardigan like this. If the cardigan is lightweight, it can sit on top of a flared skirt and work just as wonderfully.

My example shows the dress longer than the cardigan, but I have styled a cardigan that is longer than my dress in the past.

Ankle Boots and Dresses

Ankle boots can pair easily with dresses or skirts. I’ve shown this style many times on the blog, even as far back as with the original models.

Insider tip: If you struggle with ankle boots and skirts together, choose a bootie that matches your skin tone so it’ll blend in and seem like part of your leg. But then don’t forget to try out the bolder boots in the future.

I showcased the outfit with two different colors of ankle boots, and I could make a case for either of them. In fact, I asked everyone’s opinion on my Facebook page and had a myriad of comments.

Interesting fact: The booties on the left were called lilac when I ordered them online. Yet most people called them grey or beige on my Facebook post. It’s a perfect example of how color can be seen differently depending on what it is paired with and the lighting.

Making a case for each bootie.

  • Lilac Booties: I could tell you that the “lilac” bootie is better because it’s more neutral and isn’t a focal point. They are also tighter to my ankle and leg.
  • Yellow Booties: The yellow booties have a lower profile and therefore more leg is in view. They also mirror the yellow in the print of the dress.

Can You Order Shoes Online?

Since I ordered both of my ankle boots online, I thought I would share some tips. It may seem like a risky venue, but I’ve been very successful after doing it so often.

  • With any online shopping, the most important first step is to check the return policy of the store. Since you can’t try things on until after you buy them, you want to make sure you know the specifics up front.
  • Read the reviews. Hearing how the shoes fit other people can benefit you greatly.
  • Take into account the material of the shoes. I find most “sock” booties (the lilac ones) are very comfortable because of the stretch in them.
  • When in doubt order 2 different sizes. You will obviously return at least one pair but since you already know the return policy, it won’t be a surprise.
  • It’s also VERY helpful to add a review yourself. Your opinions can help others.

How to Accessorize The Long Cardigan Outfits

Onto how we accessorized with the long cardigan outfits.
I chuckled that both Charlotte and Lesley wore scarves.

Charlotte’s scarf is acting as a collar around the neckline. It’s also a wonderful way to add a feminine flair to the more masculine camo print.
She carried a white purse to blend in with the underlayer of her outfit and wore smaller earrings to keep the focus on the scarf.

Lesley’s cardigan has a collar and therefore tucked the scarf under the collar and let it hang down the fronts to look like a trim. She added a hat to carry the darker color of the blouse up to her head.
Her earrings are a smaller gold hoop that ties in with the mustard color but doesn’t compete with the hat or scarf.

Insider tip: If you worry about your scarf blowing off or getting lost when you take off your cardigan, use a safety pin to keep it in place. This isn’t always advisable on silk scarves since it does put a hole in the material. You can also use fashion tape.

Need more inspiration on how to wear your scarves? This post shows 25+ ways to tie and style them.

I wore large yellow earrings to bring out the yellow from the print in the dress. You’ll notice I also experimented with a magnetic closure for my cardigan. You can find this magnet on Amazon, and it works on scarves, kimonos, or many other items.

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Cozy cardigan outfits

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