Blue outfit for older women

Remarkable Summer Indoor Activities Outfits & the Mini Time Machine Museum

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Tie dye for older women

Remarkable Summer Indoor Activities Outfits & the Mini Time Machine Museum

Our summer indoor activities outfits are all different yet fit the bill for the day. You can see how Lesley kept the colors minimal, and how I went full force with color. Yet it’s not about the colors per se. The most important factor for most of us for our summer indoor activities outfits is comfort.

Quote of the day: “Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement. ” Golda Meir

With the summer heat here in Arizona, many of these months are more about what to do inside. While your summer activities may be different, this idea works for rainy days, travel, and other seasons.
I included many of the amazing exhibitions we saw this day at the Mini Time Machine Museum in Tucson. Even if you aren’t a “dollhouse” fan, it’s quite the collection. It’s actually quite incredible how many of these pieces are made.

Summer indoor activities outfit for older women

Pants: Talbots-thrifted ~~ Tunic: Ethnic Clothing ~~Top: J Crew~ ~ Shoes: A2-thrifted ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse:

Summer Indoor Activities Outfits for an 80 Year Old

One of the factors that Charlotte includes for her summer outfits is coverage. That’s why she bought this tie-dye tunic when we were shopping last fall at a local boutique. While it’s lower in the front than she is comfortable with, she solves that dilemma with another top under it.
Something to think about if you don’t love adding extra accessories is finding a top that is decorated for you. For instance, this white tank top has an embellished trim.

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I also love that the top is a tie-dye print. Tie-dye seems to be everywhere lately. Even if you wore it in your youth, don’t discount the fact that wearing a modern print can make you feel younger!!

Adding layers for summer indoor activities

Purse Tips

We’ve showcased all different kinds of purses on the blog and even had a week where we were inspired by a suggestion regarding purses and if they should reflect the outfit or season.
As someone who never understood the love of purses until I retired, I have to say that thinking about the occasions can be a huge factor for the purse selection.

Hands-free purses are so ideal for days of exploring or even shopping. If you think all belt bags are frumpy, then you might want to think again and explore some of the stylish options below. Many are convertible with straps that can be used for a crossbody version just like Charlotte’s purse she is wearing.

Insider tip: You might be able to switch out the “belt/strap” for your purse. I’ve done that in the past here!

Colorful Jewelry

My mom loves her jewelry to add an air of individuality to any look. These earrings were gifted from a small business called Birdsong Designs. The company has changed its focus since we worked with them yet they still have wonderful items for any aged woman!
Because Charlotte loves and wears a lot of blue items, the jewelry she chose matches perfectly for many of her looks. Originally she wore a column of white with some blue to have the jewelry be the stand-out detail.

Woman over 80 and enjoying summer indoor activities
Comfortable shoes for summer indoor activities
Hands free outfit for summer indoor activities

The Mini Time Machine Museum

Now I have no idea why it’s called the time machine museum, but I will say that it was a place I’d recommend if you are visiting the Tucson area and need ideas for summer indoor activities.
Even the front door made you feel like a “mini.”

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Feeling mini at the Mini Time Machine Museum

For you dollhouse fans, here are 2 rooms that were particularly fun.
The one on the left is a spinning room with all kinds of yarn (appropriate for me as a knitter). We did see another one that was all about weaving, but I didn’t want to bore you with only the rooms that apply to me. (BTW, you can see my yarn collection in our house here).

On the right was crystals galore. They described the rug making for these tiny rooms as not only is the rug a mini, but think about the thread and needles that have to be so small too!

These two exhibits were particularly incredible.
The dolls heads on the left are all made from a grain of wheat. Repeat after me, a grain of wheat!! The details just blew our minds.

Then the tip of the pencil carving was another display that we just couldn’t get over. I shared another example in my daily emails (I hope you sign up because I love to give you some extras in them). That’s really a normal size pencil, and this gentleman carved a birdcage in the lead. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

Last but not least (really, there was much more, including an enchanted forest), there were mini characters.
The left side shows a moving one with all kinds of critters riding motorcycles.
On the right shows a scene from Gone with the Wind in miniature!!

Outfit for Summer Indoor Activities

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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