Remembering a Year: 20 From 2020

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Remembering a Year: 20 From 2020

My friend, Carrie, had a neat idea that I wanted to jump on about remembering 2020. She’s calling it 20 from 2020 as a way to document the crazy year.

Quote of the day: “The next time you’re faced with something that’s unexpected, unwanted and uncertain, consider that it just may be a gift.” Stacey Kramer

Some years I like to include my 5 best posts, and some years I’ve shown the bloopers. It’s always nice to look back somehow and bring you along for the ride.
While I still love having a monthly highlight post (and will next week), this was a fun project and way to look at the silver lining of the craziness of 2020.

1Masks. What more can you say about the newest accessory of the year? Love them or hate them, they are definitely part of 2020. Which brings up my next subject at #2. I will say that after blogging about tips for wearing masks, I found some fabulous ones for Rob and I. We get a ton of compliments on them!

2Stay On All Day Lipstick. While some of you wonder why even bother with lipstick when you wear a mask, I am my mother’s child and can’t go without. So I was glad that I researched 10 different brands and found the ones that really stay on. Even.While.Wearing.A.Mask.
And Lesley found the best stuff to get it off at the end of the day.

3-Getting Creative with Activities. Here in Phoenix, we broke the record for the most number of days over 110 degrees. So for some days, the last thing we wanted to do was to go exploring outside. Therefore, Lesley came up with the idea of a scavenger hunt at Goodwill. In case you want to copy us, here are the details:

Scavenger hunt at Goodwill
Have Your Own Scavenger Hunt

A. Come up with a list of 8-10 items that you need to find.
B. Print the list and distribute with a pen/pencil
C. When you get to the store, each person gets a cart. It’s good to have someone not participating so they can keep track of the time.
D. Place the items found on the list in the cart and meet in the back of the store at the allotted time.
E. Scorekeeper will then read off the list and everyone shows the item (if it was found). One point for each thing found.
F. Then put back everything from your cart!

Our tips: Pick some easy and hard things to find. The hardest thing on our list was something with a dragonfly on it. Who knew??
We made a day out of this by using the same list at 3 different Goodwills.
Each participant was given $10 they could spend on any of the treasures they wanted to buy. And I had a “prize” for the winner.

4-How many times did we remark, that we are SO glad we did this or that last year or recently. It goes to show that we don’t know what the future will bring, so just do it!!
One of our memories was the fact we went on a cruise over New Years Eve 2020!!

5– I had more time to enter giveaways. I am such a sucker for giveaways….I mean, who doesn’t love winning free stuff? And I really won a ton of jewelry, skin care and clothes this year.

Insider tip: Most of these giveaways I find on Instagram, and I wrote a post on how to navigate them for you. Or check out my YouTube video where I show you everything first hand.

6-Speaking of social media, my husband and I started having fun with the short Instagram videos. Here are a couple if you haven’t seen them before
A-Layering over a tunic
B-Reality of the Year
C-Thrifted Shoes
D-8 Colors with Cranberry

7– I am blessed to work with many companies that I would never have found otherwise. A couple of the more interesting ones are Sheec socks (since I used to think all no show socks were the same), Revive Superfoods (since we buy these now as part of our plant heavy diet), along with eShakti (where you get to decide many factors of the dress including length and sleeves.)

8-Small business LOVE. As a former small business owner, I couldn’t imagine the craziness that fell on these companies. So from June to November, every Saturday my email featured a Small Business. I created a link on my site to all of these companies if you are ever interested.

9Toilet paper. How could we forget the issues with the toilet paper shortage. I still don’t get it, but boy, some of the memes were hilarious!!

10Zoom calls & Virtual everything. It was the year of virtual meetings, parties and everything in between. Heck, even my 82 year old mother had a couple of zoom calls with her friends back in Denver. It probably never would have been put together without the craziness of 2020.
I included a short video we taped for a virtual gala!! I hope you giggle!!

11Robby turned 60!!! My husband is really still 10 years old in his head, so it was a shocker that his drivers license says he’s 60!!!

12A “LIVEIT” as opposed to a diet. Rob started seeing a naturopath who incorporates a plant heavy food program. It’s vegetable heavy with a huge focus on no sugar or processed food. While I’ve talked about my healthy eating before on the blog, we had gotten lazy. Plus it was obvious that what was fine for me to eat, was not for Rob. I wouldn’t call it a 180 degree change, but we have been cooking more and eating WAY more veggies.

13-Our first visitor to our guest room!! It was such joy to have one of my blog readers reach out and say she would be visiting our town. So we invited her to stay with us for a couple of days!!! While she was here, I even twisted her arm to model with us, and now she has her own blog.
And she is proof of how comfortable our murphy bed is that I introduced recently in a blog post.

14-So thankful we finished our back porch. Considering how there were months we couldn’t go many places, it was a godsend that we had finished with our back patio construction. If you’ve been following the collaboration about Where Bloggers Live, then you were able to see the before and after.

15New Car!! Both of our cars were over 20 years old, so it was time to replace our SUV. With the no interest financing, we decided to add a “new member” to our family. The funny thing is it came with heated seats, and since we bought it in the summer, we laughed that we would never use them. Fast forward to the chilly weather we’ve been having, and the heated seats have been used!!

16-“Vern“–The other addition to our family is our robot vacuum. I just wrote a post about our experiences (good and bad) with it if it’s something you’re interested in. Whenever he ends up in my Instagram stories, I always get a bunch of questions about it.

17Exploring Arizona. Even though we couldn’t go as many places as we hoped, we still were able to explore our new state. And I tried adding it to some of the blogs so you could come along on our adventures. A couple of our trips
A. Arcosanti-an experiment about living frugally.
B. Tortilla Flats and a Trip on the Dolly Steamship
C. Sonora Desert Museum

18Online shopping. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has taken advantage of the online shopping in 2020. While most of the women around Lesley and my mom’s age still prefer in store shopping, there are many advantages of online purchasing.
BTW, I did write a blog post about tips for online shopping. #8 is something that I think most of us don’t do, but it can be what makes it a successful venture.

Insider tip: If it’s too overwhelming to shop online, then you might consider one of the online clothing boxes. It can be a one time thing. I’ve compared 3 different ones in a post to make it easy for you.

19Mom got a new hip!! While this is more my mom’s thing, it now makes it easier for us to go out exploring. For a while there, we had to make sure that places had wheelchairs so she could enjoy the adventure with us.
The nice part is at her community they were delivering meals because of CoVid. Therefore, it was convenient that her meals came to her when her hip was hurting and while it was healing!! Silver linings for sure.

20Mother Nature. We have some of the most wonderful sunsets here in Arizona. I’ve been told it’s because of the dust in the air. Just so you know…there is NO EDITING on this photo. It’s straight from my phone camera!!
I’m not sure that we would have taken as many walks as we did if it wasn’t the craziness of 2020!! So thank you Mother Nature.

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