Wearing Retro Items from Years Ago with the Ageless Style Group & Linkup

3 generations of women wearing a retro piece of clothing

Wearing Retro Items from Years Ago with the Ageless Style Group

Quote of the day: “Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.” Ernest Holmes

The first Tuesday of the month is the time that the Ageless Style group showcases a theme for your pleasure. This month Cathy, came up with the idea to showcase retro items.

That doesn’t mean the clothing items are necessarily old. Just like in our previous post about newer items that remind us of older trends. It seems like styles always come around again and again, so you could have the trend from the first time around, or you could just now be purchasing it.

For our post today, the three of us are showing you items in our closet that are older and have some history to us. It’s always so interesting some of the stories that accompany our clothing items.  And then make sure to check out the rest of the women from the Ageless Style group and join the linkup party.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: My retro item is my red coat.

This used to be my mother’s coat from the early 1970’s. She actually gave it to me about 10 years ago, and I tend to wear it quite a bit when we get dressed up. I even wore it last winter on the blog when we talked about maxi skirts.

For this outfit though, I wanted to make the look more casual, if that’s possible. So I wore my hunter boots instead of nicer boots.

Woman in her 50's with a retro piece of clothing

Instead of a hat, I wore this scarf that is made to be worn over your head. I bought it over 15 years ago when I didn’t want my hair to get messed up. Which is funny, because my hair is always a mess. I’m sure you could wear any scarf over your head, but this one has a diagonal seam in it so it lays nicely. Then you wrap the ends around your neck. I couldn’t find any items similar to it unless I’m not calling it the correct verbiage.

As for my gloves, they are the long variety. I bought them for another coat that has 3/4 length sleeves, and they work great with this coat also. At least they certainly keep me warmer than the short gloves when my skin gets exposed.

Red coat as a retro piece of clothing

My hunter boots were a fabulous thrifted find a couple of months ago.

I recently wore them for our #thriftedchicstylechallenge on Instagram too. Honestly, I’ve never thought to buy Hunter boots because it rarely rains here and I don’t hang outside much. However, when I saw these, I thought they’d be a great purchase for our upcoming cruise to Alaska.

Needless to say, I think I like them even for the snow. At least for light snow days, because they aren’t as heavy on my feet as my Sorel boots. What is so nice about Hunter boots is the fact that they come in so many fun colors like burgundy and light blue.

Hunter boots with a retro piece of clothing

I asked my mom the history of this coat. She bought it soon after the divorce from my father because she needed a winter coat. She told one of her school mates that it was cheaper than therapy, LOL!

The fur is chinchilla fur and is super, duper soft. There is a fur hat that matches it, but it’s starting to disintegrate. I ended up taking the lining out of the hat because it would leave dust all over, but it still feels dusty. I’m not sure if I should vacuum it or add some new lining.

If a red coat is too bright for your style, then you can always find one in black or brown also.

Older women and retro piece of clothing

Coat: (similar here in a puffer or here)~~Jeans: Banana Republic (similar here)~~Boots: thrifted (similar here)~~Scarf: (similar here)~~Gloves: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: For Nancy’s retro item, she chose these cowboy boots.

These boots are actually my father’s boots, and have been in my closet since he passed away. But I don’t think I’ve really worn them. Even though Denver is still a cow town to many outsiders, you don’t really see a ton of cowboy boots being worn in town.

But Nancy doesn’t have a lot of older items in her closet. She has a smaller closet and has gotten rid of the items she no longer wears. So I thought it would be apropos for her to wear these (with a couple of layers of socks to make them fit).

60+ woman retro piece of clothing

I love that Nancy added this pin to her hair for some extra decoration. The flower has a clip on it and a pin, so it could be used multiple ways. And wouldn’t you know that my mom made it for Nancy many years ago.

I know I used to wear a lot of barrettes and bands in my hair when I was younger, but I’ve gotten out of the habit. How about you guys?

The other more retro item that Nancy is wearing are these earrings. My dad had them made for her to match his bolo tie for when they were square dancing. Talk about memorable.

Leopard coat & a retro piece of clothing

Here is a closeup of the cowboy boots.

If you haven’t been shopping for cowboy boots in a long time, there really are some fun and unique pairs out there. It seems like these items aren’t inexpensive, but they are classics, right? I found some rhinestone boots, some tie dye boots, some with studs, and of course red ones. Or if you don’t want the boots on your feet, you could have one around your neck!

Cowboy boots as a retro piece of clothing

And I can’t forget to mention this leopard coat. Nancy just purchased it on our trip to Frisco, which you’ll read about next week. We found it in a consignment store, yet it’s perfectly on trend right now.

In fact, all 3 of us happen to have a version of this coat now, so you’ll be seeing an entire series dedicated to it.

Woman in her 60's with a retro piece of clothing

Coat: (similar here)~~Pants: Liverpool (similar here)~~Boots: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Hair Clip: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: For my mom’s outfit that includes a retro item, she pulled out this black coat with fur trim.

It was given to her by my husband’s mother about 8 years when we were out in New York visiting for Christmas. Rob tells the story that his father had given it to his mother back in the 1970’s yet his mom hardly ever wore it. When I asked why, Rob said it really wasn’t her style. Yet my mom has worn it many, many times since she’s brought it home. That’s the best part about swapping clothes, is they can get new life breathed into them.

Woman over 70 and a retro piece of clothing

And since we were out in the elements when taking these photos, my mom pulled out this white hat to wear with the outfit. She’s not a fan of knit hats because they mess up her hair, but she feels this kind works better. Even the hat could be considered retro because it’s from the 1970’s or 80’s also.

If you are looking for hats that don’t smush your hair too, then a beret might work or there are always earmuffs.

A hat and a retro piece of clothing

Another element of my mom’s outfit is her interesting black print purse.

Just like everything else in my mom’s closet, she has many options for her outfits. In fact, she has a trunk full of different purses in which to choose from. Recently I organized my purses in my wardrobe. I talked about it in my fall bucket list, but I never showed you how I finished it.

The items I ended up buying were a sweater organizer to put my clutches in and then I hung the other purses on the walls with command hooks. I have to admit, that it’s so much easier when I can see them all. In fact I have room for a couple more to add to the collection. And the best thing about purses, is they always fit.

Other items with a retro piece of clothing

The tweed skirt that my mom is wearing is one of her creations. The material was leftover from a coat that she made for Nancy last year. Tweed is always such a classic winter style that even if you don’t wear skirts anymore, you could indulge in a jacket, vest or pants instead.

70+ woman retro piece of clothing

Coat: (similar here or here)~~Skirt: My mom made it (similar here)~~Boots: thrifted (similar here in leather and here in suede)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)~~Hat: (similar here)

Having fun with retro piece of clothing

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

Ageless Style Group

Join the other women of the Ageless style group to get some more ideas of how they styled a retro piece of clothing!

Ageless Style Group

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Samantha also loves all things vintage, which makes her a perfect co-host for this month’s theme which is all about how fashion tends to repeat itself. We are all featuring an outfit that incorporates a piece (or pieces) that was popular years ago and are trending again. For example, yesterday’s bell bottom jeans have come back today as “flared” jeans.

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  • Jolanta Pawlak

    Beautiful style, I admire the red coat, very beautiful, black is stylish, I love the leopard fur.

    • Thanks so much Jolanta!!
      I really appreciate your voice!!

  • Nikki Gwin

    I have chosen your RETRO wear to be featured at the OVER THE MOON link party which goes live on Sunday night. Be sure to stop by and see! And thanks for linking up!
    🙂 gwingal

    • Really??? That’s such a fabulous surprise Nikki!!!
      Thanks so, so much!! That just made my day!!

  • Well, you know me and my love of wearing retro items. i now want something in animal print as far as a jacket-don’t know where or when but I will find it on the second hand market somewhere. aYour Mom could be me in the photo. Michelle actually has my 70’s white Fedora down at her house (which I only figured out a couple of months ago-thought it was gone) and that coat!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for linking up!

    • I just found a leopard coat on Poshmark, Terri!! It took me awhile to find one that would fit, but I’m so happy I got it!!
      Good luck with your search!!
      And did Michelle take your hat, or did you give it to her?? I used to “steal” mom’s things, but she always caught me…ha ha!

      • Well, I think she decided to take it off my hands and just not bother me about if I needed it. I was just surprised that I hadn’t noticed it before.

  • Sue Loncaric

    Hi Jodie! Stylish ladies that is for sure. I love all of your coats, especially your red one with the fur trim. Unfortunately, in Australia it never gets that cold for me to wear outfits like you are showcasing, that is why I look forward to travelling to the US or Europe during the cooler months when I can pull out my beloved winter clothes. Thanks for sharing with us at #overthemoon link party.

    • That might be a bummer for me, Sue!! I so love all of the extras we get to wear when it gets cold here!!

  • Gorgeous coats! Nancy’s mix of leopard print and cowboy boots is fab! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • Thanks Emma!! I love that we can mix up items now without looking too crazy!!

  • Melanie

    Jodie, your social media is on fire! Awesome!! I wish you the very best 2018. It’s going to be a good one!! Hugs. Mel xox
    By the way, you all look fabulous.

  • Penny @ pennyspassion.blogspot

    OMG — I can’t decide those coat I love the most!! Wish I had them all in my closet. Thanks for linking up on Thinking Out Loud Thursday!

  • Retro is fabulous. Your red coat and Nancy’s boots are my personal faves 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

  • Nicole Mölders

    Thanks for hosting the party and for linking up to Top of the World Style. Nancy’s coat is calling my name. You look so cute in the red coat with the head wrap.

    • Thanks Nicole!!
      Don’t you just love leopard coats??

  • Theresa Campbell

    Love seeing others styling their retro looks. Those coats are gorgeous. And love the cowboy boots and the story behind them.

  • love you girls in these retro looks! I just got a red vintage coat similar to yours around the corner at a shop…take care friendxoxoox

    • How fabulous that you just bought a red coat!! I can’t wait to see it, Valerie!!

  • Brenda @ ChattingOverChocolate

    These are such beautiful and timeless looks! I adore each of your coats! So pretty!
    Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

    • Thanks so much Brenda!!
      I love it when pieces have a story!!

  • I can’t believe these items are retro! Especially the coats. They are in style for right now – they are right about fashion being a cycle


    • It’s so true how things come back around—whether we like them or not. But I do think that coats stay in fashion for quite a while!!

  • Love all of these coats! x

  • I have Charlotte’s black fur coat!! Mine doesn’t have the fur around the sleeves, but has the big fur collar and the same belted style. I’ve had mine for around 18 years and I still bring it out every winter. I love it!!! #teamlovinlife

    • That’s so amazing Leanne!!! Great minds think alike!!!

  • Oh my goodness gracious! I want all of your coats! They’re so fabulous. As always you ladies have super cute accessories too. 🙂

    Hope you all had a great new year!


    • Thanks LIndsey! I always feel like you might as well have a fun winter coat since we have to wear it so often!!

  • I love all of your coats! Your stylishness always inspires me.

    I think the name of the scarf around the head is called a “babushka”! LOL! You’re right about purses; there is always room for one more. I like to store them one inside the other so that they don’t lose their shape.

    Happy New Year, beautiful!

    • Babushka!!!! Exactly!!! And who doesn’t smile when they say that word???
      I never thought about storing my purses inside each other…..but then I’d probably forget about some of them?? But it would certainly make it a great excuse to buy more…ha ha!!

  • Beautiful retro pieces!! They have been so taken care of. Your red coat is so perfect!

    xx, Elise

    • Thanks so much Elise!!
      A red coat works almost any decade!!

  • ADA

    Your retro looks are beautiful, classic and ageless – just like the linkup. I love the coats and hats. Thanks for the fabulous linkup Jodie. Happy 2018!!

  • That red coat from your mother is such an amazing piece. I wish my mom had saved more of her fashions and party dresses. That style has definitely cycled back into fashion, but you have an original! I like that all three of your looks are fashionable for the modern day but have a retro touch. And more importantly, there’s a piece of each of your personalities that shines through!


    • It’s truly special when your pieces have a story, don’t you think, Liz?
      I’m so glad I kept this coat even though I can get crazy when I start purging!!

  • I love these retro looks.
    So cool, practical and effortlessly chic.

    Thank you so much for letting me join you this month.
    It has been fun!

    • And I love how you wore a retro coat also, Samantha!! Great minds think alike!!

  • Kathy Marris

    Coats and boots just never seem to date. I think they are probably items that you should hold onto because eventually they do come back into style (or maybe they just never alter that much). The red coat is superb. #TeamLovinLife

    • You’re so right, Kathy!!
      Maybe there’s not as much you can change on coats, so they look stylish year after year??

  • So I like your red coat and the boots but I LOVE your mother’s coat. It’s stunning – and it really hasn’t dated at all. If only we thought to keep things long enough for them to return to fashion or to offer up a retro or vintage look. (Mind you I’ve rarely been the same size year after year or decade after decade, but I think of some lovely pieces I’ve had I’d love to have worn 5, 10, 20 or 30 years later!) #teamlovinlife

    • That’s exactly the problem with keeping things, I think Deborah. The sizing—although coats are a little more forgiving in that department.

  • writeofthemiddle

    Oh my gosh you all look fabulous! I love the coats and those cowboy boots of your Dad’s! Love your mum’s white hat too. Hard to pick a favourite because I love them all but I must say I am very partial to a red coat! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

    • Thanks so much Min!! This was so fun since each item has a story!

  • I love that red coat, but adored that bag your Mum is carrying. She really put that look together well. #TeamLovinLife

  • So many beautiful stylish coats! I enjoyed reading the stories behind the retro pieces in this post. I adore the gorgeous coat Rob’s mom gave Charlotte – it is definitely my style! I have a bright red coat as well as a leopard coat and they both make such dramatic statements, which is evidenced nicely in yours and Nancy’s looks. 🙂

    • We do think alike Jennie, because I always love a fun, statement coat!! It’s kinda like luggage—who wants to look the same as everyone else??

  • I love your red coat!

    • Thanks so much Donna!! It’s quite the stunning piece, isn’t it??
      I’ll tell mom that you loved it!!

  • I have a thing for retro coats and I have to say that I am completely in love with both yours and your moms coats! SO stunning! I also love the story behind Nancy’s earrings. So sweet!


    • Thanks so much Liz!!
      It’s amazing how the older coats can look so great year after year!!!

  • I love these retro styles! Some pieces remain so classic and these coats are perfect. Wishing you ladies a very happy 2018!! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  • Rosie Doal

    Wow I love this! I think it’s fantastic that you hold onto retro items. Fashions and trends are ever-changing, but a stylish item will always be stylish.

    • Actually, my mom is the better holder onto things person—luckily, she hands them down to me!!!
      Thanks so much Rosie, and happy 2018!!

  • I love all of the Retro pieces. The fact that your coat and your mom’s coat are from the 70s is amazing to me. They’re both beautiful!

    pumps and push-ups

    • Thanks Brooke!! I think coats last so much longer because you don’t wear them next to your skin! So you don’t need to wash them as often (as long as there aren’t little boy’s grimy hands on them…ha ha)

  • What a truly fun theme! I just adore your coat, Jodie! It’s fabulous! And so is your mom’s! Lovely! And how great of Nancy to do cowboy boots! I love them and use to have a closet full! And, you know I am in love with her coat…c’mon, it’s leopard!

    • Fun coats are the best thing in winter—heck, we have to keep warm, so why not have ones that makes us smile, right?
      Thanks Ronnie!!

  • Hi Jodie! I’ve had a technology break this Christmas so haven’t been visiting your blog (or anyone’s!) but will be getting back into the swing of things. I love your coat and am so impressed it’s lasted for so long. It really is a testament to buying quality. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and I wish all of you ladies a fabulous new year!

    • It’s true that sometimes quality pays off—except when you can’t fit into it anymore…ha ha!! I’m sure my mom wished she could still wear it, but it’s the next best thing when you can hand it down to your daughter, right?
      Thanks Julia!! I hope your computer is back up and going—that’s such a bummer (but maybe a good break?)

  • Karen

    I love your red coat. I have one very close to that except it is single-breasted and I wear it all the time, mine is minus the fur, which I truly love, but it’s bright red so I wear it often since there are so many gray days here. That coat is a keeper. The fur trim is marvelous!! Your mom really scored on her coat too! I’d wear that all the time. Isn’t there just something about fur? And how cool that your dad’s boots work for Nancy, that is truly very cool that she can wear them! (I love what your mom said about the coat – cheaper than therapy – how true!!)

    • Red is the perfect color for a winter coat, in my opinion!!!! Shouldn’t we be sporting the bright colors when it’s so dreary outside???
      And I laugh at my mom’s sentiments, because I think she’s continued with that train of thought….even all of these years later, LOL!!!
      Thanks Karen!!

  • Jodie,

    Happy New Year friend!
    I love your red coat!
    Coats seem to last the longest in my closet.
    Just like your mom, I still have a long fur trimmed coat that still gets compliments 15 years later.


    • I think you’re right—they do last the longest of any items. Except my white one—i just had to chuck that one and it made me so sad!!!
      Thanks Robin!!

  • Absolutely love your red coat! It’s so beautiful!


  • Judy Gramith

    I think coats have “staying power” in a way that other garments do not. Often they’ re one of the more expensive items in our wardrobes and aren’t replaced as quickly as other items. A coat is far more likely to be wearable for years, and some coats never go out of style. It seems I’ve always had a trench coat and a peacoat in my closet and the basic jean jacket has become a classic as well!
    I think all of you look really smashing in your coats. I also like how you and Nancy surprised us with unexpected accessories. The boots each of you are wearing make your looks more fun! Your dad seems to have had some influence on this post and I like that too! Charlotte continues to look elegant and that coat from Rob’s mom is beautiful!

  • Jacqueline Rendine

    Love these coats! I have a leopard coat that I adore!
    Stylin In St. Louis

    • Aren’t they the best coats??? We are all going to style leopard coats for the blog soon because they are the funnest!!
      Thanks Jacqueline!!

  • Jodie, this is one of my absolute favorite posts of yours! I just love the stories behind your clothing pieces – they have such interesting histories! All three of you really hit it out of the ball park with your outfits today. Your pieces may be old, but they are still stylish and beautiful. I love them all!

    • Thanks Cathy!!
      I do love it when our clothes have meaning…it makes them so special!!

  • Laura

    I am in love with all of your glamorous coats! You are braving the elements so stylishly!

  • I love this type of post! I really love all 3 of your coat, they’re so pretty and so stylish and fit each of your personalities perfectly! Happy 2018!

    • Thanks Laura!!
      It’s fun when our clothes have a story!!!

  • Oh what a fun idea for a post, and a good reason to get out some sentimental pieces! it’s so nice you and your mum are still wearing and loving your coats, they are beautiful! And those cowboy boots are so fun! 🙂

    Happy new year! Hope that 2018 has started nicely for you! Mine has been so enjoyable as I’m still on leave from work so I’m taking the opportunity to relax!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Thanks Mica!!!
      I even have this lace dress that used to be my grandmother’s—I’ll have to wear it some time soon!!

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    I just love all of the stories and thoughts you put into each of your posts! I love that Nancy wore your dads old boots (and I didn’t know he had passed, sorry to hear that!) and also earrings he had made to match during their square dancing days! I had to chuckle when your mom mentioned the red coat was cheaper than therapy during her divorce. Your Hunters boots are so fun, I love the pattern on them. I also love that last candid photo of the 3 of you at the end!


    • Thanks Carrie—my mom is a hoot, let me tell you!! Of course she hasn’t gotten out of that idea that buying new clothes will make her feel better, so her closet is crazy packed!!!! LOL!

  • Great post, Jodie! I absolutely LOVE the red coat. What a treasure!

    • Thanks Carrie!! I love the red coat because it’s fun, but it’s also so nice that it used to be my moms and is getting more life!!

  • This is such a lovely post and loving all the coats, perfect for this time of year! Wishing you a wonderful 2018 and may it be filled with happiness, love and above all – health!

    Layla xx


  • The coats are all so gorgeous and you three all look fabulous. I think that a lot of “trends” are actually classics that just come back into favor time after time because of how well they work to add interest and detail to an outfit.


    • That’s the perfect way to put it Rena!!
      Although there are some things that change over time. Like, I know many women wouldn’t wear this particular red coat because it is real fur.
      And jeans—I don’t think I could imagine wearing them without spandex anymore—although that may change with the trends too….LOL!!

  • I love your Moms hat! She look so cute in it and it’s so functional when it’s cold out. Love your red coat with the fur trim. So chic! And lastly the cowboy boots hold such a unique story. So neat that she is able to wear them!


    • Thanks so much Ruth!!
      I love it when clothes have a great story to go with them!!

  • Ha ! talk about attention to detail on Nancy’s earrings and like you I have shied away from headbands but now that I know they are trending I might go back to the drawer full of them I own and begin wearing them.

    • How fabulous you kept those headbands. I’m always so guilty of purging and getting rid of everything!!
      Thanks Lorena!!

  • Missy May

    I am in love with these coats on you ladies. Wow!! So chic and beautiful.
    Wishing you all a happy new year. Blessings!


  • I think my favorite piece was those boots! my mom has a gorgeous pair of vintage frye boots but they kill my wide calves or they’d be mine

    x0x0 caro


    • That’s a bummer Caroline, because the older boots are so fun!!
      But I bet you could find a pair that would work—it’s amazing the variety out there!!
      Thanks and happy 2018!!

  • I love a red coat and yours is perfect. We really do not need a winter coat here in SFla but a red jacket does the trick. As always your Mom is spot on and I love that she gave you this beautiful piece. Happy 2018 to you All.

    • I’m not sure how I’d feel about not needing a coat, Neti. I might actually miss the fun coats and layering….although I wouldn’t miss freezing my tookus off!!

  • I’m a fan of faux fur and leopard is my favourite! Love your rain boots!
    Happy 2018, wishing you a fashionable year! Have fun in Alaska!



    • There are so many great leopard coats out there now, aren’t there, Carmen? Like the one you were wearing today on your blog!!
      I’m so glad that we can have fun with our winter coats!!

  • Jonet Gleason Wooten

    You are each celebrating chilly weather in the most stylish way. I love each look and thank you for making freezing temps look so cool! Xo Jonet

    • That’s a great way to put it, Jonet!!! Even though it’s super cold, we might as well look stylish and have fun!!

  • Courtney Hardy

    I love the red coat. It looks so cute!

    • Thanks Courtney!! It’s a great way to incorporate bright colors in the dreary days of winter!!

  • All three coats are FABULOUS!!!!! I’ve been looking for a leopard one. Why, I don’t know. It will never be cold enough here to wear it…

    • Ha ha!!! You’re right—but you might need it when you come visit the cold states!! Really—-or it could look great with shorts—LOL!!!

  • Deborah Ross

    Oh wow, that red coat is gorgeous!! And, I also love those boots your mom is wearing. All three of you look fantastic and I enjoy the retro apparel!

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    HAPPY 2018!! Cheers to another great year! :=)

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    OMG I love all these stunning coats. SO pretty! You ladies are inspiring!
    Keep it coming! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Much love, Len

    • Thanks so much Len, and happy 2018 to you and your family too!!

  • All three coats are very stylish and fabulous, but the stories are even better! Beautiful!

    • I think that’s so true Nancy—-the stories make you feel all warm inside!!

  • You three look so chic girls, I love your winter coats and the shoes!

    My Vogue Style | http://www.myvoguestyle.com

  • Cindy

    You all look so cold! I especially love the coats and hearing the history of them. I love the close up pic of your mom! So pretty! Jodi, I want to see your closet! I need some inspiration in that area! Great post! xo Cindy

    • I was just telling Rob that we need to have a purging day for our closet—they are stuffed full!! Maybe I’ll work on a post about it???
      Thanks Cindy!!

      • Cindy

        Mine is too! Embarrassing! My dream is to enlarge my closet and to have it super organized and beautiful! But for now…I purge often and keep trying to shove things in here and there. ha!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    You all look so cute and toasty! That leopard, black and red with you all together is so chic and gorgeous! May you all be blessed with immeasurable joy in 2018!

  • You all look amazing! How special to have your mom’s coat and such a neat story to it too. Shopping is definitely cheaper than therapy. 😉 I like the idea of swapping clothes breathing new life into them.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • It’s amazing how our clothes can have so much meaning. And why not swap them with others? It’s more fun to realize that they are being worn with love than just sitting in our closet (and causing us guilt—ha ha)
      Thanks Amy!!!

  • Rebecca Saffer

    Wow are those coats fabulous! It seems to me that most of the coats I have seen in stores for the last few years are black puffers or variations of the puffer. Of course, this lovely post brought to mind the wonderful coat houses I was able to shop at in the late 60’s and 70’s. There was tremendous stock in each designers area and they were sold at discount. These houses disappeared after the garment industry shifted overseas.
    On another note, your mom must have the most fabulous closets and trunks. Any chance getting a peek!! She would probably love a museum book I have about the Roddis family clothing collection (now at the Henry Ford Museum). This family saved the most wonderful clothing from the period 1850-1995. It is called “American Style and Spirit”.

    • That’s such a great idea to show my mom’s stuff—of course it’s not always easy to admire, because the closets and trunks are stuffed full. But maybe I do a couple of Instagram Stories next time I’m over there. Are you on Instagram??
      I’m hoping to do more videos this year (not because I love them, but because that’s the future) so that could be an idea……
      I forwarded this email to my mom, Rebecca!! I don’t think she’s seen that book, but then again, what do I know??
      As for the puffers……that’s exactly what I see around here too—EVERYWHERE!!! I don’t love them, but I’ve seen some better ones lately. In fact, I was thinking of posting some kind of post on them!!
      Thanks for always giving us some insight into your life too—it’s always so interesting to hear other’s stories!!

    • Charlotte Miller

      Thanks Rebecca for the information–Your mention of the Henry Ford Museum brought back memories of when I was still teaching near Toledo,OH, I would take my Housing class on a field trip to Dearborn,MI for that museum to view the furniture and house styles from Amcerica’s past .Of course that was back in the 1980’s.

  • donnanance

    Loving all the pretty coats and warm weather accessories! Jodie, your coat is fabulous! I have yet to jump on the Hunter boot wagon. Are they comfortable for walking and keep your feet warm? Nancy’s coat looks so good on her. Can’t go wrong with cowboy boots! Love how your mom gave a castoff coat a loving home…ha! It looks great on her. Speaking hat hair, I found a shampoo that seems to work really well on my hair challenged head…Mineral Fusion Fortifying Shampoo. I did not buy the accompanying conditioner. Happy New Year to all y’all! xoxo

    • That’s so great to know about that shampoo—I still struggle with my hair issues, so I’m always game to finding the right product!!
      The hunter boots are comfortable in the fact that they are flat—-if I was walking a lot, I would put my orthodics in them along with many layers of socks. Because they certainly aren’t as warm as my sorels, but they also aren’t as heavy. I’ve heard of special socks or inserts for the hunter boots, but I haven’t bought them….yet!
      Thanks Donna!!!

  • Happy New Year, Jodie! Loving this post and the way you ladies have styled your retro pieces! Love a red coat, especially on dreary winter days when a pop of color can elevate your mood considerably:) How great that your mom passed it your way! And speaking of your mom, how gorgeous doe she look in her black coat with fur trim?! So chic! Nancy’s coat is such a fun piece! I’ve always loved the way animal print can perk up any look! Another year and the three of you are definitely starting it off looking fabulous! Can’t wait to follow along in the new year! xoxM


    • Thanks so much Mary!!
      I feel like if you have to wear a coat, it might as well be fun and fabulous, right?

  • I love all your vintage style coats! I think most coats never go out of style but love the look of the older styles. Everyone looks beautiful!

  • Since I live on the edge of Buffalo, NY, I LOVE when you style outfits with coats! I would choose any of the three…they are all so pretty! But that red one of yours had me at “Hello”! SO, so SO SO beautiful… I think I remember seeing it with the hat…and I would totally reline it if possible! The whole set is a stunner!

    • I have a whole pile of things that need some altering…..I just need to get to it and get them done, so I can wear them!! Either that or I should take it over to mom, so she can do it….ha ha!!
      There are more coats on the horizon….so you’ll be a happy girl!!
      Thanks Em!!

  • Oh Jodie, the coats! And the fur trim! I am swooning. And vintage, too! My heart! I love all three outfits! And Nancy’s cowgirl boots! I have a pair of custom made cowgirl boots complete with my initials embroidered on them…they may be considered vintage as they are about 18 years old at this point! But custom made before having kids…they no longer fit! So I just keep them as a souvenir. Another fabulous post, my friend, with amazing styling. Happy New Year!


    • That’s the bummer about our older items sometimes, Shelbee….they no longer fit. But maybe you can pass them down to another family member in time??? Because it’s such a shame they don’t get the love they deserve anymore!!
      Thanks so much for the wonderful comment!!

  • Kellyann

    Fabulous coats and you all look like you could be in a magazine! Seriously the colors are all so pretty together, red, leopard, and black! Your mom has some great taste in coats, I love that she bought that red coat and said it was cheaper than therapy!!! It looks brand new – obviously great quality. I don’t have a need for a coat here in Orlando but if I did I want all three of the ones in this post – stylish at any age for sure.

    • Thanks so much Kellyann!!
      My mom has quite a few things from long ago that I still wear (and some that she still wears). They probably are good quality, but she also has so much that they don’t get worn a lot…ha ha (of course the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree)

  • Love this post! You look fabulous in your retro outfits. Happy New Year!

    Gemma x

  • Happy new year to all you gorgeous ladies! xx

  • Bev @ Walking Well With God

    Oh how I wish I’d held onto my purple suede fringed purse from back in the 70’s. When I see fringed suede in style again I just have to smile. I also have a black coat that was my grandmother’s that I wear and get many compliments on. Love your retro re-do’s!
    Bev xx

    • How fabulous you have a piece of your grandmothers, Bev. That’s such a sentimental way to remember our relatives!!
      And that purple fringe purse—it would’ve been a hoot! But I’m sure you can find another one…ha ha!
      Here’s one….http://shopstyle.it/l/sDSA

  • Talk about the three of you looking great together…we could certainly design a room or two from this inspiration! -Laurel