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If you are a blogger or have been following other blogger’s for awhile, then you may be aware of Rocksbox. And let me be totally honest about it! When I first heard about it, I wasn’t interested. But I have a friend, Kristn, who did use it for awhile and liked the concept. I’m finally starting to realize that there are many different personalities in this world, so I should be more open to new things. Therefore, when I was approached to try out the company, I figured my love of figuring out the pros and cons could be put to good use!

It was quite the coincidence that a couple of days later, on a Sunday morning, I came upon an article called “Welcome to Shareville.” The article was toting some of the big companies that fell into this category, like Airbnb, Le Tote, among Zipcar! If you’re not sure about the ins and outs of “sharing” your jewelry, then read on!!

The Service

With Rocksbox service you do pay a monthly $21 fee for a set consisting of 3 pieces of jewelry. It’s considered try before you buy because you are encouraged to apply that $21 to one or more of the pieces you receive that month! So really, you’re not wasting your money on the service, as long as you like what you receive!! Considering that you choose your wishlist yourself, then really you should like every piece that comes your way!

And these aren’t inexpensive baubles! There are designers like Kendra Scott, Sophie Harper, Kate Spade, House of Harlow 1960, Rebecca Minkoff among many others! I will tell you personally that I’ve tried Rent the Runway which is a pure leasing idea for evening wear! And it was exactly what I wanted because who feels good about spending a lot of money on a special occasion dress to only wear it once or twice? I only compare Rocksbox to RTR to give you an idea of why I’d even consider it.


This necklace and earrings were part of my first Rocksbox set!

P.S. I loved this blue necklace that I’m wearing above! In fact, I was this close to purchasing it, but I talked myself out of it! With my $21 credit, it would have been $50! Next time I’ll go ahead and get it if I love it!!

The Details

1-You will get your first month of Rocksbox free with my code:  jtouchofstylexoxo.  All you have to do is sign up, fill out the profile and create your wishlist. You will have to give them a credit card in case you wish to purchase an item.

2-Amazingly your box will be delivered within the week! I’m always amazed at how fast they seem to get to me. You will want to keep the packaging –even the bag it’s shipped in because it’s reusable. This is a fabulous detail that impresses me every time! And then as a tip, keep all of the pieces together so it’s easy to remember what you have to send back!

3-Wear and enjoy as long as you want. For the sake of reviewing the service, I wore my pieces on the weekend, and then sent them back Monday morning to see what else I’d get for the next weekend!

4-Make sure to go online and submit feedback on your pieces. This helps make sure you get more of what you like, besides getting your next box sooner! This is also beneficial if you are vacillating on which items to keep! Under the Leave Feedback tab, you’ll see that there is a pretty substantial discount if you purchase your entire box! For example, in the top photo of this post, I could have bought all 3 items for about 40% less than the individual cost!

5-Pack up what you don’t want and do it all over again!! The shipping is free both ways, so that’s never a worry!!


This “bracelet” was a perfect match to this purse!! The best thing? The bracelet could also be a choker necklace!! You’ll get to see it both ways in some upcoming posts!


1-This is a great service to try out items that you’ve seen at the stores, but aren’t sure how they’d work in your wardrobe. Not only can you see how they will look with certain items, but you can also evaluate if they lay correctly or feel okay on your body!! Who hasn’t bought earrings only to have them hurt halfway through the day because they were too heavy?

2-If you’re looking to try out some new styles that you aren’t sure are really “you”, then this is perfect. You can filter your wishlist by trends, colors, metals or even designers!

3-The company’s member price should always be as good (or better) than the full price you will see at other retailers. So if you are looking to build your jewelry collection, this is the avenue to go!

4-There is a sale tab on their site of previously used jewelry! It’s a fabulous deal for second hand jewelry! Right now, I see a $14 statement necklace that is calling my name.

5-You can buy this as a gift for someone else! In fact, the gift memberships are a tad less expensive than if you get it for yourself. So maybe you need to get with a friend, and offer it as gifts for each other!!

6-The company is really trying to make their service work for you. There is an area in the feedback section where you can upload a photo of a special outfit that you’d like your next set styled around!

7-Possibly #5 in the cons.


This was my first Rocksbox set! You’ll see the pieces in some upcoming outfit photos!!


1-This service is only for the USA and it’s territories.

2-You have to call to cancel your subscription and your last box must be returned in order to stop the service.

3-Your shine credit (the $21 monthly credit) cannot be used on sale jewelry.

4-Your monthly shine credit cannot be accumulated, so you do have to use it each month or lose it!

5-When you are adding jewelry to your wishlist, you don’t see the prices for the items unless you go to the details. Then again, maybe this is a good thing, so you’ll try the item based only upon it’s aesthetics, instead of it’s cost? Although you can sort your wishlist by price. This means you could put some expensive items on your wishlist that you’d never other wise be able to wear. Therefore this point could then be classified as a pro!


As a very thrifty member of society, I am not in the “know” about designer pieces and jewelry. When I see women and their accessories, I either like them or don’t like them, but I rarely know them by which designer made them. Therefore, my evaluation of this service could be skewed? If you are a huge lover of these designers, this idea could be better than sliced bread!

However, if you tend to shop at Target for your bling, then the pieces may not be in your comfort zone for purchase. Of course, you don’t have to buy any of them. You really only lose money if you don’t use your $21 each month, but otherwise it’s all to share!

Also there is an option to swap out one of your pieces when your second and subsequent box is getting ready to be delivered. That means you have the chance to see one of the items that is going to be sent, and decide if you want it. You are given options of a couple of other choices that you could have delivered  that time instead!! This can be a nice feature, if you know you want to use your $21, and would rather pick a less expensive item!!

I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this service. Have you ever used it? Did you like it? It reminds me of leasing a car to some extent and although I’ve never leased a car, that doesn’t make it a bad option!! 

The Facts

I will receive a commission if you sign up for your free first month of Rocksbox using the code jtouchofstylexoxo.  I was also gifted my membership so that I could introduce you to this service. However, any jewelry that I want to buy will be from my own wallet!!

Do you wonder what the advantage of only signing up for a month could be? I would safely say that you could receive 9 different pieces of jewelry to try out if you wear them a couple of days and then return them. Is that worth it to you??

You too can get rewarded if you spread the word once you are signed up. You can give your friends a free month and receive credit to your account!

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