Running Errands-Casual Outfit Ideas

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A scarf and cardigan for running errands-casual outfit ideas

Running Errands-Casual Outfit Ideas

The concept of running errands-casual outfit ideas is what we can all use in everyday life. And when you have a plan of how to take a lounge outfit and make it work for running errands, it’s even better.

Quote of the day: “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” Maya Angelou

How many times do I hear my friends say they can’t believe people go to the stores in workout wear or pajamas. It’s certainly not like it used to be when you wore a dress everyday. Yet I understand to a degree, especially when you are already at the gym. It’s why we’ve showcased outfits to wear after your workout.
It’s not much different if you’re lounging around, and need something real quick. That why I am exploring the concept of running errands and needing casual outfit ideas. Lesley showed her look with her magic scarf trick, and I threw on a leather jacket.

Loungwear at home

Before and After

Charlotte tends to hang out at her place in straight or boot cut knit pants along with a t-shirt and topper. Back in Denver, she wore a couple of cardigan sweatshirts she had DIY. She must have purged them so she threw a chambray shirt on instead.

Insider tip: If you want a cardigan sweatshirt, just cut a crew neck down the front and add buttons. Then it’s easier to take on and off.

Running Errands-Casual Outfit Ideas

From lounge to running errands-casual outfit ideas

Pants: Jockey ~~ Cardigan: Karen Scott ~~ Shoes: Aerosoles-thrifted ~~ Scarf: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Aldo

My mom is certainly not one to “rush” out of the house. Even for this theme, she was going to put on a different top until I asked her not to. Because in reality, if you want to get out of the house fast, you wouldn’t do that. But heck, she even changed her earrings. She told me she feels naked without a good pair of earrings.

Adding a cardigan for running errands-casual outfit ideas

The Classic Cardigan

I do think a short cardigan is a classic piece. Most of us have at least one in our closets and know how to wear them. While the longer versions are more modern right now, the short ones still have their place. Which is why I recently posted 5 unique ways to wear the classic cardigan.

For the job of throwing one over a tee for running errands, I think it’s nice to choose one that will take away from the fact you might still have on yoga pants. Like one that is a bright color or fun print. My mom’s yellow flower print is a perfect example, because it grabs your attention so well.

Yellow Season

Even if you don’t love the color yellow in your clothing, yellow accessories can brighten up any outfit. I hear over and over that yellow isn’t a good color for many women, yet I like to say there is a shade of EVERY color for every person.

Take for instance a yellow purse. I swear, this accessory goes with so much. In fact, all three of us had a yellow purse in the post where we talked about wearing yellow accessories. Remember, your purse can be a pop of color that isn’t anywhere else in your outfit. Just like Lesley proved with her red backpack.

Older woman running errands-casual outfit ideas

Why a Scarf?

Scarves could almost be considered magical pieces of fabric. Why do I say that? Because sometimes you can use them to bring the focal point to themselves, just like how Lesley wore hers. Yet on the other extreme, you can wear it to camouflage a detail that you don’t want to show. That’s why Charlotte is wearing this scarf. To cover the t-shirt that is under the cardigan.
It also brings some warmness to my mother’s complexion. If you compare the photo with her “around the house” outfit, you can see how the yellow adds brightness to her face. She didn’t add more makeup in between photos.

Insider tip: Most of us have print scarves. But sometimes an outfit could benefit from a solid colored scarf instead. That’s where Pashmina’s are the perfect item. They come in every color imaginable, and aren’t very expensive on Amazon. Confession? I have 6 of these.

White shoes for summer

White Shoes

I feel like white shoes come and go as a trend, and right now they are still in style. Which is wonderful for these warmer months. White adds a lightness to a darker outfit and makes you think summertime.

Insider tip: Most white shoes can be “renewed” with a Magic Eraser. It removes scuffs and black marks easily.

Looking good for running errands-casual outfit ideas

Running Errand-Casual Outfit Ideas

So I hope the three of us have made it seem plausible to run out for errands and still look intentional even if you were lounging around the house before hand.
Here’s a couple of tips I concentrate on:

1– Slide on “real” shoes. We all have an easy flat or mule that looks good yet is easy to get on/off.
2– Create a focal point with your topper or a scarf. One colorful piece can grab the attention away from your leggings or messy hair.
3– Speaking of messy hair, hats are a life saver. That and your sunglasses can make you incognito.

Running errands-casual outfit ideas

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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