Say Goodbye to Saggy Denim

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How to counteract saggy denim

Say Goodbye to Saggy Denim

Saggy denim tends to give off the vibe of sloppiness. So I asked others in a survey how they felt about it. Does it bother you and do you notice when it happens? Not only am I discussing the results but I also researched how to prevent our jeans from sagging along with asking a stylist her recommendations.

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It’s not just the aesthetics of saggy denim that can be the problem. It can also be the fact that having to pull up your jeans all the time is annoying. So what’s a girl to do?
This is a loaded question of course. There isn’t one perfect answer. It’s like anything in life…. the answer to saggy denim takes some trial and error, AND learning a couple of tips!

Tips to Counteracting Saggy Denim

As older women, I realize we have a lot of experience, and the best thing is when we can use this experience to help each other. That’s why I was excited to share some of the findings from my readers.
I also researched on my own and even reached out to my Fashom stylist, Elena (who has over 20 years experience in the garment and accessories industry).

It all boils down to 4 different categories about how you buy your jeans and how you take care of them. And if you have a suggestion that isn’t listed below, please share!

1-Check the material.
2-Choosing the right size.
3-To wash or not to wash?
4-Other options.

Let’s Talk Denim Material Facts

Before we talk size, you need to know about how saggy denim happens. Your classic denim is cotton, and cotton stretches irreversibly. What that means is cotton thread expands and does not retract.
Therefore checking the material of the jeans before you buy them is key. This is why many of you commented that you like jeans with 2 or 3% spandex.

Insider tip: There are blends of denim that tout impressive stretch and recovery with polyester as part of the blend also.

Now let’s also realize that the color and brand can make a difference in the material also. The dye process can affect the feel and give of the fabric. AND not all cottons and spandex (or any other material added to your denim) are created equally.
This could be why the “higher end” denims get better reviews from most of you.

The Right Size?

Now here’s a loaded question if I’ve ever heard one. How do you find your right size? Most of us tend to go with the size we usually wear. Yet, I will bet a majority of us are buying the wrong size.

My stylist along with a couple of readers said that buying our denim too big is a huge factor. Do you know why? This is because when you try it on, it feels good. However, the cotton in the fabric will continue to stretch while you wear it, and thus give you that saggy denim look.

Insider tip: For fitted denim, try the next size down. Don’t be afraid if they seem too tight at first.

Tips for Checking if Jeans will Sag

There are two tricks to figuring out how your jeans will perform over time. What you need to realize is that you need more than a minute of standing in the dressing room to see if this is the perfect pair of jeans. Be of the mindset that you may be returning this denim.

1-In the dressing room, do the squat test. Squat or sit down for at least 60 seconds and see if your jeans retain their shape.
2-When you get home, wear them around for as much of the day as you can WITHOUT removing the tags. This should give you the best idea if they will keep their shape.


If it’s anything I push more than color, it’s alterations. WHY? Because the idea that a garment will truly fit you perfectly off the rack is about 50/50. Sure, you can spend your time looking for the perfect fit, but sometimes you save time and money with just a couple of alterations.
Even many of you agree that taking in the waist, taking up the back seam or even putting elastic inside the back waist makes all the difference.

Insider tip: I’ve linked to some of the easy alterations I use on a regular basis along with which ones even you can do.

Washing Your Denim

Many of you commented that the fix to the saggy denim issue is to wash them more often and put them in the dryer.
I’m going to burst your bubble on this one. If you’ve worked hard to find the perfect jeans, you want them to last as long as they can. And truth be told, water and agitation can be hard on ANY material.

Insider tip: Try to only wash your jeans as little as possible. Not only is it better for your denim, but also the environment.

1-Wash denim in cold water (delicate cycle is the best) and turn them inside out. And stay away from harsh chemicals. Especially fabric softeners (too many chemicals). If you are looking for a more natural solution, I recently tried Earth Breeze.
2DO NOT put them in the dryer. The heat will degrade the spandex which is the key material for keeping your jeans from becoming saggy.

Other Answers to Saggy Denim

I had to laugh at the contribution from someone who said to fix the saggy butt look was to “Eat More”. Now my husband definitely wants to practice that!
There was also great advice to not only work on the denim, but also our rears. For example, either incorporate some butt exercises into your fitness routine or wear padded panties.


If you have had no luck finding the perfect jeans, here are some alternatives thanks in part to your answers on the survey.
1-Wearing a belt will help with having to pull them up. They may still get saggy, but you won’t be annoyed.
2-Tuck your shirt into the jeans. This will add more bulk for them to stay up.
3-Wear longer shirts to cover the saggy butt. Remember, create a focal point elsewhere. There is always a focal point of the outfit. If you don’t create, people will still stare at something.
4-Skirts don’t have this issue.
5-Try out jeggings instead.
6-Focus on the wide legged options or boyfriend silhouette.


While finding the perfect pair of jeans can be as elusive as the perfect man, they can be found. You may have to kiss a lot of toads, but remembering the key points above should help.

Do you have to spend a lot to get a great pair? Maybe. While I would say you could search the second hand stores for a better deal, preloved jeans could be somewhat “damaged” if they haven’t been washed correctly. Not that it’s stopped me. I have many jeans that have been thrifted.
Another way to counteract the higher costs for “good” denim is to shop the sales.

Insider tip: How many pairs of jeans do you need? Research shows no matter how many pair we have, we only wear 4 of them. And stylists will tell you that you need 3: Dressy, Casual and a grubby pair.

Say goodbye to saggy denim

Photo from Jason Leung via Unsplash

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