Seattle Fun for Bloggers

Line up in Seattle

Seattle Fun for Bloggers

Quote of the day: “A positive attitude from you tends to produce a positive attitude toward you.” Deborah Day

Meeting up with other women who you communicate with on a regular basis, is really what makes the world go round. Or as some say, “you’re finding your tribe.” This is exactly the case for this Seattle meet up that Sherry put together for us!

You might recognize Sherry, because she’s the 40+ generation who we’ve worked with on our Fab Collab posts. It was her idea in the first place when we were talking about collaborating, to take an item and relate it to a story from our past. It’s been such a pleasure working with her on those posts!

Thus it shouldn’t surprise me that Sherry would put together an amazing weekend for a handful of bloggers over 40. It’s not easy herding cats, and getting everyone to the same place while taking into account each person’s wants and desires. Let’s just call her amazing!

Sherry & Jodie in Seattle

And here is Sherry as we are walking around Seattle, going from one area to another.

Sherry in Seattle

Thursday night

I show this photo first only to prove that getting together a bunch of women for photos is not always as easy as it sounds. So when you see the rest of the pictures with us all together and looking fabulous, remember this one. Because there are a lot more like this that are quite funny!

Organizing the bloggers in Seattle

For our first night in the city, we were able to attend a fashion show at Anthropology. Featured in the bottom photo from the left to the right is Nancy (the 60+ model on the blog), me, Val (who lives in Seattle), Rena (who lives in LA), Sherry, Jude (who has been a blogette on my blog), and then Charlotte (the 70+ model on my blog).

Even though I never used to be a big Anthro fan, I’ve learned to love their quirky and interesting details, now that I’m not in such a structured profession. Needless to say, it was only my mother out of the 3 of us on the blog, that purchased a shirt for a mere $7. Charlotte is nothing, if not a pro, at finding the best sales.

Anthro Fashion Show in Seattle


This day we walked to the Pikes Peak market and enjoyed the great weather. A couple of us even went on a boat tour through the locks! Rob and I love these kind of tours, because you get to know more about the city and the history behind it. Not that we remember much afterwards, but we really enjoy the information!!

Pikes Peak Market in Seattle

Walking in Seattle

Then we stopped in a local boutique called Sassafras. Sherry stumbled upon this shop a couple of years ago and has been supporting it ever since. The owner, is Amy, who is standing next to Nancy in this photo. The best part was that Amy showed us the basement of this shop, which is where some of the designers actually work on their products. My mom was in heaven to be able to see the creative areas.

At Sassafras in Seattle

I was trying to twist my mom’s arm to buy these ombre tights that went from bright, lime green to a nude color at the feet. She didn’t get this pair, but she did buy a burgundy ombre pair.

Sassafras in Seattle with mom

I’ve been wanting to get some velvet in my closet, so I had to try on this green velvet dress made by Shari. The designer was there that night so humored me by joining Sherry and I in the photo. Did I buy the dress? Well, of course I did!! Doesn’t it go perfectly with these boots?

La Macone in Seattle

Then we stopped by another local boutique, The Endless Knot. You realize that every place we go, is a photo opportunity, so here we are.

Endless Knot in Seattle

Our dinner that evening was at Local 360 Restaurant. This restaurant has a great focus on using local ingredients within a 360 mile radius of Seattle.

Dinner at Local 360 in Seattle


Nancy, the 60+ model on my blog, had to leave the meetup early to travel out to San Diego. She was meeting up with her Lala friends from high school, for one of their adventures.

So here are the rest of the gang at the Seattle Center that morning. We split up so that Jude and Rena could travel up to the Space Needle, while mom, Rob and I walked around and then visiting Chihuly’s exhibit.

Seattle Center with Bloggers

I took the Chihuly photos on my iphone, and for some reason I can’t pull them over to the computer right now. But it’s an amazing display, and if you ever have the chance to see it, I highly recommend it,

Space Needle in Seattle with Rob

After lunch, Sherry had suggested that my mom visit this local fabric store called Stitches. Of course, my mom bought some new fabric and we had such a great time looking around.

Stitches in Seattle with Charlotte

Then Val met up with us again and we visited yet another local boutique called Drizzle and Shine. Jean, the owner, is the daughter of another blogger that I know through our blogs. Jean’s shop is considered an eco-boutique with everything being vegan and ethically produced. She even donates a percentage of her sales to a different non profit every month.

Jean was incredibly nice to offer us a 10% discount during our visit at her shop. You’ll see those fabulous additions to both Rob’s & my closet soon!!

Drizzle and Shine in Seattle

Visiting all of these local boutiques was such a highlight of our trip. Of course, I love to shop online too, but to actually meet the people that keep the local economy going strong really resonates with me.

Eco boutique in Seattle


Our dinner that evening was at Maslow’s FareStart. Now here’s a restaurant that not only cares about serving great food, but also training those people who are willing to turn their life around after a hardship.

Before dinner in Seattle

Mawlow's in Seattle

And a huge thank you to my incredible husband for hanging out with us women all weekend. He’s a musician in his older life, and so we had to grab a photo of him in front of this fun mural.

Rob in Seattle

If there was a theme to this weekend besides camaraderie and friendship, I would have to say it was about supporting our local places. Not that the franchises are bad or don’t do their part for the communities. But I always love that we can help out the small businesses too.

I sincerely hope that if you ever visit Seattle, that you might check out some of these places that we visited, and tell them that Jodie’s Touch of Style sent you!

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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  • jean of all trades

    That looks like a fabulous weekend! Thank you for including Drizzle & Shine on your itinerary. I enjoyed meeting all the bloggers and I’m happy you all found goodies in my store. Drop by next time you’re in Seattle!

    • It was so fun to meet you Jean, and I can’t wait to showcase all of the great clothes we purchased!!!

  • I love getting social with like minded bloggers. It is so much fun! You look amazing by the way! I love that your husband is really into it as well. 🙂 How wonderful! Thanks for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

  • That looked like such fun and a fabric store to boot! My kind of deal.

    • You would’ve had such a blast, Terri!! If we ever get you and my mother together–then watch out!!

  • What a fantastic day! Nothing better than blogger friends getting together! Sometimes I so wished I lived your side of the pond xx

    • It’s so true!! Meeting the women in person, makes it so amazing.
      But you get to meet up with all of those fabulous women who live close to you!!

  • A fun post! Looks like you all had a fabulous time in Seattle! I wish I’d been there to meet you! I can’t wait to go again in January! So happy you got to meet my daughter Jean and I’m looking forward to you modelling what you bought. Jean told me all about it! Thank you for supporting small businesses!


    • It really was a blast, Carmen, and your daughter is so enjoyable!! What a find it was for all of us!!

  • ohhh what fun!! such beautiful ladies indeed!
    kisses from the sandpit ☀️☀️

  • beautiful photo!

  • Oh my goodness what a packed itinerary you all had! How wonderful. And that green dress Jodie looks utterly fabulous on you! What a colour.

    Bravo to Sherry for organising this all for you guys.

    • It was a busy, busy weekend, Jacqueline!!
      In fact, I was exhausted when we got home—-this is how I know that old age is slipping up on me…ha ha!!!
      Thanks and welcome back!!

  • Blogger meetups are always so much fun! Looks like you had a fantastic time meeting up with everyone. Love those snake print boots!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    • It is such a great time to finally connect with the women you “talk” to regularly by blogging, Lorna!!

  • fashionistha

    Such fun meet, it looks like!

  • Lisa Pomerantz

    Seattle always brings up great memories for me. Add in meeting fellow bloggers, and WOW! #Fabfridaypost xoxo

    • Thanks Lisa!!
      It certainly is a town with tons to do, right???
      And who doesn’t love connecting with their tribe??

  • Mariarosaria Reccia

    Il tuo look é grandioso
    Ti.seguo al blog e Google + passa da me ciao

  • What fun!? Some of the best parts about blogging are the fellow bloggers

  • Amazing post, dear, so lovely, nice and interesting! Great!

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    How much fun is this?? You all look fabulous and I’ll bet you had a blast! I have relatives in the Tacoma area and need to get back to Seattle for a visit soon!

    • It truly was such a fun time, Terri!!
      One of these days I totally look forward to meeting up with you too!!

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    Absolutely stunning ladies! How I wish I can join you. Looks like you all had a lot of fun!
    Beautiful photos and I love Seattle!
    Happy weekend!
    Much love, Len

    • It was such a fun time being all together!!
      One of these days we will have to meet up too!!
      Have an incredible weekend!!!

  • So much fun!!! Love your photos! =)

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  • Missy May

    Its always great fun when bloggers meet up. I had a similar even today and loved it. 🙂

    • How fabulous Missy!!
      It really makes life so much better with our “tribe”

  • Tina von tinaspinkfriday

    What a fun! Amazing post and you look fabulous in this green velvet dress Jodie 🙂
    XO tina

  • You look great in that velvet dress!

    • Thanks Nicole!!! At least now I have some velvet—not that it will stop me from buying more–ha ha!

  • It looks like you all had so much fun and that green velvet dress looks amazing on you! So glad you bought it!
    Julia x

  • I can see how much fun you gals had in the joy expressed on all your faces in every picture!

    • It’s true—it does show on our faces, doesn’t it??

  • This seems so much fun, you give me all the positive vibes !!! <3


  • This weekend looks fabulous and I love that you took all your blog models with you! Can’t wait to see a post in which your Mother models her new burgundy ombre tights.

    • I was so psyched that she bought those, because they are a little funky!! But so is my mom which just goes to show that our age shouldn’t stop us from having fun with our clothes!!!
      Thanks Jennifer!

  • I should have met up with you ladies – I’m only about 30 minutes from Seattle. Look like you all had so much fun, and I’m glad the weather was good. I love to head to the city for the boutiques, and Local 360 is one of our favorite restaurants!

    • I’m so bummed that I didn’t realize you lived in Seattle, Lana!! I would have loved to have met you in person!!
      I have a feeling it won’t be the last time we go out there, because Sherry & I have a wonderful friendship. It’s in my brain now, so I’ll give you a shout out when we make it out again!!

  • What an amazing trip! I can’t think of something more fun to do! You got some wonderful pictures…what great memories! And I love, love, love that velvet dress on you – and the boots!💖💖💖

    • It really was such an amazing time…the women, the shopping. I think just the fact we were all in the same “tribe” makes such a difference!!

  • Love to see you having so much fun! It looks like a blast! (I’m kind of jealous!)

    • It really was so, so fun, Mary!! I know what you mean though, because usually I’m all alone with my computer…

  • Mother of 3

    Looks like you really had an amazing time! I love all the smiles in these photos!!

    • It was a weekend full of smiles, that’s for sure!!

  • What grand fun! And you all look like friends for life.

    • What a great way to describe is Leslie—friends for life!!

  • Too much fun alert!

  • Okay this post just exudes FUN! I love all the photos. So cool that she planned the trip and you all got to go and enjoy each other. Visiting all the local boutiques sounds amazing, and all the restaurants look great. Love the velvet dress!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Thanks Amy!!
      I’m glad our fun faces showed through—and even in all of the oops photos—we are are still smiling (and talking and laughing)—definitely proof of a great time!!

  • Judy Gramith

    This brings such memories of joy to my heart and also makes me miss my Seattle tourist, blogger buddies and the chivalrous Robert! What a time it was!! I’m still savoring the moments, the laughter,the delicious culinary delights and the incredible planning and hosting talents of our petite Sherry with the honkin huge heart and genuine spirit of community!
    Meeting the “Touch Of Style” women felt like gathering with old friends. Thank you so much Jodie. You really are quite instrumental in making a this “bloggette” an accepted part of the group. Your kindness and welcoming spirit is much appreciated.

    • You are such a great addition to the group, Jude! Just because you don’t have a “blog” doesn’t mean you enjoy the same things. Besides, it’s not like Nancy & mom do the “blogging” per se, besides modeling—ha ha!!

  • How fun!! That green velvet dress is everything! Can’t wait to see what else you bought!

    • How do you know I bought anything else? Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  • This looks so fun! What a happy and great looking bunch of gals!! I love that quote about being positive.:)

    Krisztina |

  • PetiteOver40

    Jodie, What a great recap of our weekend together! It was a thrill to get to meet your mom and Nancy and to get to spend time with you and Rob again. You’re so right about the value of having these friendships! If organizing a group like this is like herding cats, you all were the best cats ever! So flexible, so easy, so fun and up for anything. I feel really blessed to know you all. Thanks for coming all the way to Seattle!


    • You are so nice about taking us around, Sherry!! Didn’t you love that first photo where we are all not looking at the camera (except you)—there were so many like that, it’s so funny!!
      And have I ever told you how photogenic you are?? Gads, do you even ever take a bad photo?? My mom & I were laughing that she’s always talking in the photos!!! But you? You always looks so fabulous!!!

  • Chloe

    Gosh you all looked that you had a ball, what a great way to spend time with fellow bloggers #FabFridayPost

  • Amy D. Christensen

    Awesome! So fun for all of you to go. All the shops look like such neat places. Great adventure and what wonderful people to hang out with. Kudos to Rob for being the only man! Ha,ha. He probably loved it! – Amy

    • I think Rob is used to being the only man by now!! And he’s such a dear for hanging out with us!! I really hit the jackpot when I found him!!
      Thanks Amy!!

  • Oh my gosh, it looks like such a great time. I would love to do something like this, but trying to find bloggers in my area is harder than finding the holy grail. This post gives me a lot of encouragement, because you can be fashion blogger despite your size, or age. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • That cracked me up about finding the holy grail. And it’s kinda the same way here in Denver (although I’ve met a couple). Maybe that’s why it’s better to meet up in a different place? Then you can get your “tribe” all together??
      Thanks for such a positive comment and thought!!
      Enjoy your weekend, Gigi!!

  • Rebecca Saffer

    Thank you so much for taking us along on this fantastic Seattle adventure. You could feel the fun and friendship through cyberspace and Rob looks as if he were having as wonderful a time as you. Seattle is on my bucket list of places to visit and you certainly showed that it would be a terrific place to visit.

    • Seattle is such a fun place to visit Rebecca, and I have to admit that there is still so much to do and see, that we didn’t have time for on this trip!!
      Of course, it’s always more fun with fun people, and Rob is such a great sport at having fun with all of us!!
      Thanks, and have a terrific weekend!!

  • Cindy

    What a fun time! I love your smile Jodie! Such a beauty!

  • How fun does this get together look? You are all looking fantastically fashionable too!

    xx, Elise

    • Thanks Elise!! It was so fun connecting with others!!

  • What a lovely weekend! I think it’s so wonderful that you met up with these amazing women. i would love to shop boutiques with my favorite bloggers as well. Thanks for sharing Jodie and enjoy your weekend!

    • Not that I don’t enjoy shopping by myself…ha ha!! But it is even more fun with other bloggers!
      Thanks Kathrine!!

  • Isn’t Seattle the best place ever? You all look like you had such a great time! Love all of you and enjoyed this post!

    • It was such a great exploration of the town, Cheryl!!
      Thanks and have a fab weekend!!

  • Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)

    Looks like you had a brilliant time! Great company and a wonderful place to visit. Love your velvet dress, it’s gorgeous x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • Thanks Jocelyn!! It was such an exhilarating weekend!!

  • donnanance

    Y’all had a blast! Rob is such a good sport but I suspect he enjoys these trips every bit as much as you do. It is refreshing to see shops besides the mega corporations. Jodie, you always bring such interesting people and places to your posts. xoxo. Have a good weekend!

    • We were truly worn out (and probably a couple pounds heavier) after this trip, Donna!
      But it’s fabulous to visit places you wouldn’t normally when you have a local leading the way!!
      Thanks, and have a fabulous weekend!!

  • Sherry did a wonderful thing by organizing this great event ! Everyone looks very stylish, and the weather looks great too. There is nothing like female friendship, and the comraderie that comes with similar mind sets and respect for each other’s work and personality!
    Such fun, thanks for sharing !

    • Sherry is an amazing hostess—that is the truth. And especially with so many different people and different likes!
      We definitely covered so much in such a short time!!
      Thanks Elle!!

      • I just re read this post. Sometimes I di that when I have time. I am glad I did. That photo of you with the snakeskin boots and green dress!
        Whoa! You rocked that look. Happy new week ahead,

  • Laura

    This looks like such a fun trip! I love that green velvet dress you got!

    • It was fun (and tiring—man, I know I’m getting old…ha ha)!!
      I can’t wait to wear this velvet dress—I may try it this weekend!!
      Thanks Laura, and have a wonderful weekend!!!

  • I’m so jealous that we don’t have this in the Netherlands. We have such different attitude, less friendly I would say. This looks like so much fun, and you can see that you all enjoyed it very much!

    • That’s really a shame Nancy!! It’s so much more fun to be nice and friendly with each other!!
      Thanks and have a great weekend!!

  • Such a shame I couldn’t be there. Looks like a blast. I especially like that Sherry focused on independant local companies.

    I love Seattle and its quirkiness.



    • We missed having you there, Suzanne, but hopefully you had a great Thanksgiving??
      The local shops are truly my fave, and Seattle really has some great history!!
      Have a fabulous weekend!!

      • Well it was just me and the pug and all I had was pumpkin pie! LOL I would have preferred to be with you guys but things just didn’t line up. I loved seeing the photos.

  • Karen

    My goodness what a packed weekend! You all clearly enjoyed yourselves and the pictures are fun to see! Early on in the post I noticed your mom with the dress and high boots. That is such a very current trend and apparently will be huge this fall and winter, so good for her! Love your velvet dress with those boots too, that’s really such a fun look! Seattle is such an interesting city, so much to do. You really made the most of the time you had! Thanks for the photo tour!!

    • It was a packed weekend…in fact we were quite exhausted when we got home. Especially my mom–ha ha!! But I think it was fun for her to be with “her tribe.” Many of her friends don’t enjoy the clothing and style as much, so this was such a joy to her!!

  • Looks like such a wonderful and fun event! Have a great weekend Jodie.

    Gemma x