Secrets About the 10 Fall Fashion Trends for Women Over 50 in 2023

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Updated 8.14.2023

Twice a year there is talk about new trends and while I LOVE the idea of seeing what is “new”, I’m also old enough to realize some of the secrets about these 2023 fall fashion trends for women over 50.

Quote of the day: “There is an eloquence in true enthusiasm that is not to be doubted.” Washington Irving

As someone who loves shopping, fashion, and style, I also know that there is a cycle to life. And that cycle shows up even with fall fashion trends.
You may notice that I never concentrate on what is “out of style” because I believe you can take almost any piece of clothing and make it look wonderful with how you style it and what you pair it with.

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But let me give you a couple of secrets about trends in particular:
1-Make sure to check your closet first, because many of these trends you might already own.
2-Young people are wearing trends because they have to buy clothes since they are changing sizes and are going from school to college and then to work.
3-Obviously the industry wants you to buy things to keep the stores in business. So change is needed.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t dip your toe into the fall fashion trends of 2023 for us women over 50. What I would say is don’t go throwing out items because they aren’t on this (or any other) trend list.
And have fun by being unique with your style and fashion!! That’s the way to make sure that “your style” reflects your unique personality. No two women are the same, so our clothing options shouldn’t be the same either.

Now let’s explore 10 of the fall fashion trends for 2023 that women over 50 can enjoy and the secrets that go with it about how to wear them and ways to keep your budget intact.

Spoiler alert-#10 is probably my favorite!

BTW, I want to showcase how this fall is not much different than last fall (seen here). The sweater vests, shackets, jean shapes, and colors are all still being shown in stores.

1-Different Shapes of Jeans/Denim

Old Navy Wide Leg Jeans

We’ve been hearing for a while now that skinny jeans are “out”. Again, I think it’s important to remember that skinny jeans are going to be a classic style because they have many advantages. I mean, let’s just remember how hard it is to tuck wide-leg pants into tall boots!

What you are seeing at the stores is a HUGE variety of jeans for the fall fashion trends of 2023. And yes, women over 50 can wear them all!
If you are looking for a small change from your skinny jeans, then the straight-leg jeans are back but don’t forget the bootcut is a good option too.

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Insider tip: Don’t worry about which rise is “in”. Choose the rise of jeans that feels the most comfortable on your body.

The hardest part about getting different shapes of jeans is how you might need to reconsider your tops. When your jeans are wider on the bottom, you are usually better off with tops that are closer to the body. Notice I didn’t say tight? They don’t have to be tight, but you also want to consider the length. You are seeing a lot of shorter tops and tucked-in styles

Secret: With the changes in the jean’s shape, you are seeing a change in the types of shoes and even a reemergence of belts. More about that is below.
And Old Navy is a favorite for budget-oriented options. But don’t forget you could possibly find some secondhand.

2-The Cargo Pants

Cargo Joggers from Nordstrom Rack

As you can see with the cargo pants AND the jeans fall fashion trends for 2023, the emphasis is on adding bulk to the bottom half of your body.
Now before you go saying that your bottom half doesn’t need more bulk, remember that our body is wonderful as it is. The idea that you should look taller or slimmer is pure hogwash.
Heck, do you think Kim Kardashian worries about her butt looking smaller? NO! She shows off her assets (sorry, I had to say it).

What I think is important is trying hard to embrace the body we have. And that doesn’t mean hiding it. Our true beauty is inside and how we dress is a tool to market our beauty.

Secret: One way to tiptoe into this trend is to find joggers like the ones above. They are closer to the ankle like your skinny jeans, and by being black, you don’t notice the pockets as much. It’s also helpful that the material is a knit material.

You can always find some cargo pants in the men’s section at your favorite thrift store. Many men’s pants can fit women over the age of 50 depending on their body shape.
Another option is visiting the young girl’s stores for a change.
Don’t believe me? Then just try some and see. How can it hurt to try them on?


Leather both faux and real variety is still strong in the fall fashion trends for 2023 and is very appropriate for women over 50 years old.
You’ll be seeing it from jackets to pants and everything in between, and it gives a little edginess to any outfit.

Some leather is shinier than others, so if you are just starting to wear it, you might consider the more matte varieties. It’s also being made in all different colors.

Secret: The best part about leather is it doesn’t attract pet hair. So if you are a pet owner, this is the best way to make sure your pet’s hair doesn’t go out of the house with you.


Blazers are having a heyday, and they can act as a fabulous jacket with anything!! A case in point is how I upgraded one of my work jackets and wore it in 5 different surprising ways.

You are seeing both the cropped blazers as well as the longer/oversized blazers. You might need both depending on which bottoms you prefer. Or as I always say, get both so you have variety in your closet.

And don’t be thinking that all blazers are professional. There are many that aren’t as structured and made from knits so they are looser and they have a more casual vibe.

Secret: Wear your cropped blazers with baggy jeans. And the longer blazers pair well with skinny jeans or bootcut denim.


Vest on Amazon

I’m seeing a bunch of vests at the retail stores both short ones (like the menswear style) or even longer ones.

The reason I adore vests is that they can be that layering piece that adds so much interest to an outfit.
The puffy vests and sweater vests are still popular, but try your hand at some other styles too.

Secret: Vests are another fall fashion trend for 2023 that could be found in the men’s section when you are shopping.

6-Chunky Shoes

Platform Loafers at Shop Premium Outlets

It only makes sense that if the pants are becoming wider, then the shoes are going to be chunkier.
You are seeing platform loafers, sneakers, and combat boots at all of the stores now.
In fact, I’ve been seeing a lot of clogs lately.

If this reminds you of the 70s, then you’re absolutely right. It brings back the idea of peace and groovy again.
Remember, shoes can make or break a look, so don’t get stuck in only wearing styles from the past.

Secret: If you think these styles are ugly, then start with a classic style shoe with a platform like loafers or a pair of sneakers.

7-Cowboy Boots

Western boots being seen for women over 50 as the 2022 fall fashion trends report
Cowboy boots at DSW

The other shoe fall fashion trend for 2023 is cowboy boots. I’m seeing all kinds of versions at the stores including these taller ones as well as ankle boot varieties.

Heck, I showcased over 6 options of what to wear with white cowboy boots. My ideas would work with any cowboy boots in your closet.

These boots pair great with both the wider versions of jeans as well as the skinny ones. And they tend to be somewhat chunky so they can compete with the flare jeans. Heck, isn’t this what you are supposed to wear with bootcut jeans in the first place?

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8-Denim Skirts

Denim skirt from Macys

Even though I don’t see many women over 50 wearing skirts, this is such a fabulous option that I think we should all consider it. The 2023 fall fashion trends are showing longer denim skirts both with and without slits.

Skirts can be a woman’s best friend when you take into account bathroom convenience.

Secret: Longer denim skirts can be transformed from a pair of jeans.


Using belts as part of the fall fashion trends for women over 50 in 2022
Belts at Gap

This is another detail that makes sense with the change in the jeans’ shape. With wider-leg jeans, a closer-fit top helps the proportions. Whether you tuck in your top or just need it less billowy, belts are being seen more and more.

I have been seeing more belts and all three of us on this site have proven how belts can be your friend!! So I hope you try it now and again.

Secret: Belts don’t have to be leather. You can make a belt from one of your scarves. Pick a rectangular scarf of thinner material and fold it into the width you want. Then tie it around your waist and let the ends hang down on one side. Or use a self-belt from something else in your closet.

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2022 fall fashion  trends for women over 50 with color
Photo courtesy of Style Nine

Most of us think of darker colors and neutrals when the fall season comes around. It’s been brainwashed into us for all of these years. But now manufacturers are making the fall trends in a variety of fabulous colors. After the Barbie movie, the color pink is still center stage.

If you aren’t a fan of bright pink, then I hope you try some other bright colors and not only save them for the warmer months.

The term is called dopamine dressing (as discussed in this article based on a psychologist’s findings). And the part in this article when she prescribed wearing yellow for depression, it worked!! Now that’s my kind of therapy.

How Women over 50 Can Make the Fall Fashion Trends for 2023 Affordable

The trend has been pushing toward more sustainable clothing and manufacturing. Of course, the absolutely most sustainable practice is to wear what you already have.
Since we all love new things too, don’t forget to have clothing swaps with friends where you can exchange clothes and accessories for free.

This is why I’ve posted about how to shop your closet
Shop Your Closet Series: Practical Ideas for Mixing Colors
Shop Your Closet Secrets: Mix Up Your Wardrobe
Unconventional Ways to Shop Your Closet

The next best sustainable practice is to shop secondhand. I always think that once I’ve worn something, it’s basically preloved, so what’s the difference at the secondhand shops?
If your area doesn’t have many secondhand shops, there are a couple of online options too.
thredUpthis link gives you $10 (and me in return).
Poshmark — here is the post about how to shop the site.
Uncommon Closet— a nonprofit to help women
Gild the Lily–a local Michigan store that sells online

Heck, we’ve shown how easy it is to shop for fashion on a budget, especially for those special occasions.

So I hope this gives you some great ideas of how to have a stylish fall and winter season. Tell me your favorite 2023 fall fashion trend for women over 50.

Fall fashion trends for women over 50 for 2022

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