Arid environment for what to wear in 60 degree weather

Secrets of What to Wear in 60 Degree Weather

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Sometimes the hardest part about traveling is packing the essentials for the weather. So I decided to explore the secrets of what to wear in 60 degree weather. Then we will even explore other temperatures and what to think about when looking at the weather forecast.

Quote of the day: “We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.” Carlos Castaneda

This quote reminds me of packing for any of our trips. While I strongly believe that the weather shouldn’t influence whether we have a good time or not, the fact that we aren’t prepared for the weather can certainly make an impact.

So what’s a girl to do? And how am I qualified to be posting about this?

There was a point that I just gave in to the idea that I was terrible at knowing what to pack even when looking at what the weather would be. But little by little, I’ve been trying to evaluate the facts more and more and decided to have us explore the subject.
Granted, we all “feel” temperatures differently, but I thought we could give our opinions.

And besides, I would love to hear your thoughts on what to wear in 60 degree weather where you live.
Don’t miss my thoughts for a 70-degree day and Lesley’s idea with an 80-degree day.

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Woman over 80 in what to wear in 60 degree weather

Pants: Apt 9 ~~ Cardigan: Croft & Barrow ~~Vest: Anthropologie ~~ Top: Zara ~~ Boots: Collection by Clark~~ Ring: Snap it~~ Purse: no label c/o

Charlotte’s Version of What to Wear in 60 Degree Weather

For most of us, layers are the key when we travel so you can be comfortable in a wide range of temperature spans.
But here’s a couple of aspects to consider:

1-What is the normal temperature you keep your thermostat? Whatever that number is what is a comfortable temperature for your unique body. Therefore, you can compare the weather forecast to your thermostat.
For example, Charlotte keeps her thermostat at 77 degrees, so the question of what to wear in 60 degree weather, entails sweaters, layers, and boots to keep her warm.
2-Is that 60 degree weather in a humid or dry environment? The humidity can make such a difference for what the numerical value of the weather really feels like to you.

Insider tip: The humidity measures the water vapor in the air. What it means to the “feeling” of temperature is it feels warmer. Therefore what to wear in 60 degree weather in Austin, Texas (where it is humid) is different than in Phoenix, Arizona (where it is arid).

3-What is the span of temperatures for the day? The problem with looking at the forecast is they usually show the high for the day. Of course, that means there can be such a difference between the morning temperatures and the mid-day temperatures. But if the high is something you consider cold, then by golly the rest of the day will be cold too!

4-The daily activities planned. Many times you might know what you are doing ahead of time on a trip. Because obviously if you are exploring outside, your outfit might be considerably different than spending the day indoors. We always think that if we are outside and it’s sunny, then it will feel almost 10 degrees warmer.

Layering with turtleneck, sweater vest and cardigan

Charlotte’s Layering

Layering starts with items next to the skin that is thin yet warm. My mother chose a nylon camisole (like this one) to wear under her turtleneck.

Insider tip: I love the long bras with the camisole attached as an option. My two favorites are either the Shapeez ones (talked about here) or the Ruby Ribbon ones (discussed here). Both do roll up a bit over the course of a day, but not enough to be annoying. And I don’t use them to look thinner, but to add warmth.

After the foundational layer, Charlotte wore a turtleneck to cover her neck and arms. The important consideration with this layer is you won’t be taking it off, so you want to make sure it will work by itself if you happen to remove the outer layers.
If you don’t want it to show by itself, then it’s good to make sure some of the layers on top are thin enough so you don’t get overheated.

With that idea in mind, my mom wore a sweater vest over the turtleneck. This is a fabulous extra layer because you don’t have the extra thickness on your arms, but you are keeping your core body warmer. If you don’t think that vests add much warmth, I’m always reminded how much they do when I go to take them off!
The best part about a vest like this as the middle layer when thinking about what to wear in 60 degree weather is that it can add wonderful visual interest to the look.

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Charlotte’s last piece of layering is her long cardigan. A longer cardigan like this can act like your coat (in fact, some are known as coatigans) yet they aren’t as stiff as coats.
A neutral one like this one is perfect for wearing over almost anything. In fact, this one has a very subtle pattern which makes it wonderful to print mix with.

See another way Charlotte wore this cardigan in the past with brighter colors.

Do Accessories Matter with Weather Temperatures?

There are many accessories that can be added that do help with keeping us warm. Of course, the idea of what to wear in 60 degree weather can be the thought that it’s cold or maybe that’s warm for you? Personally, Charlotte considers that temperature chilly.

The perfect accessory for adding warmth would be your scarf, especially if you aren’t wearing a turtleneck. The best thing about scarves is how they can be removed easily if it gets too warm. Charlotte did not bring a scarf today but only because we would be inside much of the day.

Otherwise, her other accessories could be worn for almost any other temperature. The colorful earrings are a wonderful pop of color near her face. You can also see some bracelets sticking out beneath the cardigan which adds some fun detail to the entire look.

And the bright-colored purse gives off a lighter vibe instead of sticking with a neutral color for the bag.

Colorful purse for a neutral outfit

Knit Pants vs. Jeans

Choosing something warm for the bottom half of your outfit isn’t rocket science. We don’t think to layer our pants the same way we layer our top half, yet it can be done. Here’s a couple of options:
1-Wear a pair of hose or tights under your pants. Of course, this works better if your pants aren’t skin-tight. I’ve also found that hose doesn’t cling to pants as much as some tights.
2-Skirts and dresses make it easier for extra layers. You can wear fleece-lined tights and a longer skirt and have the extra layers this way.
3-Find pants/jeans that are thicker and warmer. My mom chose these charcoal-colored knit pants for today’s example. Yet there are other choices too. Some of my denim jeans are thicker than others. Leather or faux leather pants are warmer too.

Grey ankle boots for what to wear in 60 degree weather

The Footwear to Wear in 60 Degree Weather

Boots are arguably the best choice for keeping your feet warm and dry in cooler temperatures. Charlotte added these grey, short-heeled booties to her outfit and was wearing socks under them.

When you are traveling, footwear can be the hardest part of packing because they take up the most space. Therefore, I tend to wear my heaviest and most cumbersome shoes/boots on the plane. And make sure to always pack comfortable footwear.

A neutral bootie is a fabulous option since it will go with everything. This lighter grey is wonderful for this time of year because it’s not as dark as black or dark brown and makes your outfit seem more spring-like.

Insider tip: The option between suede vs. leather has pros and cons. Even though I use a suede protective spray on my suede items, I wouldn’t take them on a trip to a rainy or snowy area.

Neutral outfit

More About Layering

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What to wear in 60 degree weather

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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