4 options of sassy beige monochromatic outfits

Secrets To Stylish Beige Monochromatic Outfits

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When Mireille and I came up with the idea of styling beige monochromatic outfits for one of the photoshoots when she was visiting, I thought I would have a mutiny on my hands from my mom and Lesley.

Sure, I get it. Beige can be a yawn when it comes to clothing. Yet there are ways to give any outfit sass, and we all showed great variety that we applied to this idea.
With that in mind, make sure to check out Mireille’s look on her site as she even borrowed my sneakers for her look since it was chillier than expected.

Quote of the day: “Ego is just an overdressed insecurity.” Quincy Jones

What’s your first thought when it comes to beige? There used to be an off-humor joke I knew where beige was the punchline.

It may seem like a dirty white which has a negative connotation. Yet for those who don’t love bright white, it can be a perfect alternative.

I’d also describe beige as a light tan.

What it comes down to is the fact that beige is considered neutral in the fashionista’s color scheme whether you group it in the whites or browns.

We’ve discussed other monochromatic options for our outfits

4 Secrets to Fabulous Beige Monochromatic Outfits

If your first thought of beige monochromatic outfits as a snoozer like Lesley and Charlotte imagine, then you need these 3 ideas to give the overall look some sass.

1-Print mixing-Lesley does this below with an incredible result. The overall look has you thinking that beige could be a good thing.

2-Texture-This is my favorite idea when putting together any monochromatic looks and it’s how both Mireille and I styled our beige monochromatic outfits. As discussed earlier this year, textures are a game-changer when working to keep your outfits interesting.

3-Add bits of color-Charlotte shows that a scarf (or any accessory) can give you enough color as a focal point of your outfit.

4-Details-All of us added interesting details like sparkle, different shades of beige as well as an embellishment to give our looks that extra.

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Woman over 70 with interesting beige monochromatic outfits

Lesley-Making Beige Monochromatic Outfits Less Bland

Like I said at the beginning, this was not a prompt that went over with flying colors when I first announced it.

As Lesley shared: “When I heard this prompt, I almost laughed. Beige is SOOOO against my train of thought style-wise. What a challenge. But it came together easier than I thought. I had more beige than I first thought and things just popped out from my closet.
I can’t say I discovered a whole new look for Lesly but it wasn’t as bland as I expected.”

I really think the mix of striped items on the top half is a fabulous way to give any beige monochromatic outfit a sense of flair. While both the top and cardigan are a mix of white and beige, they are opposites of each other AND different widths.

A true fashionista’s print mixing example.

Lesley also uses #2 with her purse since it has that interesting design on it.

Woman over 50 wearing beige monochromatic outfits

Jodie-Textural Elements

Texture is one of those details that can create interest and uniqueness. Yet most of us don’t think about it. At least I didn’t until recently.

It’s one of the reasons, I had us showcase different textures in our outfits.

As a knitter, I think that’s why I’m drawn to the hobby.

Here’s a quick rundown of the different textures in my beige monochromatic outfit.

  • Chunky knit sweater
  • Lace edging on turtleneck-both the neck and sleeves
  • Shoes patent leather thus shiny PLUS there is bling in the middle of the bow
  • The sling bag is also a bit shiny compared to the sweater.

Insider tip: While I love hat tape to size a hat that is too big, and many hats now come with an adjustable tie in the rim, another trick is to layer your hat over a beanie. I used this hack because it was a windy day and I didn’t want to have to chase my hat around the gardens.
My beanie is another color, so it brings in secret #3

If you’re not a huge fan of white jeans, then consider beige, ivory, or oat-colored ones instead. I found a bunch in the widget below.

Woman over 80 styling beige monochromatic outfits

Charlotte: Adding Small Bits of Color to a Beige Outfit

First, let me gush about how much I love my mom’s hair windblown this way. I know it was Mother Nature’s styling, but I hope Charlotte uses these photos as inspiration for how to style it at home now.

My mom has a bit of textural differences in her look, but I really appreciate the small bits of orange that pop out from her scarf.

Did you notice that those are owls on the scarf? Yep, her wonderful daughter bought that for her a couple of years ago.

The different texture is really noticeable with the quilted purse.

Yet also look at the fabulous bling details on her shoes and the gold link chain of the purse. All of these elements combine to make this anything but bland.

Make sure to click over to Mireille’s beige monochromatic outfit with all of her details to see another stylish way to pair your beige clothes.

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Secrets for beige monochromatic outfits that aren't a yawn

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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