Draper's & Damon's winter looks

Selection of Stylish Draper’s & Damon’s Winter Looks-Fashionista Approved

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This article all started when Draper’s & Damon’s reached out to me to put together some content on Instagram, and then they would use my photos for their marketing.
Truthfully, I didn’t know the brand personally, so I decided to give you my insights on the pieces I received and what I’ve learned.

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Facts: These items were gifted to me as part of an Instagram collaboration with Draper’s & Damon’s. I was not requested to include them in a blog post. That being said, Jodie’s Touch of Style is supported by my readers. I partner with affiliate platforms where commission may be earned based on your purchases. If you decide to buy anything I’ve promoted, I appreciate you using my link. These links help bloggers like me to fund the content that we provide, plus it tells companies that blogging marketing works. Thank you for your ongoing support.

I plan to give you all of my insights from ordering to wearing these items. And I’m not holding back. The advantage of this is I will share the good, the bad, and the ugly, and then you can settle on your own opinions.

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Information About Draper’s & Damon’s

Since I wasn’t very familiar with the brand when they reached out to me, I did some research. First, I looked over the site. It reminds me of Talbot’s site yet the items are less expensive. The focus seems to be women over the age of 50 which is exactly where we fall.
The parent company not only owns Draper’s & Damon’s but also Blair and Appleseed’s.

Their site states that they are “one of the few women’s fashion brands with an in-house design team that incorporates customer feedback and requests into the creation process.” I have to say I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it makes it sound good.

I also want to share a comment from my Instagram content (seen here and here), from my bestie. She said, “I bought a great sweater from them in the past. Nice clothes, good customer service. And if you’re on their mailing list, periodically good sales or special deals.”

Then I looked at the sizing for the tops and pants. At first, I was excited to see not only a Women’s Plus collection but also Petites and even some Petite Shorts. I appreciate a retailer that can work with a range of sizes to fit my readers. However, even with the petites, I realized that their pants would not fit me. Looking at their fit guide, told me their smallest waist size is 28 inches which would be too big for me.

I shared this with the marketing company that I was working with, and we decided to go forward with the collaboration with me focusing on some of their tops.
That’s why you will notice that the pants fit sloppily. If I really liked them, I might have put the time and energy into altering them, alas, they are not my style.

More about that is below.

Sparkle t-shirt from Draper's & Damon's

Draper’s & Damon’s Pants

Knowing the fit issues before I even received the products, made me want to order skirts instead of pants right from the beginning.

Insider tip: Skirts have much fewer fit points and is easier to get a good fit especially when shopping online.

However, as you can see from their site, they don’t offer many (if any) skirts. Draper’s & Damon’s are catering to the older women who tend to wear pants.

In fact, all of their pants and jeans are the pull-on variety. No buttons, closures, or zippers. I understand the advantage of this detail for making going to the bathroom easier, but it’s not my style. I’m open enough to never say never, but for now, that’s how I feel.

I would not have ordered any pants knowing about the fit issue except the company wanted a full outfit. So I ordered these jeans in the midnight wash. They sent me 2 pairs of pants, and neither looked like jeans.
Either they were out of stock of what I requested or their jeans are not the same kind of denim that I am used to buying.

Holiday/Winter Wear

My concept behind Draper’s & Damon’s winter looks was to pair a fun holiday t-shirt with 2 different toppers.

I ordered the sparkle tree t-shirt that you see in these photos; however, it is out of stock now. They do have this one instead.

Even though I wear very little black near my face, I thought this t-shirt would be fabulous for the holidays. It’s sparkly, it’s long-sleeve (I tend to run cold during these months, so I appreciate long sleeves) and it would go with everything.
A great base layer like this t-shirt could be worn for many months, and not just for Christmas. That’s the best from my perspective.

Review: I thought the t-shirt was of excellent quality. The company sent me both the PS and the Small, and the PS fit the best.

Other great sparkly items would be fabulous for any celebration include this jacket, jacquard pants, or a sparkle, lace, jacket dress.
Your best bet is to check out the entire Holiday Guide tab on their site.

Draper’s & Damon’s Microsuede Long Sleeve Topper

This jacket is a beautiful open jacket that could be worn as an overcoat or as a third piece for your outfit.
Notice the promo codes that are under the price for both toppers I am showing.

It’s available in 4 different colors and I chose this Blue Opal.
I received the PS size and I consider it a great fit. The open fronts could easily be pulled shut and held together with my favorite magnets (found on Amazon).

Review: This is a lightweight jacket and is perfect for women who tend to run hot because it looks wintery, but won’t make you overheat.
There were a ton of wrinkles in it from being folded during shipment and even after steaming, they didn’t all come out. I’m assuming they will hang out over time.
Considering it’s machine washable, those wrinkles may go away then too.

Winter Dream Open Front Sweater

I am a sucker for a gorgeous print with a yarn that looks fuzzy. Draper’s & Damon’s describe it as “angora-like softness” and if you’ve ever worn angora sweaters, then you know that they are incredibly soft and warm.

This cardigan is available in 2 colors and this is the Allure/Off White. The size I’m wearing is the PXS/PS. It’s also machine washable since it’s acrylic and nylon and this one has closure in the front.

Review: This sweater is what I would consider a winter sweater. It will keep you warm and would also be perfect as a casual jacket. You can see that the sleeves are a perfect length and the print extends to the back of the sweater.
No, the design does not line up at the seams. This detail NEVER bothers me because as a knitter, I know how hard it is to make those things happen. Yet I know some of you obsess over that detail.

Draper's & Damon's Winter outfits for women over 50

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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