Colorful outfit for a graduation party outfit

Sensational Graduation Party Outfit: Covered Yet Chic

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When you are putting together your graduation party outfit, there are many factors to consider that you might not know. For instance, is the party outside and shaded? Or will you be sitting on the ground? If you’re friends with the host, you might have access to the information, but let’s pretend you have no clue.

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As much as I want to put together a sensational graduation party outfit, my goal is for it to be functional too. And with the scenario options that I described, you could end up feeling off in what you put together to wear.
Sure, you can look to see what the weather will be, and you can create looks from your closet, but there can be factors that you don’t have control over.

So I tried to come up with a graduation party outfit to take into account some of these thoughts and more. Not for you to copy my look, but to consider your own wardrobe in the same way.
I’m also showing 2 ways to wear this cardigan. It’s not hugely different, but it’s why I placed the front and back photos side by side.

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Skirt: BCBGMaxaria-thrifted~~Cardigan: Adore-preloved~~ Top: Stephanie O~~ Shoes: Aerosoles ~~ Necklace: Ruby Grae’s Boutique-won in a giveaway ~~ Earrings: Bealls~~ Purse: local shop ~~Hat: Amazon~~Glasses: Glasses Shop GSHOT35 for 35% off

Sensational Graduation Party Outfit

Let me start with my outfit and then break it down from there. I wanted to be casual yet dressy. Can you be both at once?? I think so yet it is dependent on your definition of each word.

I consider this look casual in the fact that I’m wearing flat sandals and it’s something that I could sit on the ground in easily.
Yet it’s also somewhat fancy since it’s a skirt and a silky cardigan.

It’s the colors that are so bright and evoke a celebratory vibe. Remember, not only are we affected by the colors we wear, but the people who see us are also affected (in a good way, hopefully).

Flowy maxi skirt and kimono

Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are a new item in my closet since retiring. I can’t say that I saw any need for them before. Yet now that we are in Arizona where the temperatures soar in the summer, these skirts provide much-needed air circulation.
Plus for the idea of wearing this as my graduation party outfit, it fits the bill by providing coverage in case I’m in the sun or if I need to sit on the ground.

Insider tip: The slits on the sides of many maxis make it much easier to walk in. But if they are a little too high, it’s easy to sew them closed to a point you feel more comfortable wearing.

My mom pointed out that I needed a slip since the skirt was sheer. If you look at the shoe photo, you might notice there is a slip as part of the skirt. It hangs shortly to end right below the top of the slits.

Insider tip: If you prefer skirts over dresses but fell in love with the shape or print of a maxi dress, you can always cut off the top portion and make a skirt out of the bottom portion.

Graduation Party Outfit Accessories

There is rarely a time I won’t add some accessories to a look, but since my skirt and cardigan were so colorful, I decided to keep them on the neutral side.

The necklace I won in an Instagram giveaway of trinkets from a newly opened boutique. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure I would wear the necklace much since I have so many already in my collection. But I do love the modern link design, and end up wearing it a lot. In fact, it’s still available for under $25.
And the gold earrings are in the shape of a heart!

This cactus purse is the one my husband calls a monstrosity, yet I just love it to death. It’s so whimsical and different. For my graduation party outfit, I thought it was a good option since the strap is long enough that I could wear it as a crossbody purse. This would be in case the party has food and drinks, and the last thing you want to have in your hands is your purse.

And yes, I’m wearing my favorite hat again. Since the idea behind this graduation party outfit was functionality, I wanted to have a hat to shade me from the sun.

Yellow maxi skirt as graduation party outfit

Cropped Tops for Women over 50

If you had asked me about cropped tops 10 years ago, I would have said no way!! No one needs to see my white belly. But my mindset has changed since starting this blogging journey, and I’ve decided today is the youngest I’m ever going to be. So why not wear what I like. Besides, I work hard at staying in shape, and it’s not like I’m showing a lot of skin.

For short girls like me, a cropped top can be the right length anyways. Like this one. You really don’t see a ton of belly. Plus my maxi skirt and belt take up a lot of the space in the middle too.

I’ve had this top a long time as seen here worn with a dress extender. The top has a faux leather front and a removable sheer asymmetrical piece. In fact, when I first bought it, I didn’t think I would ever remove the extra material.

Insider tip: Don’t be put off by the description of the item. If you are short-waisted or petite, a crop top might be the right length and ends at your waist. It doesn’t mean it has to show skin. Go by the measurements instead of the description. And worst case?? You return it or wear it like a half tee (shown here).

Why Wear a Belt?

Belts can be a great way to cover up things you don’t want to see. For example, if you examine the photos below, you’ll see a tan elastic under the ivory macrame belt. That’s the waistband of the maxi skirt that I pinned to make it tighter.

Yet I bet no one would know that detail if I hadn’t pointed it out. Because my belt is covering it up nicely.
I’ve talked about belts in the past and even showed examples side by side in the same outfit. Sometimes they make all the difference in the world, and sometimes not.

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Insider tip: Notice that the top is white yet the belt and hat are ivory. There is no reason you can’t combine the two. In fact, I just showed an entire outfit wearing the two shades.

Sandals for a graduation party outfit

Sandals for the Party

I do think a great pair of light neutral sandals are essential in summer. They can be metallic or white, but something that is lighter to go with the lighter outfits.
Flats are always easier if you know you will be outside on grass, and if you aren’t sure about that fact, better to be safe than sorry.

The advantage of a maxi skirt is you don’t see the shoes that much anyway, so you don’t have to worry about them being the star of the show.

Cardigan Style

Why have a cardigan for the graduation party outfit? In case you will be in the sun and need sun protection, this is the way to go.

I wore this cardigan both the way it was intended (on the right) and upside down (on the left). When I showed this trick on YouTube it created a cropped cardigan from a long cardigan. However, it’s a good example of how it’s very dependent on your unique cardigan.

Insider tip: The YouTube video shows one way to create this upside-down look. Needless to say, you could just put the cardigan upside down and put your arms in the sleeves that way.

This cardigan’s front panels are a silky material that matches the knitted material of the sleeves and back. Therefore, they hang down like a waterfall cardigan and act as a scarf. It’s hard to explain, which is why I showed the photos side by side.

Both ways of wearing this cardigan work with this skirt. The left photo creates a 2/3 proportion with the cardigan (and 1/3 is the skirt) whereas it’s the opposite with the cardigan worn right side up.
Do you have a preference?? There is no right or wrong.

Even though this cardigan doesn’t have any closures, you can see how I wore it with magnets to keep the panels over my shoulders in this article.

Graduation party outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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