Sentence a Day for March

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A Sentence a Day

I’ve been following Andrea’s Wellness Notes, Leslie’s Once Upon a Time,  & Sarah’s Foxy’s Domestic Side project of writing a sentence a day. It definitely intrigued me since as a kid I did keep a diary at some point in my childhood. And I thought it’d be fun to then be able to look back at the month to remember all of the fun (or not so fun–ha ha). So if you’re interested at all in my life, one sentence at a day—keep reading!!

March 1, 2017–Hallelujah, we got reservations at one of our favorite restaurants (Kevin Taylor Opera House) for restaurant week with our foodie friends and I posted this on Snapchat (@jfilogomo)!

An online diary for the month.

March 2, 2017–Needless to say, I had a tidge of a headache from all of the wine last night—eeek!! 🙁

March 3, 2017–This turned out to be such an exciting day when I learned that I get to work with Chico’s for one of their upcoming events!!!!!! (stayed tuned)

March 4, 2017–Rob & I had a “take apart the incredible heavy dining room table party” with 2 other couples and let me tell you that it’s good to have strong friends!

March 5, 2017–Both Rob & I spent a couple of hours changing the theme for my blog and all of the details that go with that—whew!!

An online diary for the month.

March 6, 2017–Saying goodbye to our old dining room table!!

March 7, 2017–One fun item on the schedule  today was seeing my aesthetician and wonderful friend, Linda who I’ve known for over 20 years!!

An online diary for the month.

March 8, 2017–The above photo is a glimpse at knitting day at my house where Leila showed off all of the hats she just knitted!!

An online diary for the month.

March 9, 2017–Poor little Monkey had to get 8 teeth extracted a couple of weeks ago, so this was her follow up appointment! Luckily she’s healing well, and hopefully won’t need any more removed!

March 10, 2017–Today was all about packing for our fun upcoming 4 day trip where the biggest concern is how many shoes I can take with me. (the answer was 3 if you’re interested)

An online diary for the month.

March 11, 2017–Isn’t this quite the view from Jean & JoAnne’s back porch?

An online diary for the month.

March 12, 2017–We met up with friends and visited the Organ Show Pizza restaurant in Mesa, Arizona!

An online diary for the month.

March 13, 2017–While in Phoenix, we found the perfect restaurant for my husband–ha ha! You saw the photos of this shirt in my post, here, where I was styling the “boys” in Phoenix!

March 14, 2017–As much as Rob & I love to travel, it’s always home, sweet home at the end!!

March 15, 2017–Now I just have to figure out how to edit the videos that we tried to shoot!!

March 16, 2017–The excitement is building for the upcoming Chico’s Girlfriend Event when mom, Nancy & I got to go shopping at Chicos to pick out our outfits!!

March 17, 2017–Mom was having her carpet stretched at her house, so I got to hang out with her in case we needed to move more stuff!

An online diary for the month.

March 18, 2017–Getting our hair cut is always a highlight of the day—especially because Cindy is the best!

March 19, 2017–What a fun day catching up with some family members that I haven’t seen in ages and buying some new makeup!!

March 20, 2017–Blogging, blogging and more blogging (along with some potato chips!!).

An online diary for the month.

March 21, 2017–Rob & I worked on putting our new table together–remind me why we didn’t pay the extra money to have it assembled??

March 22, 2017–I made it to my boot camp workout class that was much needed for this lazy body!!

March 23, 2017–#LoveChicos Girlfriend Event—did you see the video: ?

March 24, 2017–I spent all day working on the blog post about the Chico’s event–mainly because it takes me forever to figure out how to get my video right side up!

An online diary for the month.

March 25, 2017–The 4 of us (including Rob, because we always go everywhere together) went shopping for a specific blog post that you’ll see towards the end of April!

March 26, 2017–These are the kinds of Sundays that both Rob & I absolutely love—work around the house and recharge!!

March 27, 2017–One of my “side” jobs is I get to unpack Nature’s Sunshine supplements and fill orders for my friend, Shelly which was on the agenda today!

An online diary for the month.

March 28, 2017–One of the advantages of being retired is having the time to join a book club, and I hit the jacket pot with mine! The women are such a diverse yet cohesive group and I love our time together. Once a month one of us picks a book for the others to read and this book is Cathy’s choice for the next month!

An online diary for the month.

March 29, 2017–The day started with a wonderful “coffee break” with my nieces and her kids! How can you not smile at this group?

March 30, 2017–And if you enjoy local shopping and boutiques and live in Denver, you should visit, Trendz Boutique in Littleton. I’m hoping to sponsor another  in store event with this store, as the 2 women who own it are so special! (Here they are on Instagram)

March 31, 2017–It was one of those days, where I sat around in my pj’s until almost noon—shhhh, don’t tell my blogging buddies!!

If this sense of keeping track of your day to day journey appeals to you, we’d love it if you join the group!

There’s also a linkup for those of you keeping track of your month with a sentence a day:

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