Sentimental Clothing that Reminds us of People or Places

Sentimental clothing for 3 generations of women

Sentimental Clothing that Reminds us of People or Places

Quote of the day: “The image is one thing and the human being is another. … It’s very hard to live up to an image.” Elvis Presley

Sentimental clothing can be as heart warming as the jewelry that we discussed earlier. I know when I first thought of this subject, I only imagined clothing pieces that had been given to me by others. But sentimental clothing can also remind you of people or even places that you’ve traveled to too.

So join the three of us as we give you some history about a sentimental clothing item and what it means to us. And then do me a favor, and share your stories with me in the comments, of any pieces that bring up certain memories.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: As much as I don’t consider myself a sentimental person, I have many clothing items that bring up certain memories.

My favorite piece, though, is this blouse that used to be my best friend’s, Bethany’s. I dedicated a post to Bethany when we chose to highlight stories about our pearl necklaces.

This was one of the clothing items that I was honored to keep after she passed away. Not only is it special because it used to be hers, but it was one of my favorite blouses that she used to wear when she was managing my dental office. The colors and sheen on it, always caught my eye, and made it so exceptional to me.

Coincidentally, I had also just received this necklace from Rocksbox when we were planning this outing. I don’t usually try to match my necklace to my blouse, because then you can’t see it. Instead, I’m more apt to grab a necklace that is a contrasting color to the shirt that I’m wearing. However, with this necklace, it had the colors of the blouse in it, yet also had enough metallic in it to stand out against the blues and greens.

Women over Fifty and Sentimental clothing

The blouse is my favorite combinations of color, so because of that I kept my pants & shoes more neutral.

I’ve worn this blouse on the blog before with my white ankle pants. Therefore, I thought I’d try it with grey this time.

You can see my other accessories from my Rocksbox set in the close up photos above and below. The earrings were a pair I really loved. The fact that I could wear them as studs or dangles since the larger star is a jacket, made them very versatile.

However, in the end, I really wanted to purchase this bracelet, and I didn’t think I need 2 new pieces. This bracelet is adjustable, so I can make it small enough that it doesn’t fall off my wrist. And it’s such a great neutral, that it goes with everything. And if you want to try out Rocksbox, be sure to use my code JTouchofstylexoxo to get a month free.

Sentimental clothing for Older women

This blouse is a little different now than when Bethany had it. I’m not the best at being gentle with my clothing items, so the silk sleeves started to tear at the seams. However, I wasn’t ready to get rid of it yet, so I had my mom reinvent the sleeves with some material she had in her basement. The sheer blue sleeves are the result.

Sentimental clothing that reminds of us others

Pants: LOFT (similar here)~~Top: Ann Taylor-modified (similar here)~~Shoes: Naturalizer (similar here)~~Necklace: Perry Street through Rocksbox-get a free month with the code JTouchofstylexoxo (here)~~Earrings: Sophie Harper through Rocksbox here)~~Bracelet: Ava Rose through Rocksbox (here)~~Sunglasses: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: Nancy’s sentimental clothing item is this white cardigan that she’s had for years.

The reason it’s sentimental is due to the fact that both her mother and herself had the same one. She can’t remember who purchased whose first, but she’d like to think that she had it first. And then her mom liked it so much that she bought one also.

You’ve seen this cardigan on the blog, many times, as it’s a go-to item in Nancy’s closet. It’s this exact cardigan that was worn when we creatively styled our cardigans last winter.

Sentimental clothing for Women 60+

I always think a white cardigan is something that every person already has in their closet, since they go with everything. But the last time I said that, many women commented that they don’t have one of these. So instead, let me say that a solid colored cardigan of this style seems like the perfect basic item. And since they never really go out of style, this one is on sale.

Women over 60 wearing Sentimental clothing

This fun dress is a purchase from our local boutique, Trendz.

When the three of us were invited to help host a party at this local store, we also found a couple of items to purchase. Nancy picked up this shift style dress, and has worn it many times over the summer. So throwing a cardigan over it for the cooler months, seemed like the perfect transition.

Sentimental clothing and Everyday

I also had Nancy wear flats with the dress. I know many women don’t wear heels as much any more, so it’s nice to find dressy flats that can work with both pants and dresses.

In this respect, the metallic shoes always seem a tad dressier, and if you agree then you might appreciate this pair or this pair. Then again, velvet flats would seem quite fabulous for any occasion also. And then a jacquard material could be another variety for a fun pair of flat shoes.

Sentimental clothing for Real women

Dress: Mad Style from Trendz (similar here)~~Cardigan: (similar here)~~Shoes: AK Sport (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: My mom’s idea for her sentimental clothing was from a different angle.

She chose a suit that she had made with material bought in 2005 when she was visiting Africa. If you have ever sewn clothing, then you might recognize the fact that this took longer than normal to put together. In order to line up the giraffes so they were all going the same way, was no easy feat. And then, on top of that, she added the beaded trim at the neckline and hem of the skirt.

Sentimental clothing and Women over 70

Considering the print, material and trim could be a lot of eye candy in one outfit, we only accessorized with small black earrings.

Sentimental clothing from our Travels

As for the footwear selection, we chose a nude pump.

My mom is queen of the pump shoes. She thinks they are a classic and will never go out of style. And to a degree, she is correct. It’s hard to imagine when a nude shoe wouldn’t be a smart choice for almost any outfit. Whether it be a sling back, a wedge or a patent version, I can see them lasting a long time as a choice in your closet.

Travel and Sentimental clothing

Now, I would like to throw in my personal two cents. I think it’s incredible that my mom can create her own clothes, and then even wears what she creates. And this particular material is so interesting with the green background and the giraffes.

For a twist on this, don’t you think my mom should wear this jacket with a pair of jeans? I know her first thought is to always wear the pieces together, but just think how stunning this jacket would be with a pair of black or white  jeans.

70+ women and Sentimental clothing

Skirt: Mom made it (similar here)~~Jacket: Mom made it (Not surprisingly, I could find anything like it, but here’s my toss at similar here)~~Shoes: 9 & Co (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)

So whether it be a person or place, our sentimental clothing can be a trip down memory lane. I hope you share your memories with me below.

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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I thought I’d showcase some other print jackets after seeing my mom’s giraffe one. We will call it eye candy.


  • Jodie, I also wanted to let you know that this post will be a featured favorite on my new link up post coming tonight! Thanks for always joining my link ups!


  • Such an amazing post, Jodie! I absolutely love the stories that go with each of your pieces. And yes, your mom should definitely style that jacket with jeans! I am sure you have seen my “mommy tunic” on my blog and/or IG feed. My mother used to make a lot of my clothes when I was very young and I always hated that I had homemade clothes and not the latest designer trends. But once I matured a bit, I began to really appreciate the value of her work and I loved creating fun and unique pieces with her. My ivory tunic was the last piece we created together and the only one I still have, so it is very special to me. And when I am needing her energy and love wrapped around me, I always reach for that tunic. And I almost always pair it with a butterfly kimono that I bought shortly after my husband’s grandmother passed away. She and I were very close and connected on a very deep level almost immediately. She loved all things with butterflies. And this kimono always reminds me of her. I feel like I can channel her strength when I wear it. And that’s my story of sentimental clothing! Thanks so much for sharing your special stories as well.


    • I loved hearing you story, Shelbee. And maybe all kids feel that way, because I used to be so embarrassed when my mom and I would go shopping when I was a preteen. She would be looking at all of the clothing with the thought that she could make them. She’d be turning them inside out and examining them. And I wanted to die!! I would think “Why couldn’t she just buy the clothes, because they were way cooler as is”???
      Aren’t we just so funny??
      And yet now, I do appreciate it, and love the fact that things can be custom made!
      I’m sure I will do the same thing when she passes with some of her clothing (that is, if she goes before me. Heck, the way she’s going, she’s going to live to over 100)!!!
      Thanks so much for sharing this. I will forward it to my mom because she will love reading it too!

      • Aw, Jodie, I love that you can totally relate to me on this one! I hope my story brightens your mom’s day!

  • It was interesting to read about each of the sentimental items selected for this post. I only have one or two items I am sentimental about at all in my wardrobe and it has more to do with the moment I was wearing it was special. I totally agree Charlotte should mix it up and wear her fun jacket with jeans or trouser, or perhaps over a sheath dress.

    Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday, Jodie!

    Jennie – A Pocketful of Polka Dots

    • That’s such a great idea to have my mom wear this jacket over a sheath dress. And she has one that would be perfect with it!!
      I have some pieces that fall into the same category like you have too. It makes it harder to purge those items….
      Thanks Jennie!

  • Kathleen McDermott

    This is an interesting post. I would have to say that I am sentimental about all of my wardrobe, from the tiniest accessory to coats and footwear and everything in between. Some because the item belonged to or was gifted by a loved one, some because of where or when I acquired them, some because of what memory or feeling they evoke and the rest because I am emotionally attached to everything I own!

    I like all 3 of these outfits very much. Your cool grey pants and soft taupe shoes are so nice against that pretty blouse (which I remember from earlier post). Nancy’s dress is adorable (makes me think of tic tack toe) and I adore cardis of any style, any color or pattern. Charlotte’s outfit is stunning – I believe I’ve seen on your blog before. Lovely as a suit, but both the top and the skirt would be fabulous with a dressy black separate. The beading is exquisite.

    P.S. I would also love the jacket with a black tee and jeans!

    • I think this is basically how my mom feels about all of her clothing too, Kathleen!!
      But it’s true that our clothing can give us so many memories, and that’s a good thing!!

    • Charlotte Miller

      It’s true what you and Jodie say–every piece has a story behind it – even if it’s–I don’t remember where I got this. Kathleen-you have a really good memory–I couldn’t remember wearing the African suit for the blog before. Really, the blog is the only place I’ve worn it since the first year I made it.That was about 10 yrs. ago.

  • Pam miller

    Jodie, once again you touch my heart when you mention Bethany on your blog. I am a little late here, but you made my day with your comments. I sent this blog on to my girlfriends who knew her and my sister in law. Bethany did have great taste in clothes! Thank you, Pam-Bethany’s Mother.

    • Bethany had great taste in pretty much everything, didn’t she Pam??
      I was always in awe of her clothing, and I feel so blessed to still have some of it now!!
      She’s always in my heart!!

  • Mes Voyages à Paris

    Love all the outfits!! adore the details!!
    Mónica Sors

  • Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Somehow I adore batic as an art. Your mom’s suit is a piece of art. It’s fabulous!

    • Thanks Nicole….my mom will be pleased as punch to hear you say that!!

  • My husband is big on sentimental clothing. His is about his t-shirts. I want to get rid of them because they are tatty and old and faded. He wants to keep them as memories. So I suggested he get them made into a quilt. 🙂 #teamlovinlife

    • I’ve heard of people doing that Leanne. And that’s the perfect solution ! Then he can have the memories and won’t be wearing the tattered shirts!!

  • Oh wow, what a great idea to do a post on sentimental clothing. I have too many sentimental everything at home, I am bordeline hoarder 😉 Like you three ladies I also have garments that remind me of people and places. In my case I have several vintage blouses that were hand me downs from my great aunt who is 90+ . When I wear them I wonder how she had worn them, in fact I wish she’d had a blog so I could see !

    • That’s so fabulous that you have clothing from your great aunt!! And I totally know what you mean, it would be so fun to see all of our relatives back in those days. Photos were not as abundant as they are now, huh?
      Thanks Lorena!!

  • I think that the world is so much nicer 4 inch taller.

  • What great stories and what great pieces! And you’ve styled them all so well! You would never know your sleeves had been changed, Jodie! They look so natural and lovely.
    I love Nancy’s shoes…so cute! And, again, your mom’s gift with sewing just amazes me! And, yes, though it looks lovely as a suit, it would really pop if she broke up the pieces!
    Since I’ve had to completely repurchase my wardrobe in the last two years, I can’t say that I really have things I consider sentimental. However, I do have one dress that I consider very special. Its a Elie Tahari cocktail dress, new, still tagged, at over $400, that I thrifted for about $.49. But, its specialness goes beyond that. The story is too long to tell here, but, if you’re interested, its one of my earlier blog stories titled, “The Queen, The Dress and the King of Kings”

    • Thanks for these fabulous thoughts, Ronnie!!
      And I read your post—what a incredible day for you. Because I know exactly how you felt—it’s such a powerful feeling to find such deals that make you feel so good!!
      Thanks and have a fabulous weekend!!

  • I have a white cardigan but it’s not one I really like. I do have a gray one though that I love and wear with so many things. I was late to the game in realizing how versatile layering can be. 🙂

    • But it’s never too late Lisa, to learn the art of layering!!!
      And I’d say get rid of that white one, and maybe get one that you love!!!
      Thanks, Lisa!!

  • Jodie love these styles. The way you accessories is so much fun 🙂

  • I know I said it in your last post, but this is just such a wonderful idea for a post. It’s wonderful you can remember Bethany with her beautiful shirt. I actually have a similar type of shirt my aunt gave me before she passed away. It’s a nice way to remember her when I wear it.

    Also, I’m with your mom…nude pumps aren’t going anywhere! Haha. Loved that she made her outfit from African material! And Nancy’s cardigan is just perfect for this post. 🙂

    Loved reading all of your stories behind the clothing!


    • Thanks Lindsey!!
      It’s funny how clothing can bring up memories just like pictures can!!

  • Ashon

    such beautiful outfits and the colour scheme you are using on all these three outfits are amazing. Love them, especially the first outfit.

    xx Ashon

  • I love all of your sentimental pieces of clothing and the stories behind them.

    I often buy jewelry or an item of clothing on a trip so that I can remember the trip whenever I wear the item. That’s especially true for when I visit my hometown…

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • I think that’s such a great idea Andrea!! Then you have a souvenir that is functional and a great memory!!

  • So nice that you get to remember and honor Bethany through her beautiful top. She sounds wonderful and like she was a great friend. I had to go back and read your first post about her.

    I also love your moms suit she made, so intricate and beautiful! I agree, it would look gorgeous with white pants. 🙂

    pumps and push-ups

    • Thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful words, Brooke!!

  • Jodie,
    This is such a wonderful and sweet post : your blouse is so beautiful, although I am terribly sorry about your loss. I love the idea of incorporating sentimentality in the clothing pieces we wear. How cool is it to buy fabric in Africa and then make it into a dress. I was very touched by this post: in all three photos you ladies look beautiful. !!

    • Thanks for your super kind words Elle!!
      You really know how to make us feel special!!

  • Kirsten Wick

    Wonderful post, I think your blouse is so timeless and looks great with the sheer blue sleeves – your mum is a genius. Love, Kirsten x

    • How funny…I was just reading your post when I came back and saw you had commented on mine!!
      You just made my mom’s day saying that, Kirsten!! Thanks for that, because now she’ll be in a super mood for our photos!!!

  • CathyLynchLawdanski

    My “matchy-matchy” self loves that necklace with your blouse. And every time you talk about your mom’s sewing, it makes me think of my mom. She could pattern match like that too. And yes, I think Charlotte’s jacked would be so cool with jeans!

    • It’s my normal to want to match everything too, Cathy! In fact, I’ll put something together like I would in the past, and then I make myself think about it differently—-just to try to get out of that habit. Not that it’s terrible to match things at times. But I want to stay relevant!!!
      Thanks for chiming in!!
      I think that’s fabulous that your mom sewed also! She didn’t teach you?

  • I’m not really sentimental about clothing, but I do have a few pretty scarves I got in Italy, which I enjoy wearing 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

    • I’d consider those perfectly sentimentalish, Lyndall!!!
      Souvenirs from your trip are always such fun items!!

  • It’s funny how much clothing can mean isn’t it? I hold on to things for far too long because I remember having a good time wearing it or felt particularly good once I put it on.

    • It really does Emma! At least to many of us. I try to be “good” about purging occasionally, but it’s hard.
      I’ll remember what people were wearing more than I remember their facial characteristics or even hair style!! Aren’t we funny?
      Thanks for joining in!!

  • Love the colours of your outfit Jodie and nice to see that you can recycle some favourites in between all those new outfits.

  • Kathy Marris

    What a great idea for a post. I do have sentimental clothing in my wardrobe that I can’t part with, particularly beautiful high heel shoes (that I can no longer wear). I had a real high heel fetish when I was younger! I love the giraffe print suit – it’s so unique.

    • I have a friend who puts out her sentimental pieces like artwork in the hallway to her bedroom. I thought that was a great idea….especially if you can’t wear it anymore!!
      Thanks Kathy!

  • I love it when some clothes of mine have sentimental value on me. Love the outfits you featured here. Something we really treasure.

    Much Love,
    Zarrah | The Bandwagon Chic

    • Thanks Zarrah!!
      I think as we get older we have more and more of these pieces….

  • I don’t have sentimental clothing, but I do have accessories that remind me of a place or a person. #teamLovinLife

    • That was our post right before this one, Jo!!

  • I LOVE how you reinvented the sleeves of that blouse. Your mom should pair that beautiful top with a pair of jeans, for sure!

    • And usually I’m the type to throw things out when they rip, but since this was Bethany’s top, I thought I could be creative!!!
      Thanks Darlene!!

  • writeofthemiddle

    What a fabulous blog topic Jodie and I absolutely adore your sentimental outfit. I’m so sorry though that you lost your friend. On another note – yes I do think your Mum should wear that jacket with some jeans or black or white pants. It would be striking. She is also very clever (like Mum is) to sew so beautifully! 🙂 xo #TeamLovinLife

    • Thanks so much Min for your wonderful thoughts and words!!
      My mom is quite a creative genius at times!! She’ll love to read your comment!!

  • I love your mum’s African material. I lived in southern Africa for a while in the 1970s and it reminds me of some material I bought which I put over the sofa in the flat I rented. (It’s much nicer than mine though cos – from memory it was orange / rust coloured).

    And I love your shirt. It’s gorgeous but special for a good reason.

    I have a very old sweatshirt that I keep wearing because it comforts me. It’s just an oversized Nike hoodie but I bought it (when away and it was unexpectedly cold) in 2004 and I wear it each winter. #teamlovinlife

    • It’s amazing how some pieces do comfort us, right? And how we remember where and when we got them!! And some people say that clothes are just body coverings—hah!
      Thanks Deb

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    Y’all always amaze me with your stories. I had to go back and read your post about your dear friend and the necklace. I hope she wasn’t that young when she passed away, or she looked incredibly young in those photos! It is sweet of you to keep these items of hers and still use them. I also find it interesting your mom went to Africa and I can only imagine lining up those giraffes was a feat. I can’t really think of any sentimental clothing pieces, but I do have a gold ring with a ‘C’ initial monogram on it from my great aunt that I was named after.


    • Well your ring is definitely sentimental, Carrie!! And as you get older, you might accumulate some things that end up being sentimental. I know I never was someone who was into all that until the last couple of years!!
      And thanks for that about my friend. She was only 34 when she passed. So sad, and such a loss….

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    Your blouse is very cute, Jodie, I can see why it is sentimental to you 🙂

  • What a lovely tribute to your friend that your actually wear her blouse and were able to extend its usefulness when the silk sleeves frayed. Nancy is right ; we all need a warm white cardigan for winter and a thin white cotton sweater with short sleeves for summer and some metallic flats. I think Charlotte’s skirt would be great with a coordinating color blouse and a black vest or jacket. She’s right about pumps, too.

    • It is nice that I can remember my friend with some of her clothes, since she liked shopping and clothes as much as I do!!
      Thanks Jean!!

  • Amy D. Christensen

    I love how you come up with these different ideas, Jodie. I have never been a very sentimental person, so I don’t save many things. But I do know that I wish my mom would have saved a few of earlier pieces of jewelry because I thought they were so pretty. But she no longer has them. You all look great. Well done! – Amy

    • This idea stemmed from when I was talking with my cousin about Aunt Nancy’s things. My cousin was trying to figure out what to do with everything, and I asked if I could have a couple of pieces…..that was the beginning!!!
      Thanks Amy!

  • Versatilestylebytracey

    I love the teal and grey color combo , and I agree women should have a white sweater, lol. What a fun boutique find! Love Mom’s outfit ,but a little of ti goes a long way, I’d break them up.

    • Thanks so much Tracey!! I’ll make sure to forward this to both moms so they can appreciate your lovely words too!!!

  • Franci Hoffman

    I love the turquoise blouse, Jodie, and the other fashions are lovely. Sentimental items can be so comforting to wear.

    • They really are comforting, Franci!! It’s like you get to hang with your friends and family again!!

  • Judy Gramith

    I think I can see your love for Bethany shining in your eyes and I’m sure she would love to know that you continue to honor that love by wearing a piece that was hers. It’s even nicer that these are “your colors” and that you continue to update this look with your jewelry choices. It adds even more sentiment that your mom’s skilled hands helped in saving and embellishing this blouse with the pretty transparent sleeves.
    Nancy’s dress is so arty and fun! I like the funky geometric print. The colors look great with her gorgeous hair and the sweater adds warmth…just like a MOM!!!! You’re absolutely right that a white cardigan is an always and forever item of clothing.
    Charlottes suit is SPECTACULAR!!! Not only did she pick the coolest of fabrics, she used it to make a suit! This means at least two more outfits are waiting in the wings! I’d like to see the jacket and the skirt worn with other pieces!! This is also a fabric that would look great with boots!!!
    I have worn and continue to wear many pieces of both my mother’s and father’s clothing. As an only child these things keep them close to me. My dad was a big fan of the old 60’s TV show, Gunsmoke. One Christmas I bought him some Gunsmoke pajama pants. He loved them. They’re now keeping me warm on cold Minnesota winter nights and remind me of my dad drawing a faux sixgun on himself in the large living room mirror of my childhood home. 🙂

    • I love that you enjoy your dad’s old pajama pants, Jude!! That totally makes me smile to think of you in them!! I bet even you could jazz them up and wear them out in public, right?? LOL!
      And thanks for such a wonderful outpouring of love for these sentimental things of ours. It’s amazing how our memories can come up from these things!!!
      PS…It sounds like you made it home okay? Yipee!!

      • Judy Gramith

        I’m hoping your snow melted quickly and that Rob wasn’t out shoveling 20 minutes after getting off the plane!
        Oh what a lovely time we had eh? It was so memorable for me.

        • The nice thing about living in a townhouse is we don’t have to shovel snow!!! That’s exactly one of the reasons we moved here!! So luckily Rob was able to relax!!
          And ditto!! It was the best finally meeting you Jude!! And I know it won’t be the last!!

  • Rebecca Saffer

    One other thing, Jodie. I don’t know if you are familiar with The Darnell Collection. It is a clothing collection that Charlotte Smith inherited from her Quaker godmother, Doris Darnell. Charlotte is based in Australia but has written 2 wonderful books “Dreaming of Dior”, “Dreaming of Chanel” and a soon to be released book “One Enchanted Evening”. I think you would love these books and website as would your mom and Nancy!

    • You must be an avid reader, Rebecca!! I will definitely pass this on to my mom and then maybe I’ll have time to read it too!!

  • Rebecca Saffer

    Today’s post is truly a stunner. I love the way the blue blouse was refashioned with the sheer sleeves – you look gorgeous in the outfit. Nancy’s dress and white cardigan are lovely together. But I am in awe (as always) with your mom’s talent with design and sewing. I am not too far away in age from Charlotte and when I read these posts, I think back to my first sewing project at age 13. All girls had to take Home Ec. and all boys took Shop. My project was an emerald green straight skirt with a kick pleat. I later made a suit of tweed with interfacing, etc. I know how hard sewing is but I was never meticulous enough to produce a professional looking garment. I applaud her!

    • My mom will just love reading your comment today, Rebecca. And I bet if you had kept sewing, you would certainly be able to produce a fabulous garment to wear!! (although your green skirt sounds fabulous)! I think it’s like anything….the more you do, the better you get at it! Of course, it helps to like what you’re doing also, LOL!!
      Thanks for the positive thoughts and always giving us some tidbits from your life too!!

  • Lesley Watson

    Make Charlotte try her wonderful gariffe jacket. It would be stunning with jeans, blue or black. Love all the looks today. I have a tunic I bought in St Johns 25 years ago. Styled it a few times, but kept for it’s memories. Now it is the height style with a High/Low hem. I always feel great wearing and remember a fun trip.

    • My mom would be giving me a “I told you so” about your tunic Lesley!! The styles come back, and now you can wear it again! And have those fabulous memories.
      Thanks for the input! And now maybe I’ll get mom to wear this jacket with other things!

  • Cindy

    Yes, your Mom should wear that jacket with black pants/jeans or white pants/jeans! Super sharp! I loved your blouse and necklace too. Of course, I too have a white cardigan…or two…or three. Loved your blog post! You are an inspiration!

    • I’m glad you agree Cindy, that my mom’s jacket would be great paired with other jeans!!
      Thanks for the love!!

  • Your mom should definitely wear the suit as separates! Wow she is so talented for fixing your blouse and making her suit!

    I have some sentimental pieces from my grandmother, and items that remind me of significant events with my husband.

    • And aren’t these sentimental items so wonderful Roxanne??? I have one of my grandma’s dresses—thanks for the reminder because I should pull it out!!!

  • Laura

    I love your different takes on what can make a piece sentimental! Your mother’s suit is beautiful! She did an amazing job! Love your pretty turquoise blouse too!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Ahh isn’t it amazing how sentiments even flow with our clothing! Love your turquoise pretty lady!

  • donnanance

    This post goes beyond a “lucky shirt”. Jodie, I love the story about your blouse and the way your mom rescued it with new sleeves. The necklace is perfect with it. Nancy’s cardigan has special meaning since she and her mom had the same one. Gotta rectify my no-white-cardigan status…ha! Your mom’s suit is one of a kind and beautiful. Oh yeah, the jacket would be great with jeans or black pants, maybe even pick up one of the colors in the fabric. xoxo

    • Thanks Donna! I know we can’t all have clothing passed down to us, but it’s so nice to have these memories.
      I actually have this dress that was my grandmother’s mothers? It’s incredibly small and looks like it’s from the Little House on the Prairie. I can’t fit into it, but I haven’t had the heart to give it away…..

  • ADA

    It is always great to wear a few pieces of sentimental clothing. I love wearing the couple of sweaters I still own since I was a teenager, that my mom crocheted for me. 😉 Great post!

    • That’s so fabulous Ada…and I bet your mom put a lot of love into those sweaters. As a knitter, I know how much time goes into those projects!!

  • Another fun post styling meaningful pieces. I love your grey and turquoise Jodie!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • I agree that your Mom should wear that top with jeans. Brilliant job on her sewing that piece.

    It is wonderful how clothing can remind us of certain times, people or moments in our lives. Another reason why it isn’t just “clothes to cover our bodies”.


    • That’s such a fabulous point, Suzanne! When people say that style and clothes are fluff—maybe they aren’t sentimental??? Or maybe they don’t need clothes? ha ha!!
      Thanks, my mom will love to read your comment!!

  • Karen

    Your blouse is beautiful, and I think Bethany would highly approve of the illusion sleeves! Such a perfect way to extend the life of the blouse! I LOVE those earrings. And the necklace and bracelet are fabulous too. You have a real treasure in that blouse! I’m with Nancy on the white cardigans! Such a versatile piece of clothing, and her dress is really fun too! The pattern is so interesting and fun! Your mom’s suit is amazing, and yes, that jacket definitely with jeans!! Also over a solid color skirt or dressy pants. Like your mom, I love my pumps and will not part with them quite yet, if ever! They are truly classics and I’m still struggling with flats! As for a sentimental piece of clothing, mine goes back to my best friend also, who was also my cousin (who passed away also). We were “hippie wannabes” in the ’70’s, complete with tooled leather, embroidered jeans and shirts, flowers in our hair, maxi skirts…So my chambray shirt always reminds me of Debbie! We wore them like a uniform. I’ve had to replace the original due to wear and washing, but chambray always reminds me of our flower child days and makes me smile!

    • Oh, I so loved that you shared your story about Debbie!! It just makes our clothing so much more special when we have those memories!! And you know, I need to see photos of you as a “hippie”…those would be priceless!!!
      Thanks Karen!!!

      • Karen

        Oh have I got the pictures! I’m going to dig up a good example!

        • I can’t wait to see them!! Don’t you just love looking back at the old photos??

  • Bev @ Walking Well With God

    Love the necklace with your blouse….beautiful. I recently wore the dress I was wearing when I became engaged (before you gasp, that was only 4 and a half years ago and it’s a pretty classic dress). I always feel wonderful when I wear it on special occasions….it’s sort of my “happy” dress.
    Bev xx

    • How’d you know I was going to gasp, haha?? 🙂
      But isn’t it amazing how our clothing can bring back memories….good or bad. I was just shopping with someone, who doesn’t like the open shoulder trend because it reminds her of her junior high days, and they were terrible.
      Thanks Bev!!!

  • BarbaraRP

    Love your outfit today, Jodie! Great remembrance of your best friend, but also the colors look great on you. Great look!

    • Thanks Barbara!! Maybe that’s another reason I love this blouse so much—these are my colors!!

  • That s were you can recognise a great design. If the patterns fit! I always hate it when you buy a cheaper skirt in floral print and the flowers stop at one side and go on in another flower. I kept a knitted piece of my grandmother for a very long time but I could not wear it afther she passed. But She is in my heart!

    • I could totally see how the memory would make you not want to wear a certain piece—because you don’t want to be sad in your clothing, Nancy!!