Sentimental Items Worn for Any Day

Sentimental items for 3 generations

Sentimental Items Worn for Any Day

Quote of the day: “Life is not a rehearsal.” message on a movie-theater marquee

I do think this quote can mean many different things to many different people. But I used it for today, because this post is a dedication to my Aunt Nancy. My aunt, who was my father’s sister, just passed away this summer. And although we talk about the fact that life is short, sometimes even I forget to enjoy it to it’s fullest!

I’m lucky to include my cousin, Joy in this post also. We are all wearing pieces that belonged to her mom, my Aunt Nancy in our everyday outfits. My aunt had accumulated quite a bit of jewelry in her 83 years of life, and Joy, was so generous to share it with all of us.

Who of you out there doesn’t have a piece or two that was handed down from some friend or family member? I think these pieces are so meaningful, and yet many times we put them away and forget about them. Whether it’s because it’s “not our style” or we don’t want to lose them, it seems a waste. Let’s pull out those sentimental items and make sure they get tons of love!

Joy (also 50+) Outfit: In Joy’s words, “This is a 70’s inspired ensemble.

My mom collected jewelry for most likely more than 60 years of her life. Collected is more of an understatement, but she was very proud of her treasures. She knew every tribe that every turquoise piece came from, the names of the designers, and their value. Her famous saying was “When I die, you will get all my jewelry.”

The necklace is an amber and sterling dessert scene with a choker chain. I never saw my mom wear it but it is definitely a favorite of mine out of the thousands of pieces she had. The sterling hoop earrings are also my moms. I’ve never been a fan of huge hoops, but I like this size and think the balls on these go great without being too matchy with the necklace.

Sentimental Items for Women

The belt is from the real 70’s, and my mom hand stamped and hand painted the flowers on the leather.

I had additional plain leather added to the belt because high waist was in then (fashion repeats itself, yes I know), and I prefer lower waist jeans.

All of the rings are my everyday wears that have been inherited. Grandmas ring, mom’s wedding ring that my dad’s father designed and patented while working at Granite Brothers in San Francisco. Dad’s signet ring grandma Siegel gave him. All of these have been resized and repaired, so they are just like new.

The bracelets are all my moms. I wear three chains all of the time, but added the coral and abalone American Indian cuff and braided leather and sterling cuff to add an eclectic vibe.

Sentimental items

The wide leg jeans Citizen of Humanity  were too long, because, all designer jeans are too long for me. Some I hem but these I thought had the 70’s feel already so I cut off the bottoms to fray.

Even the shoes were also my moms, who let me steal them a few years back. Cole Haan. Not vintage 70’s, but inspired in style with the wedge heel, ankle strap and silver gold tone peek a boo toe.”

Sentimental Items for Older Women

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: I was able to choose quite a few pieces of jewelry from my aunt’s collection.

I didn’t wear every piece with outfit that I was given, but I did want to showcase this necklace and bracelet. The red bracelet is wood, and actually had quite a few cracks in it. But I figured I could try to fix it with superglue. I’m not sure how long it will hold up, but better to wear it out, than have it be forgotten in a drawer.

I almost think red bracelets can be as versatile as red shoes. They can add that pop of color to almost any outfit. And these are items you don’t have to spend a ton of money on to make a statement. This one adds a ton of color while this one is smaller.

sentimental items from relatives

Since the bracelet and necklace don’t go together or match in any way, I tried incorporating a neutral for the top half of my body.

I have to admit, that in the these photos, the green of the necklace isn’t as pretty against the grey top. For some reason, in my closet, it seemed to look better. But better to try and fail than not to try at all, right?

Women over 50 wearing sentimental items

I put on my red jeans for our excursion, and I even matched my shoes to the jeans. I still remember the day when I questioned if I were too old to wear red jeans? And maybe they aren’t your first thought for your outfits. But I do think that different colored jeans are fun. Maybe you’d consider burgundy or olive green ones?

Sentimental items for 50+ women

Jeans: Style & Co (similar here)~~Top: Gaviola (similar here)~~Shoes: Missguided (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)~~Purse: Kate Spade-thrifted (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: For Nancy’s outfit using the sentimental items that used to be my aunt’s, she chose a dark poncho to show off the necklace.

The necklace that Nancy brought home is a zebra print, and shows up so nicely against the darker poncho. And if you look closely, you can see that we also used the black & pearl earrings as pins on the poncho. The poncho tends to move and show Nancy’s bra straps, so I used these post earrings to act like clips.

Sentimental items Worn with love

I love that Nancy chose this necklace in which to remember my aunt. My aunt was certainly a fun loving, social person, and that is exactly how I see this necklace. Because animal prints of any kind still give off a wild and fun vibe.

Sentimental items worn by Women over 60

This poncho has a lot of volume to it, so we went looking in Nancy’s closet for some tighter pants.

And when we found ones that were black & white, I thought it was perfect. If you don’t have a black & white pair of pants in your closet, it’s definitely a print that can work so much of the time. You could always chose a print pair that is abstract, subtle or even a little wild and crazy.

60+ Women wearing sentimental items

Pants: H&M (similar here)~~Sweater: Tasha (similar here)~~Shoes: Charles by Charles David (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings-used as clips on sweater: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: My mom not only took some jewelry items that were my Aunt Nancy’s, but also accepted this “scarf.”

This scarf had a piece of paper attached to it that read, “Mesco-Koved, Birsod megye (in Hungarian) from Mrs. Buday”. Of course, none of us know what this means, but my mom thinks it was a piano scarf. And only my mom would think to take a piece of home decor and wear it as a shawl! But it’s brilliant, because it’s such a lovely item.

Now the scarf is quite heavy, so my mom used a huge pin to hold it together in the front through the tassels. Then we folded down the neck so it would look like a collar! Heck, you could be wearing a potato sack under this, and all of the focus would still be on this lovely shawl. Not that I expect all of you to pick up your home decor items and drape them over your shoulders, but maybe being creative is a good thing.

Sentimental items for Women over 70

The other items that came from Aunt Nancy’s stash were these rings and bracelets. Since there were so many colors in the scarf, I figured we could add in a bunch of different colors with these accessories.

sentimental items for everyday

Now I have to show you what I found when I looked for an embroidered shawl.

This one is not as colorful, but it has the same kind of look. And then there’s this one that is darker, but also quite stunning. And notice how expensive both of these items were. So maybe it would behoove you to look around at your table cloths, and home decorations. Possibly you could re purpose them?

70+ Women wearing sentimental items

Jeans: Bill Blass (similar here)~~Top: Soft Surroundings (similar here)~~Shoes: Connie (similar here)~~Scarf: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)~~Rings: (similar here or here)

What really constitutes a sentimental piece or item? It really doesn’t need to be expensive or one of a kind. It can be something that reminds you of someone else or a place in time. So what do you think? Will this give you some inspiration to pull out some of the sentimental items that you’ve been given? If so, I truly would love to know what you have and the story behind it!

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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With a theme of sentimental items, I figured showcasing some new pieces below would be silly. Then again, what is new to you, could at some time in the future be handed down to someone else, and then considered sentimental. (With reasoning like that, I should have been a lawyer, LOL). So I found items that could be passed down. See if you agree:


  • How lovely to wear such sentimental pieces. The scarf your mom is wearing is stunning! My aunt loved jewellery too and when she died I was given some of her necklaces. It’s wonderful to have these reminders of our loved ones.

    Emma xxx

    • That’s so wonderful that you were able to hold onto some of your aunt’s pieces!! It really makes wearing them so memorable!

  • Jodie, your looks here are all absolutely adorable. Oh, and could your cousin style blog or do IG. Her style is so me and we could swap outfit ideas and collab. What a plan:) It must have been a brave post for Joy to do. I am soon, I think, going to be losing my mum and I can’t imagine doing a post on her but I suppose it could be cathartic.

    • I’m so sorry about your mum, Anna. It’s never the fun part of life, but hopefully we take advantage of them (not in a bad way) while they are alive!!
      I’ll tell Joy you love her style!!! She has an IG account, but it’s about doTERRA oils…

  • Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style

  • Your accessories are all pretty, I really can’t choose. Nice post ladies.

    Jessica |

  • I can really say age is just a number. The outfits are awesome and quite a classic. You both are beautiful.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  • Amy D. Christensen

    Where do I begin to tell you how impressed I am by this post. First of all Joy looks fabulous in all her chosen pieces. I love that necklace she is wearing. It is such a unique and beautiful piece. Jodie you look amazing. I love gray and red together anyway, but this lace top with the necklace looks so pretty. I love that you wear red pants and red shoes. And you look so good in them. Nancy is a vision of youthful vibrance in that over sized poncho and fun printed pants. And your mom just has a knack for making something out of nothing. Who would have ever thought of using a piano covering for a shawl. But it is just beautiful and she could certainly wear it again. Great post, Jodie. – Amy

    • This post was super fun for me, I must admit. Maybe because when we got together to reminisce about my aunt—we brought old photos and told many stories. It was so fun and memorable!! Then we went through some of her jewelry and picked out some items.
      Then we got to style them which just felt like she was watching over us!!!
      Thanks Amy!!

  • Eileen Flanigan Sinda

    I have several brooches of my great aunt’s that I like to wear on sweaters, or to close a dress that is too open at the neck, or a shawl. I always think of Aunt Margaret when I wear them!

    • I think that’s so fabulous Eileen!!
      You know that brooches are quite in right now!! Even the younger girls are wearing them on their jean jackets!!! You’ll have to wear those a ton right now!!

      • Eileen Flanigan Sinda

        I am glad younger women are wearing them now. I will wear them whether they are in style or not for the memories. However even when they aren’t exactly in style you can use them in a way that will be eye catching, like popping one onto a purse or a chain as a necklace.

        • That’s such a smart was to repurpose them Eileen!! That’s why I love this blogging thing…I learn so much from other women!! XOXO

          • Eileen Flanigan Sinda

            That is why we love reading your blog. So many good ideas.

  • Judy Gramith

    These are all great looks.
    Gray lace is really unique and i love the way you styled it with the red jeans Jodie. I’ve always liked red and gray together and these pieces are playing off each other really nicely.
    Nancy’s tweedy, poncho like, sweater is so cute on her and the pants and necklace are a surprising match!! This look is great with her hair!
    Charlottes shawl is a wonderfully creative example of repurposing! I recently bought an embroidered table runner at Pier 1 Imports that I intend to use to embellish the back of a jean jacket.
    Your cousin Joy did a great job of styling the necklace (so unique) and the belt. These work great with todays looks!

    • You always amaze me Jude. I would never think to buy a table runner to use for anything else but a table runner!!! You are so creative!!

  • Versatilestylebytracey

    Yes, so special to wear things with sentimental value , I love my mother’s jewelry and some she passed onto me were my grandmothers. My sister handmade jewelry and those pieces are even more precious.

    • It really touches our hearts, doesn’t it? Maybe not when we are younger as much, but when we realize how fragile life is…
      Thanks Tracey!

  • You look hot Jodie! I always love grey and coral together!

  • Aw, this is such a lovely post, Jodie! That’s such a good idea to remember your aunt this way. It sounds like she would’ve loved this post! And wow is her jewelry collection amazing! All the pieces are beautiful and my gosh is the necklace you’re wearing spectacular!


    • My Aunt Nancy did have quite the extensive collection, and this is such a minuscule part of it!
      Thanks so much LIndsey!!

  • What a great post. There’s always a risk that ‘heritage’ jewelry can look dated and ageing, but not on you and the ladies! My mum has already given me two rings and I wear them a lot.

    • I love to hear that you wear your mum’s rings, Gail!!
      I’ve heard other women say that about the jewelry that has been passed down, but I guess I didn’t even think of it like that.

  • Such a nice post! I love your Kate Spade handbag Jodie! Such a great find. Gemma x

  • How special to be wearing things of your aunts. I have a few special pieces that were my grandmother’s, and they always mean a lot to wear. Good reminder about enjoying life!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • It is nice to have these pieces —not that I wouldn’t remember her anyways, but it makes it special!
      Thanks Amy!!

  • I love this post! I love things that have sentimental value being able to share and pass them to people in your family. I love the scarf your mom “accepted” it’s so beautiful.

    • Thanks Laura!! It is so nice to have these memories!!

  • fashionistha

    Love the second look the MOST. Great post Jodie like always.

    • Thanks Nistha!
      Nancy will love to know you liked her outfit!

  • Loved seeing all the jewelry (and your adorable cousin). My mom was not a bracelet fan, but I have many of her necklaces and a heirloom ring I always wear – passed down thrice now. The jewelry that went to my sister was lost, after her death.

    Most of the necklaces that are now mine would have been considered costume jewelry in my mother’s day- but good quality and probably quite valuable today (not that I would EVER sell ANY of it). And yes, I do love to wear it – even though I don’t bother with jewelry much these days.

    LOVE the “shawl” on your mom — and yikes! the prices of your linked finds make me wish we’d had a piano with a wardrobe of scarves. I have (and wear, quite often) TWO pairs of red jeans of different hues, and love them both (black top and shoes, usually). The only red shoes I own are heels, and Cincy is such a casual town (sob!), my heels are rarely on my feet. I was even overdressed for a birthday party where we were requested to dress up! I miss NYC dress-up events!!!

    Nancy’s outfit, however, I would wear often and love it every single time I did. Fun post, Jodi. Thanks for sharing with the Salon this week.
    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie –
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

    • Denver can be way casual too, Madelyn! But I decided that I like dressing up, so sometimes I do it just for me. Besides, my heels need to be taken out for some time on the town, LOL!!!
      I’m so glad you have red jeans too!!! I absolutely love that other women have them and age is not a factor!!
      Thanks so much for the positive comments and love!!!

      • I also have green jeans, burgundy jeans and print jeans (mostly black and white there). I love their wash and wear practicality.

  • mummabstylish

    Very lovely pieces Jodie, good to see you all looking so happy and pretty. x Jacqui

  • hmmm never thought of sentimental pieces before. i mean i know i have them but never really thought about it as much recently. great post and thanks for reminding me. will surely dig in my collection and find my beloved pieces.

    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎

    • I am exactly the same way. These are the pieces that sit in the back of my jewelry area because I want to wear my newer pieces. But it’s fun to pull them out and have the memories!!
      Thanks Mahryska!

  • Your aunt had wonderful taste and some really beautiful, unique pieces of jewelry. You’ve inspired me to pull some things out that were left to me by my mother in law – I need to wear them. Maybe in a future post!

    • This has been just as good for me too, Lana. Because I think if I hadn’t done this post, I would have put these pieces away and forgotten about them!!

  • Such a great way to talk about and have a part of your aunt to your daily life. I have a few pieces of jewelry from my great grandma and just keep them safe for now. once my girls get older I’ll break them out but until them I’m always so nervous wearing sentimental jewelry around them in fear it would break.

    • I totally can relate Ruth!! But you’ll enjoy it so much once you can bring it out and wear it!! And then even pass it down to your girls!!

  • Mother Daughter

    I have a lot of jewelry from my mother and grandmother. I am going to have to get it out and see exactly what I have. I love your Kate Spade purse, I had that purse and can’t remember what I did with it. lol

    • It’s so fun to go through our jewelry this way, Victoria!! And it’s amazing how it really doesn’t go out of style like our clothing does!!

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    Such stunning looks and so impressed with the collection! I really loved Joy’s look inspired by that actual 70s belt! I bet I had one similar to it!

    • It’s funny how those things can bring back memories!!! My cousin always has had great taste!!

  • I love this so much! I lost my mom and my first husband within one week…it truly woke you up to how precious and fragile life is! How wonderful to have these beautiful memorials to have with you! And they’re all so gorgeous! What a fun time you must have had styling such great pieces! I love what your mom did creating that wrap! She is so creative! I couldn’t help wondering if you were tiny enough, if you could make a skirt out of it. Its so beautiful! My Gram was a huge collector of going, as well. I loved to sneak into her jewel box as a child and play with all the sparklies! I’m so thankful to have several of she and my moms pieces, which I love to wear!

    • Wow, Ronnie! I can’t imagine losing your mom and husband within the span of one week….how did you ever cope??
      Now that’s a fabulous idea with that piano scarf—wouldn’t a skirt just be so stunning!! I’ll have to forward this to mom and see if she’d be willing to do that!!

      • It was a tough time. I don’t know if I ever really processed the loss of my mom because i had to go immediately into dealing with my husband and the four very small children that had just lost their dad. They HAD to be my focus. My faith is really what kept me going. I never could have done it otherwise.

        • That’s just incredible Ronnie. I guess it goes to show how strong you really are. Kisses and hugs!!!

  • Sentimental items are so special and each of you wore your Aunt’s pieces beautifully! I love the shawl your mom chose, it’s so beautiful and colorful!

    pumps and push-ups

    • Thanks so much Brooke!! It’s so nice to have these pieces to remember my aunt!!

  • This is such a neat post! I have a number of pieces from my grandmother, both jewelry and scarves. If I’m ever stuck on something or I find and outfit boring I go to them to add a little pizazz. 🙂


    • That’s so fabulous that you wear those pieces Mary!!!

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    Wow perfect color combos! Loving all these looks ladies! What an inspiration!
    Great styling as always!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Much love, Len

  • What an amazing jewelry collection your aunt has! I used to love going through my mother and grandmothers’ jewelry boxes as a kid, so of course I love the idea of incorporating those items in my wardrobe, too. I’m inspired to post something similar on my blog as well! If I do I will be sure to link back to your post.

    • She had so much more than even we could show you!! It’s amazing the cool things she had amassed, Kristin!
      It was very fun to wear these pieces out and about!! Now I just need to get in the habit of wearing them more!!
      I’d love to see your post on this idea when you come up with it!!! I’m glad it inspired you!!

  • All this jewelry is so fun and beautiful and meaningful. I am not big jewelry person and neither has the women in my family before me been. I am kind of sorry because I would love to have something that I could put on and remember my grandmother or aunts. What a lovely way to remember them. Great post!

    • Maybe it’s in our genes…ha ha!! But I bet you have other ways to remember them???
      Thanks Cheryl!!

  • What a great post! I love wearing sentimental items. It’s usually jewelry from my great-grandmother. She definitely had an eye for great pieces 😉


    • I love to hear you say that Liz!!! Especially jewelry—it doesn’t go bad, it always fits and they bring back such fabulous memories!!

  • I found and copied this quote last night:

    “Somebody, someday is going to use this, it might as well be me!”

    The person who said it was referring to some ancient seam tape that belonged to her mother, but it applies most places..

    • Ahhhhhh…this is absolutely perfect, Jean! And it’s so true. It’s way better to have it and enjoy it than keep it in a drawer for posterity!! Besides, I’ve read that millennials don’t want “things” per se, so we might as well get all of the fun out of it!!

  • Marci Vaughn

    What a lovely post! I need to stop ‘protecting’ my sentimental items and enjoy them more. All four outfits are beautiful! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    • I totally understand though Marci!! We want to preserve them, yet then we don’t enjoy them!!!
      I’ve decided to stop saving the good china, and use it!!

  • Miriam Zakharova
  • Pamela Graham

    Loved your post ladies. I gain so much pleasure from using some warm cardigans of my mother’s, she would love the fact that she was helping to keep me warm. Nancy’s outfit today is a Wow!

    Pamela from

    • Thanks so much Pamela!! That will make Nancy’s day to read your comment (I forwarded it to her)
      And I think you’re exactly right!! Our loved ones would be so happy that we are enjoying their things!!

  • Gorgeous at your age!

  • This is such a heartfelt tribute to your Aunt Nancy, and I love that you included her daughter Joy in the post. I think we so often neglect to use family treasures because we don’t want to break them or disrespect their meaning in any way. But I believe in putting things to use and that wearing sentimental pieces is a way to honor their legacy. What you ladies have put together here is about so much more than fashion. I love that.


    • You are so right, Liz! I know my mom will pull something out from long ago, and I ask her why I’ve never seen it. And she’ll say those exact reasons—she doesn’t want to wreck it. But then, it never gets loved, so which is worse??
      Lately, I’ve been all about, I have it–I might as well use it!!

  • Lesley Watson

    Happy snowy Monday, Love this post Jodie. I have several pieces from my mother that I love to wear. I remember seeing them on her as I was growing up and they always fill my day with wonderful memories of my wonderful mom. My oldest daughter wears her wedding ring that we gave her on her wedding day. Her wedding day and Momma’s are both Sept 6 and as Richlyn was her first grandchild they were especially close. Love the piano scarf Charlotte is wearing as a shawl. I have a sky blue one I found at an estate sale and also wear it as a shawl. Thanks for putting some sun into the grey & white morning.

    • These pieces are so meaningful and they deserve getting out and the attention!! I’m so glad you wear your mom’s pieces!! I’m excited to showcase a couple more of Aunt Nancy’s treasures that I chose in some future posts!! It’s a great example of how some things really don’t go out of style!!
      Enjoy the snow, Lesley!!

  • This was touching and I love how you’re all sharing and remembering your aunt. I always think perhaps someone should give away these items while they’re still alive so they can see others enjoy them. But, I guess we don’t always get to have that time to plan. I love green with gray so I think your necklace looks spot-on. Your mom cracks me up!


    • Now that’s an interesting thought Julia!! It’s like the book, “monday’s with Morrie” how he had the party while he was still alive! I’ve always liked that idea!
      Thanks Julia!!

  • Charlie

    What a great blog! And such a fabulous post as well. Love seeing everyone’s outfits and the sentiment behind them. I wish my piano had such a magnificent shawl!! Thanks for sharing.

    Fur Earwig

    • Thanks Charlie!! I think you could find a gorgeous shawl for your piano. The concept of taking an item and making it work for other things works both ways!!

  • beautiful photos
    The Glossychic

  • Cindy

    Wow! Your aunts jewelry is amazing! I especially love the necklace you are and your cousin are wearing! I’m inspired!!

    • My aunt definitely had great taste, Cindy!!!

  • Brigid Gallagher

    What a beautiful tribute to your aunt. She surely was a great collector – you are blessed to share so many fabulous pieces. I love red jeans and still were them at 62.

    • I’m so glad to hear you say that about your red jeans, Brigid!! Now that I look back, it seems silly to think that I shouldn’t wear a certain color because of my age!
      Thanks for the lovely words! My aunt will surely be missed, but how wonderful that we all have these items to keep her close to our hearts!!

  • Wow, I’m touched! Great sentimental post! All of you look stylish and great ! Totally loved this outfit! Happy Monday dear <3

  • I actually have a blog post scheduled…where I’m wearing red jeans, red shoes AND wearing my mom’s jewelry! Girl…we are on the same wavelength! Love how innovative you were with the earrings holding the poncho and the use of the ‘scarf’. I LOVE all of the jewelry pieces. Your Aunt had great taste!!

    • That’s hilarious, Darlene!!! We are birds of a feather!!!

  • Rebecca Saffer

    I loved this post and thought all 4 outfits were terrific and showed your inherited treasures beautifully. So many clever touches like Nancy’s earrings at near the neck and Charlotte’s pin closure were inspired. I have always loved jewelry and accessories and have some finer gold pieces (from my mother) and bold beautiful silver pieces (from my sister) that I treasure. Today I am going to see how I can style them currently so that I can enjoy them more frequently. Great job to all you beautiful ladies!

    • Thanks so much Rebecca!! I know personally, sometimes these pieces get pushed to the back of the jewelry box because I often want to wear my “new” things now! But it’s quite heartwarming to wear these memories and feel closer to the people we love!!!

  • donnanance

    Jodie, I love all your posts but this one is extra special. Jewelry was obviously important to your Aunt Nancy and it is fun to see how you ladies are wearing some of her pieces. Love Joy’s 70’s vibe outfit. Her selection of jewelry is spot on. Jodie, I love the grey lace top and think the necklace actually looks pretty good with it. The lippy you are wearing is perfect with the reds in your outfit. The necklace Nancy chose to wear with her poncho is stunning. Good idea to use earrings to hold the poncho in place. The pants bring the whole outfit together. The scarf that your mom is wearing, whatever its original intention, is gorgeous. The jewelry she has on is perfect with it. The wash on her jeans and the color of the top tie in nicely with the scarf. Did you know that Bill Blass was an Indiana boy? Enjoy your day…we are off to the market for some forgotten items… xoxo

    • I didn’t know that Bill Blass was an Indiana boy?? You are a wealth of information, Donna!!
      And you’re so right about my aunt. Jewelry was super important to her, and it was such a fun activity to go through it with Joy when we were over at her house.
      I even have a couple of her clip on earrings, so I’m going to have to figure out how to wear those and show them off!!!

  • Tracy Gingles

    I love this post, I have a few things from my Mum am always scared to wear them in case I lose them, but am going to start wearing them.
    Love all the outfits. And you are never to old to wear jeans, or red shoes for that matter. 😍

    • I totally get it Tracy!! But i try to rationalize, what if I did lose these special pieces or break them? At least I was enjoying them while it happened. Otherwise they never see the light of day, right?
      Thanks lovey!!!!

  • Cathy Skelly

    I love that your Mom wore the “piano” cover as a shawl! I have a table runner that my Mom bought me for my birthday years ago that I wear as a scarf. Why not?

    • See—you’re brilliant also, Cathy!! Because who says it has to be one thing, right?

  • I love the idea of wearing something that means something special to you. People save things like that for special occasions which I think is ridiculous! Wear it now like you ladies are. Love all these looks!

    • You are so right, Kathrine!! It’s better to wear it and maybe even wear it out in my opinion. At least then it got some love!!

  • Wearing a piece with history is like wearing a memory. I love it. What a great tribute to your Aunt.

    I’m in love with that butterfly belt.

    Your Mom’s imagination knows no bounds. Isn’t that wonderful?


    • That’s the perfect way to describe it Suzanne—-it’s wearing a memory!!
      And isn’t my mom something??

  • All four outfits showcase the sentimental items beautifully even though none of them are basic or devoid of their own details. Thank you for the reminder and fabulous ideas of how I can wear the treasures that I’ve been gifted.


    • I don’t always think to wear these older items, because I’m always wanting to wear the new things!! But it’s a great reminder that they can be just as fabulous!!
      Thanks Rena!!

  • Stevie Turner

    That’s quite an unusual necklace you’re wearing there Jodie. Is it made of shells?

    • I don’t think it’s shells, Stevie!! But I could be wrong!!

  • Lovely post, your aunty had cute jewelry, so unique !

    Have a great start to your week !

  • Laura

    Your aunt had such a fun taste in jewelry! I love all the colors of her pieces! It’s special to me whenever I get something passed down to me and I love wearing it. I have a couple pieces from my grandma I cherish. She always feels extra close to me when I wear them.

    • It’s true how we remember people by the items they give us! It’s such a great way to keep them close to us!!
      Thanks Laura!

  • Missy May

    This is such a wonderful and sentimental post and I like it. What a way to pay homage to your aunty. Look at all these gems, wow!! I’m loving Nancy’s outfit. Delightful!!

    • Thanks so much Missy! It was such a treasure to be able to wear some of my Aunt’s pieces!!

  • Oh my…what a wonderful way for Aunt Nancy to be with all of you. She certainly had fashion flair! My best friend died last summer after a six year battle with ALS. We did a post of her home, Florida Mississippi Style, as a tribute to her as well. She keeps giving as a reminder that indeed life is not a rehearsal. Thank you ladies for a lovely post sharing your special gal.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss too. It really is quite the reminder that we need to enjoy each and every day.

  • Wonderful post, Jodie!

    My aunt also passed recently and my cousins just offered us the opportunity to select a few of her costume pieces. We’re so glad. It’s a wonderful way to keep her memory alive and with us. And, from a style end, causes us to think outside the box…like your mom and the shawl/scarf.

    Love this!!!!

    • I’m sorry about your aunt too, Em! But how wonderful you were able to get some of her pieces too. It’s such a wonderful feeling to remember them this way!

  • Karen

    I certainly enjoyed this post and seeing your Aunt Nancy’s lovely things. Joy looks wonderful in all of those pieces, and I like how she styled them against a neutral background to showcase each item. Her cold-shoulder top gives a modern edge to the 70’s vibe she’s going with, very well done! I was taken back in time when I saw the belt. Tooled leather was the big thing in the 70’s, and I had plenty of it. I love the choker necklace and that clutch purse! Your necklace, Jodie, is gorgeous! I think the green looks great against the gray top. It’s a statement necklace that is at once vintage yet modern, and I can see why you picked it! The red bracelet is great with the red jeans and your shoes. I love colored jeans. Like you, I wondered if they were too “young” for me, then hung on to my hot pink ones just for fun, even frayed the hems! : ) That is a genius idea you used with Nancy’s poncho, using the earrings to attach the poncho so it doesn’t slip. And it looks great with the animal print necklace which is also that vintage yet modern look! Like how you used the narrower pants with the flowy poncho! That scarf your mom is wearing is stunning! When you see that from the back, it’s like wearing art! I like how you rolled the edge over to make a collar. This is definitely an inspiration to use things in new ways. What a legacy of fun and style your Aunt Nancy left to all of you!!

    • Thanks Karen!!!
      I’m glad to hear that you have some hot pink jeans. We just had mom buy some from one of the boutiques in Seattle! It’s so fun to realize that we can enjoy our clothing, and not be tied down with the rules!!!
      Enjoy your Monday!! I’m trying to get caught up after our weekend away!!

  • What a lovely idea to dedicate this post to your aunt! And what a beautiful Jewelry she had!

    • She really had so many fabulous pieces!!
      Thanks Nancy!