September Highlights

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September highlights

September Highlights

Happy September from Arizona!

My husband has been issuing the statement all month that it seems we are on a perpetual vacation. Maybe it’s the palm trees? Maybe it’s the fact that we are living in a retirement community? No matter what the reason, it has been fabulous. Even despite all the hiccups like our mail not getting forwarded from Denver, and our refrigerator going out already.

September shopping

Day 4: Our first photo shoot in Arizona, and my husband snags a cool turquoise ring. It’s usually us women who do all the shopping, so we were glad he’s starting to get the shopping bug.

Day 7: We ordered a murphy bed for our guest bedroom and here’s how it works. Rob did a ton of research to find one that wasn’t so overpowering in the guest room. We are over the moon with how it turned out and now we are ready for visitors!!

Day 8: Our next Arizona photo shoot was a trip to go apple picking. Now it may not be the classic apple orchard, but we certainly had fun. Especially with my very own cowboy!!

Day 9: We were able to start up our Classic Movie Night with Lesley (my new blog model that I introduced). Our movie this evening was Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. Talk about seeing how times have changed. It was interesting to talk about what would have happened if you had brought home a guy like this.

Day 11: As part of living in Sun City, Arizona, there are many activities that we can join on a daily basis. So today we went to a viewing of the movie Dog Days. It was such a feel good movie. Sure, maybe a tidge cheesy, but that’s how I love my entertainment. If you haven’t seen it, definitely add it to your list!

Day 12: We had a wonderful 3 hour lunch with Lisa and her husband, Brian. Lisa joined us once on the blog since she lives in Denver and Arizona. And let me tell you how much it warms my heart when a friend says, “I wore color for you.” Isn’t her dress so cool??

Monkey on the cubes in September

Day 14: We ordered these 2 storage cubes for our “coffee table” in our new place. You can see that Monkey approves!! I like this idea because then I can hide my knitting away when I’m not working on it.

Living Room decor

Day 17: You may remember the blue couch from our other place when we used Laurel to help redecorate. Well we loved it so much we brought it to Arizona. But now we wanted some fun colors too. So we added this paprika color chair and the yellow chair. (And the storage cubes). Granted there’s nothing on the wall yet, but that’ll come later.

Day 19: Our classic movie night with Lesley continued with Notorious, a Hitchcock thriller with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. I love seeing the fashion in these old movies, and all of the swooning!! This movie wasn’t scary, but it was suspensful.

LBD challenge for September

Day 21: I entered a LBD challenge this September that was sponsored through Goodwill AZ and Phoenix Fashion Week. The idea was to take a little black dress and make it your own. So I thought it only appropriate to knit on it!! Here’s the before and after photo. I was not one of the 4 finalists, but it was a fun project!

Day 25: I submitted an opinion for an article on Hat Etiquette. It was interesting to see what the other’s said for the questions. I guess I’m in the minority about my thoughts! It’s not that I don’t have respect for others, but I consider my hat as part of an outfit, I guess. My husband always takes his off when we go inside. I’d love to hear your reaction too if you read it.

September tour of Bell Rec Center

Day 26: We went on a educational tour about Sun City and some of the facts about where we are now living. One of the things I love is this water walking area. It’s at two of the recreational centers, and great for low impact exercise.

Day 28: Another classic movie night. This time with the movie To Kill A Mockingbird. I’m sure many of you have either already seen it or read the book. I hadn’t done either. Did you know that Robert Duvall was in it?

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