Lady in red outfit for a woman in her 70's

Sexy Lady in Red Outfit Inspired by the Song and Easy to Replicate

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Lady in red outfit for a woman in her 70's

Sexy Lady in Red Outfit Inspired by the Song and Easy to Replicate

Lesley chose this lady in red outfit from the song of the same title by Chris de Burgh for our theme of being inspired to put together an outfit from a song.

Quote of the day;” I have never put limits on what I want to wear and what I want to look like.” Cynthia Erivo

I’m always shocked when women say that they don’t wear red because it’s too bold or stands out too much. Granted, the color red is bold which is why I loved this quote. Putting limits on our appearance (and even our actions) can be how we were raised, but now is the time to analyze whether or not it’s good for us?

Lesley gives her feeling about the song, it’s lyrics and her lady in red outfit below.

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Lady in Red Outfit

Lady in red outfit with leopard accents

Dress: Charter Club~~ Shoes: Franco Sarto~~ Scarf: ~~ Necklace/Bracelet: Macy’s~~ Purse: SteinMart

Lesley tells me that she’s had several red dresses in her life (actually I know from looking in her closet that she has several even now), and she always gets compliments when she wears them.

The song Lady in Red prompted her to purchase this dress in anticipation of a date in her future that might require something special and something RED!

Charlotte wore a red dress for a cooler day with boots seen here.

Red as a power color

What Lesley Likes About the Dress

Besides the fact that the dress is red, Lesley shared with me that she really likes the style of the dress. As we’ve discussed in the past, the fit and shape of a dress can make you feel better about yourself.

For this dress, the drape of it acts to camouflage the tummy (Lesley’s words, not mine) and the “V” at the neck is interesting without being too flashy.

Change the Mood with Accessories

It’s no secret that I think the accessories make your outfit unique and personal. Maybe you realize from reading past posts about Lesley that she has a wild side (remember that time when she was in college that they jumped a fence and “stole” fruit?).
Sure, she tends to lean towards more classic and preppy in her clothing style, yet these leopard accessories give a great indication that there is a little bit of rebel underneath it all.

I’m not the kind to remind one of past preferences (who am I kidding? Of course I do that ALL the time), but Lesley was NOT a leopard girl when we first met. In fact, during one of the photo shoots we did together in Denver, she only had this one scarf as a nod to animal print.
Yet, it’s the perfect reason to never say never. (I’m currently working on getting her to give a nod to the camo print. Shouldn’t we all be evolving and changing what we like?)

A scarf with a lady in red outfit

Lesley’s Scarf Trick

For those of you who struggle with how to wear your scarves, Lesley has the easiest trick ever. Just throw it over one shoulder.

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The advantage of this idea with your scarf is that there is no tying it or worrying that it’s not quite right. It’s easily removed and replaced at whim.
Granted if you want it to stay put, you could always attach it either with pins, fashion tape or a belt.
See my example of how I wore a scarf this way with a belt.

Leopard shoes

And the Footwear….

As a shoeaholic, I believe that our footwear choice can say a lot about a person just like our accessories. In fact, I’ve touched on this in a shoe personality blog post by categorizing shoes into classifications.

For this lady in red outfit, Lesley first chose red shoes. However, I love how she ended up with this leopard pair. To me they look very modern and fun.
Truthfully it’s a great example of how there isn’t ONLY one pair of shoes that would work with your outfits. I bet all of us would concur that red shoes, nude shoes, black shoes and maybe even yellow shoes could all serve as a fabulous part of Lesley’s lady in red outfit.

Accessories for a lady in red outfit

Keeping It Real

We model for the blog almost weekly. Putting our photos out there for all to see takes some confidence and risk. In fact, I’m sure many of you don’t like a particular outfit from time to time yet it comes down to more than that. It’s the fact that our insecurities about our bodies are right there for all to see.

While I’ve discussed many times about the scar on my lip, my pale legs and especially my struggle with my hair, both Charlotte and Lesley, have their issues that they struggle with also . Lesley tends to despise the photos of the rear view. The realism is there that just as many people see us from behind, it doesn’t make her happier to take them.
That’s why I’m holding up the scarf….I told her I’d have her back for this one.
In my heart of hearts, what I wish for all of you (myself included) is the feeling of love to our bodies NO MATTER their outward appearance.


In fact, I’d like to share these words again for all who need to hear it:
Imagine being 75 and you’re sat thinking about your life and how you never went swimming in the ocean on a warm night because your thighs jiggled. Imagine realizing you never laughed until you couldn’t breathe because your teeth weren’t straight or white enough. You never embraced the sun on the beach because of the stretch marks on your stomach and your hips. You never allowed yourself to let go and have fun because the pressure to look perfect consumed you. Imagine being 75 and realizing you’ve hidden yourself away for the fear of being real. Imagine realizing all the years you wasted hating yourself, but now it’s too late to go swim in the ocean late at night. Now it hurts to laugh for more than a few seconds and you’re too weak to travel to the beach. Imagine realizing all this time you were perfect the way you were, but now it’s too late to do anything about it. Don’t let that happen. Live now, as you are. You deserve to realize you’re enough, and always have been, before you’re 75.

Inspired by different songs

The Meaning Behind the Inspiration

Lesley has a note pad with the quote on it that says, “WHEN IN DOUBT WEAR RED”. It’s a phrase she’s adopted especially when she needs a boost of confidence.
As for the Lady in Red song by Chris de Burgh, she feels it is a love song.
In Lesley’s words: The singer is out with his lady, and they’ve been together for awhile. After getting separated from each other at a party, he spots her across the room in her new red dress. “Never seen you looking so lovely as you do tonight, never seen you shine so bright…” He finds a new perspective and vision of his love and falls again for his Lady in Red.

In other words, how can this not give a woman a reason to wear a red dress?

Lady in red outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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