How our Shapeez Bras Smooth out the Bumps

Women in Shapeez bras

How our Shapeez Bras Smooth out the Bumps

Quote of the day: “Nothing is stronger than habit.” Ovid

I believe this quote because we do get in habits which can be a good thing or a bad thing. Buying bras can definitely be a habit. You find one you love and you stick with it. I’ve heard that over and over again. Yet, I’d like to introduce you to something a little different, and I hope you’ll be open to it.

I feel like I have SO much to say about these Shapeeze bras that we tried out. In all honesty, I feel like I am a bra snob. I’ve written a couple of posts on bras in the past both recently and a couple of years ago covering different aspects about them. The whole idea of a good foundation for our clothes is no different than a good foundation for our teeth.

I’m also a snob about panty lines for our undies. Although I’ve not been as diligent with hiding the lines created from my bras. I remember almost being embarrassed when I could see the outline of my bra in a post last winter. It reminded me of having a bra strap showing, even though I’m trying to be more forgiving about those things.

Shapeez as a great foundation

Shapeez Bras

So when the founder of Shapeez reached out to me, I was very intrigued. In all honesty, I was intrigued with another brand before this but they didn’t have sizes small enough for me, so I forgot about it. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could fit into Shapeez garments. So yes, this is a sponsored post. Yet I will give you the pros and cons from all three of us so you can make your own decision.

In fact, I have to tell you that one of my readers even commented on my Instagram post recently. I was asking opinions on shape wear with no judgement. Because in my recent bra post, I also talked about shape wear that hooks onto your bra. Well this reader said that Shapeez is all she wears now. I hadn’t gotten my Shapeez bra when she said that, so I have to admit it made me curious.

There’s many questions and concerns I can answer, but for those of you who already love them, or want to try them, I have a discount code. It’s JTStyle15 for 15% off until the end of March.

Charlotte’s Shapeez:

My mom chose the Shortee bra which is more of the traditional bra like we are used to wearing. In the past, my mom has commented that she has issues with bra straps. They tend to fall off her shoulders with certain bras. Well, that doesn’t happen with the Shapeez full coverage back.


Shapeez shortee

Older women in Shapeez bras


My mom actually sent me an email right after she tried this one and wore it the first day. She was elated on how comfortable it was. Honestly, both my mom and Nancy had to send back their first bra because we didn’t get the sizing correct, but I’ll address that later in this post. So I was very glad she like it so much with the correct size.

The other detail that my mom really appreciated and noticed, is that the straps are adjustable from the front. It makes it much easier to change after it’s on.

Nancy’s Shapeez:

Nancy chose the ultimate bra and cami combined with the molded cups. This was the best option for her because she does not like bras where the nipples can show through. And also she’s not interested in the nipple covers that I’ve seen at stores or even that Shapeez has.

Shapeez ultimate

Shapeez to eliminate back fat

Nancy gave me quite a rundown of pros and cons. In fact, I just copied and pasted them for you to read. So you know I didn’t change anything she said. But she does realize she needs to hem the bottom so it’s shorter for her.

Pros:  It fits well.  It is comfortable.  No hooks to hook!!, Support of my tummy, Easy to wear all day for the most part-better since you suggested I tuck it in but it still rolls a little at the bottom.  Don’t know if that is because I am so short or short waisted or not as thin as you.
Cons:  Takes a little more time to put on and more time to take off since it is snug and you have to take it down and step out of it.  It rolls a tiny bit on the bottom for me but is better if I tuck it in my underwear.  Not something I would wear every day-not to pilates class-and I don’t usually have to change my bra after pilates class!  I didn’t wear it skiing!  Can’t try it on in a store and the sizing is different than normal bras.
I really do like it, though, in general and think I might get another one.  I am getting tired of dealing with hooks!

Jodie’s Shapeez:

I wanted us all to try out a different variety with our bras, so I asked for the minimizer type. The difference between my Shapeez bra and Nancy’s is basically the cups. Mine are not as molded. However, they are not as thin as many of my lace bras. It’s more of an in between thickness.

Now I’m only showing you the comparison with my my photos. I have them for all of us, but I thought that would get a little repetitive. Staci, the owner of Shapeez, also has these types of photos on the Shapeez site toward the bottom of the home page, if you want to see more.

Shapeez to get rid of lines


Shapeez for a smooth back

As for my opinion of my Shapeez bra? I’m a HUGE fan. In fact, I’ll be ordering quite a few more. In fact, there are a couple in my size in the discount rack, that I may get also. But I will get another one like I have only in black, and I think I’d like the shorter version for the summer.

Since I’m always cold I do think the cami version keeps me a tad warmer. I have the same issue that Nancy talked about of how it rolls a little at the bottom after wearing it all day. I need to shorten it. And the owner said that’s a common issue, and hemming it is easy.

What else do I love about it? I don’t have that feeling at the end of the day that I need to pull it off. I’ve always asked why my bras feel SO much tighter at the end of the day, and no one can really tell me why. I’m sure it has to do with some kind of “swelling” or changes in tissue density after being upright all day. But with this bra, I didn’t notice it as much. And I’m sure that’s because the area of the “band” is so much wider and it distributes it better.

My only complaint? I wish they came in more colors and prints. I like having pretty undergarments.


So let’s talk about sizing. That’s the hard part because it goes by a different system. And while it worked fine for me, it wasn’t as easy for my mom and Nancy. Can I help with that? Maybe. Maybe not. All of us tried following the guidelines on their site. And I will tell you what I think happened below.

I’m a little bummed because the company does offer a shipping label, via email, to return the item to us on your first exchange except when using a discount code. So my suggestion if this is your first time, is order your first one NOW, without my discount code. As soon as you get it, then you can evaluate if it’s the right size. And when you have the right size, then order more using my code JTStyle15 before the end of March.  Because if you’re anything like us, you’ll want a couple since they really are that great.  And like I’m going to do, check out the discount rack after you know your size.

My mom ended up ordering a cup size too big. The sizing guide shows you how to measure your cup size, but most of us also have one breast that is bigger than another. So I would recommend measuring both. And if you have a significant difference, then chat or call. When she wore the one that was too big, she couldn’t tell at first. It wasn’t until wearing it out and about that she realized she had sunk into the cups too much.

Nancy had the same issue but it was because she originally asked for the smaller body size. The owner looked at our blog photos and could tell that it would have been too tight for her. So when the owner changed her body size, she also upped the cup size, and that was the issue.

Shapeez for women of all ages

Other Details

Now let’s all be thankful that there wasn’t a video of me trying to get out of my Shapeez bra the first time. Seriously! Have you ever tried to pull off your sports bra when it’s wet? Well it was that kind of thing, and I was very thankful for the help of my husband.

The trick? First you can read the FAQs, LOL. Or you can listen to me and remember to step into it when putting it on and pull it down to get out of it. I know Nancy says that takes a little longer, but I think it can actually be faster than trying to hook my bra hooks. Especially when there are 3 hooks to contend with on my traditional bra.

If you are interested, but have other questions, I’m happy to give you my thoughts. Or feel free to reach out to Staci, the owner. She’s very responsive during business hours.

As for the cost of these garments, they are what I usually pay for a good bra. Sure, I’ve gotten cheaper bras before at TJ Maxx, however, it’s not easy for me because I’m not a common size. In fact, most of my “good” bras were even more expensive.

There are also a couple of other options that Shapeez has on their site. They have the slip version and even the sports bra version. Along with different combinations of the ones we chose.

Shapeez as wonderful underwear

InStyle Magazine & Nancy’s Kitchen

On a totally different note, I have to tell you how excited I was when we got featured in the March edition of Instyle Magazine. If you happen to get it, make sure to check us out on page 64. We are in the bottom right hand corner, all wearing our leopard coats!

For those of you who have been following along for awhile. These photos are in Nancy’s new house in her kitchen area. It’s a gorgeous area, and the island is so fabulous.

The Facts

This is a sponsored post with Shapeez. I only work with companies that I think will benefit you (and us) but also are budget friendly. That’s why I also like to request a discount code so that you can be rewarded for being a part of this blog. The code JTStyle15 will be good for 15% off until the end of March.

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