Shopping at your Local Boutiques

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Shopping at your Local Boutiques

Even though I professed the love of online shopping just earlier this week, I’m also a huge fan of the local boutiques for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the fact that you are supporting the small businesses in your community. As a former owner of a small business with my dental practice in the past, I realize and appreciate how important local businesses are to our neighborhoods!

So with that introduction, I’d like to you meet Jen & Nancy, the owners of Trendz Boutique in Littleton, Colorado.

Local Boutique at Trendz


There’s a funny story about this particular store. My mom (the 70+ model) actually found it first, and told me about it. She said it was not for women her age, but that I might like it! In retrospect, I realize, that many of us get an impression like this when we visit certain stores. But maybe instead of leaving right away, you should look around. Because I bet there are many items that still would work for any of us no matter our age, sex or size!! In fact, my mom probably goes to this boutique more than I do now, because she’s found some fabulous pieces there!

That was over 5 years ago. And all 3 of us have featured many products from this boutique on the blog. You can check out both Nancy’s & my winter coat, mom’s purse and this purple top among many others!

And there’s a video at the bottom of this post, describing our fabulous outfits we wore this evening!! If you don’t mind Rob’s thumb half way through the video…ha ha…you’ll love it!!


I have to brag on the customer service at Trendz. I realize this may not be the case with all of the local boutiques that you visit; however, both Nancy & Jen make your visit to Trendz so memorable and fun! This too, is a definite advantage over online shopping. Especially if you visit often, it can become a “Cheers” like atmosphere!!

I know when I first started visiting local boutiques, I had the impression that they would be expensive. And it’s true that some of them are. However, there are many that I’ve been in, where most items are under $100. Trendz Boutique is one of these stores! Most, if not all of their items are under $100. There is even a sale rack for the thrift minded women!!

Mod Loops

Local boutiques helping entrepeneurs

This is Vicki, the founder of Mod Loops! She loved the lace extender camisoles that Trendz always sells, but also realized that there are times you want the lace at a different length. So she came up with her own product called Mod Loops!! They are basically a loop of stretchable lace that you can wear at your waist, hip, or even the cleavage area!!

Mod Loopz at Trendz & other local boutiques

The Women

We were blessed to be joined by friends, and new faces galore! The new faces we will now be able to call friends. This is the best part about local shops!!

Local Boutiques in Littleton

Local Boutiques, Trendz

Trendz Summer Style at local boutiques



Trendz in Littleton for local boutiques love

local boutiques summer styling

20 Outfits in 20 Minutes

And the gallery below shows many of the Spruce up your Summer Style Show, that Nancy & Jen put together!! It was timed to make sure it didn’t go over the 20 minutes and it was a fabulous time!!

Littleton, Colorado

Local Boutique

So if you were not able to make our Spruce up your Summer Style Evening and live around Denver, I hope you’ll stop in and check out Trendz Boutique. And make sure to tell them that Jodie, Nancy & Charlotte from Jodie’s Touch of Style said hi!!



What’s your thoughts about boutiques? Do you have a favorite that I need to go visit??

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