Should You Tour Harrison’s Cave and Other Fun in Barbados

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Stalactites in Harrison's cave

Should You Tour Harrison’s Cave and Other Fun in Barbados

You may think that Barbados is like any other Caribbean island; however a trip to Harrison’s Cave will change your thinking about all of that.

Quote of the day: “If fear alters behavior, you’re already defeated.” Brenda Hammond

As part of our Caribbean cruise journey, I wanted to include our excursion to Barbados and the tour of Harrison’s Cave. The reason this quote was apropos is because Rob is not a fan of caves. He tends to be claustrophobic and would never have picked this tour on his own. Yet for our cruise with Charlotte, and Nancy, we each decided on an excursion of our liking.

Nancy’s choice for an excursion was playing with the dolphins, which was surprisingly fun. Rob’s choice was a food tour (no surprise there), and maybe not our favorite day trip. This tour with this cave was Charlotte’s choice, and all of us really enjoyed it. Yes, even Rob. More information about that below.

At port in Barbados

On our way to Harrison’s Cave from the dock and then back to be dropped off at our ship, our guide relegated us with a lot of facts and information about Barbados. While I’m sure these are all things you could look up on your own, our guide was a native of the island, and made our day very enjoyable.

Fun Facts About Barbados

1-Many of the trees are mahogany. Do you know why? It’s because termites don’t like mahogany because it’s bitter to them.

2– Barbados gets 50 inches of rain a year.

3– The tallest building is 10 stories.  

4– The island only has 1 television station. 

5– It is the most eastern Caribbean island and very safe.

6– There are no snakes on the island because of the mongoose population. Only other wildlife is the green monkey.

7– The island has always been run by England. It is one of the few that hasn’t been taken over by other countries.

8-This island was NOT created by a volcanic formation. Instead it is a coral stone formation that happened over millions of years. This was information we also learned more about while we were touring the cave.

Insider tip: You shouldn’t wear camouflage clothes because that print is restricted for the army. The funniest thing about saying that is I would never have imagined that camo would be a fashion statement years ago. Yet you can see all three of us wearing it many times on this blog.

The entrance to Harrison's cave

Is Harrison’s Cave a Must See?

Unless you’d rather lounge on the beach or tour around the island, Harrison’s Cave is a one of a kind adventure. Only a few Caribbean islands have caves, and this one has been restored and is very unique.

So even if you are not a big cave fan like Rob, let me allay your fears and say that it’s not claustrophobic, it’s not smelly, and it’s not scary.

Let me also distinguish between two different tours you can take of Harrison’s cave. There is the one that is strenuous where you actually travel through the water and check out the cave as the early explorers did. Trust me, we DID NOT do this one!! Don’t laugh though because we know someone who did. I met a fellow blogger on the cruise (Deborah of Fabulous After 40 who I will introduce you to again soon), and she and her family did that tour.

Insider tip: If you are interested in the Eco-Adventure, beware there are places that are a tight squeeze. This is not for the claustrophobic.

The Accessible Harrison’s Cave Experience

This is the tour that we experienced and it was fabulous for the 4 of us. Claustrophobic husband and all.

For this tour, we first watched a video about the safety and improvements that have been made so that other’s can experience the natural wonders. Then we were given a hair net and hard hat. Not because it was unsafe, but because there is constant dripping of water from the stalactites.

We then climbed on a tram which took us down into the large rooms of the cave. Our tour guide for Harrison’s Cave allowed us to get out at many of the rooms so we could get photos up close of the formations.

My favorite part was the white flowstones pictured above. It reminded me of the Ice Castles that we experienced in the Colorado mountains without all of the shivering.

Insider tip: Even though you are underground, it is basically the same temperature as above ground. If you are worried you might need a jacket or topper, you don’t.

Harrison's Cave tour for women over 50

What We Wore

You’ve seen these outfits along with our other excursion looks that I included on a blog post all about these essentials. If it’s one thing the three of us know about, it’s how to look stylish and be realistic depending on where we are going.

Touring Harrison's Cave

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo


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