Showcasing Comfy Fall Outfits at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin

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3 women wearing comfy fall outfits

Showcasing Comfy Fall Outfits at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West

Comfy fall outfits are exactly what you need when you are going to be spending 90 minutes on a tour. Especially when your tour is outdoors and indoors, having layers is perfect.

Quote of the day: “Learn what you are, and be such.” Pindar

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin is where we went for our photo shoot wearing our National fall outfits. There are some wonderful details about our outfit in the individual posts.

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Shopping in comfy fall outfits for our FLW tour

Our Comfy Fall Outfits

For example, Lesley was VERY creative in styling this headband. It reminds me of how we were experimenting with wearing scarves for the summer recently.

My mom even brought out a pair of older shoes that makes the outfit modern. Granted, it’s important to consider comfort when you’re going to be walking a lot, but I think it’s been easier to find both of those things lately.

And my top is one of those that is going to be perfect for every season now that we are in Arizona. I missed out on the boho trends the first time around, so I’ve been really enjoying the embroidery details on clothing more and more.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin

I knew nothing about Frank Lloyd Wright before our tour. I know there are houses built by him in many parts of the country, but I had never been. My mom said she had learned about his architecture back in college, but I was ignorant even about that.

In our tour at Taliesin West, we learned not only about Frank Lloyd Wright’s (who I will now refer to as FLW) design ideas but also about his character.


FLW was an organic architect. His idea was to use and copy the environment where he was building his houses. For Taliesin West, he used rocks and elements from the desert and built this in sync with the mountains behind the house.

He was quite the innovator of many kinds of architectural designs like recessed lighting, acoustics and the first to design a drive through bank (which everyone thought was ridiculous at the time).

One feature that he included in his homes was a gathering room or great room as we call it now. He was also very influenced by Japanese design.

And one thing I loved to hear was he ALWAYS wore a 3 piece suit, carried a cane (not because he needed it for balance) and wore a red cape. Seriously, a red cape. In his mind, he was a superhero. As we all are!

There was another aspect of his design that was very inspiring. Many of his walls or designs had to be built a couple of times. The first time it wasn’t unusual for it to fail. Yet he kept trying until it worked. It’s a great lesson for all of us. Failure does not need to be the end result.

Tips about What to Wear on this Kind of Tour

Comfy fall outfits while on tour

There are many tips for enjoying these kinds of tours. Here are a couple:

1-The FLW foundation kindly offered everyone these umbrellas for since half of our tour was outside in the hot Arizona sun. If I had thought about this, I would have brought my new parasol that I purchased from Lily Lark recently. Usually we are good about wearing hats if we know we will be outside, but this was nice alternative.

2-Obviously having shoes that are good for walking and standing are of prime importance. In fact, Lesley brought shoes to change into after taking our blog photos for this occasion.

3- The other clothing related thought is wearing comfy fall outfits. While you’re outside, you need clothes that aren’t too hot, but inside where it’s air conditioned, it’s nice to have a layer.

4-Water and snacks. These are something I have learned to bring almost anywhere. Luckily my husband brings a backpack for the camera gear, so our water and Built Bar fits in their perfectly.

What you Might Not Have Known About Frank Lloyd Wright

Comfy fall outfits with color

On our tour at Taliesin West, our guide loved to tell the “truth” about FLW and his shenanigans. After the tour we decided to call him a scoundrel. Here’s why:

1- Of course he was a womanizer. When he was married to his first wife, he went off to Europe with the neighbor’s wife leaving his 6 kids behind.

2- He rarely paid his creditors. Or at least he tried to get out of paying them.

3- FLW would have his apprentices do ALL the work. He would “advertise” to teach these people his work on the job. They were allowed to live on his land (in tents) yet they had to do everything. And by everything I mean, cook, clean, entertain along with build the house.

4-It was his way or the highway. For instance, if you notice the red tile next to the Japanese insert in the wall, this shows that it was designed and kept as he made it. FLW would make and place the furniture for his homes. And he didn’t want things moved around. He thought where he originally placed the furniture was where they should reside for always.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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