Showcasing Fashion Color Analysis for Women with White Hair

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Women over 80 and fashion

Showcasing Fashion Color Analysis for Women with White Hair

All three of us will be showcasing fashion color analysis this week. Color can be such a controversial subject. Yet study after study proves that it can affect us in so many ways.

Quote of the day: ” I believe that wearing the RIGHT color is transformational. It can make you look 10 years younger. It can give you the confidence you need to get through the day.” Jen Thoden of Your Color Style

Recently I was honored to be interviewed on Jen’s podcast. This was before she launched her new DIY Personal Color Analysis. After our chat, she reached out and invited me to be an affiliate for the program. As a true lover of color, I figured this might be a great way for others to find what colors are good for themselves.

I’ll be talking more in detail about the course and if it might be right for you later this week. But in the meantime, please feel free to check out Jen’s site, because there are some great blog posts along with ideas of how to wear certain colors.

Nancy also looks better with brights but it a cool complexion. While I follow in my mom’s footsteps. I also review some online color analysis options in detail.

Wearing a scarf to bring color to the face

Charlotte’s Wearing

Jeans: Mom made them AND they are reversible~~ Top: Mom made it AND she can wear it backwards~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles here Use code Style15 for 15% off c/o ~~Scarf: ~~Earrings: ~~ Purse: Style & Co

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Charlotte and her Fashion Color Analysis

The interesting concept for Jen’s Fashion Color Analysis is it’s not dependent on seasons but concentrates on warm vs cool and bright vs soft colors.

And while most of the time, when women’s hair goes to white or silver, it makes them more cool, my mom is an exception. She definitely is still warm, and we keyed her in as needing more brights although lighter brights (if that makes sense).

The whole idea of fashion color analysis is to find colors that don’t wash you out, yet don’t match you too much. You don’t want to blend in with your clothing and look naked.

Fashion color analysis for women with white hair

This Scarf

And in saying all of these concepts about color, you can see how this top might blend into my mom’s coloring too much. That’s where a scarf can save the day. Like this one.

Small scarves like this may not be what you want when it’s super hot outside, but on the cooler days, they work to add color near your face. And they are so easy to tie. Mom just folded this in half and let the point be in the back.

Pastels for older women

Hair Accessory, LOL

Now I know this looks like the butterfly has been photoshopped onto my mom’s hair! BUT IT’S REAL!! You’ll hear more about our adventures this day, but suffice it to say the butterfly really landed on my mom’s head. We were laughing that it could be the newest trend in hair accessories.

Also, these super cool earrings. They were made by a friend’s son who was working making dentures at the time. His side job was making jewelry.

Butterfly as a hair accessory

The Jeans

My mom made these jeans. I know…she’s amazing! And the best part? They are reversible. We found the fabric when we were at a local fabric store. So she whipped them up and wore them on our Alaskan cruise. The other side is a grey denim and you can see that version when we toured around.

Maybe it’s not super obvious, but she left the hem raw. If you think that you are too old for that trend, then think again. There are many versions of the raw hem. Some ravel a ton, and maybe you don’t like that. But there are some that just look not sewn like these.

Pinks, blues and creams for older women

Red Shoes

Red shoes are the best punch of color around. It was 4 years ago when we styled red shoes a bunch of different ways. And my favorite way to wear them are as a contrast to the outfit. To me it makes the outfit SO modern and contemporary.

As for these red patent leather shoes, they are gifted from Walking Cradles. My mom chose these because she’s been going with flats more and more lately. And while I can twist her arm to wear sneakers occasionally, she still likes a more dressed up look.

And these flats can easily be worn for a dressy occasion, work or even casually. If you haven’t tried Walking Cradles yet, then you’d be surprised at how comfy they are especially with the tiny pillows in every shoe. We walked around for a couple of hours and my mom did great in these.

If you want to try out a pair of Walking Cradles shoes make sure to go through my link and use the code JODIE15 for 15% off.

Red shoes as a contrast

A contrasting shoe is interesting like Linda showed in her Instagram post featuring @guardianfashion which I included below. I know most of us would have matched with black shoes, but I just love how the yellow shoes give such pizzazz.

Non matching shoes with an outfit


My mom has been chomping at the bit to make this top for awhile. Once the jeans were made, she “needed” (notice that’s in quotation marks because she needs new clothes like she needs another hole in the head) something to match them. And it’s a cool pattern because she can turn the top around and wear it the other way too.

Another shout out for this outfit is the fact that my mom is print mixing…a lot. The jeans are a small, subtle print while the top is a color blocked piece. And then my mom throws in that print scarf?? Who is this woman, and what has she done to my mother?? LOL!!

Fashion color analysis for your coloring

Mom and Color

My mom has always like color. I guess it’s that adage of the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree. She does remember when ivory suits were in style. So she bought one and looked WAY washed out in it. Of course, her solution was to wear a brighter color near her face with that suit.

When I asked mom what her favorite color is (of course I know the answer because I lived with her for 18 years), she said blue. And yes, she has a ton of blue in her closet. But not just her closet. All over her house! Anyone else like that?

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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