Showcasing Mother’s Day Style for Mature Women

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Mother's day style for mature women

Showcasing Mother’s Day Style for Mature Women

Your Mother’s day style should be just like any other outfit you wear. Something that makes you feel wonderful and good about yourself. Whether you are going out or staying in.

Quote of the day: “I say, dress to please yourself. Listen to your inner muse and take a chance. Wear something that says, ‘Here I am’ today.” Iris Apfel

If you know Iris Apfel, then you know she wears whatever she pleases. Granted, her style is very artsy, and most of us aren’t comfortable with that many accessories and prints. Yet it does beg the question of why we are so concerned about the fashion “rules” so much. I think we should all start trying to be a rebel every once in a while.

The three of us all brought in some color with our mother’s day style. My inspiration was a multi colored dress from my teenage years that my mother had made me. And Lesley’s inspiration was her signature colors.

Lilac dress for mother's day style

Dress: Nordstrom ~~Shoes: Alfani~~ Hat: McMartin~~ Flower: Mom made it~~ Earrings: Denver Syphony gift shop~~ Purse: Kellie + Katie

Wearing a hat for mother's day style

Mother’s Day Style

This dress Charlotte has had over 20 years yet she says she really doesn’t wear it much. When I asked her why, she said, it’s because she doesn’t go to many events in which to wear it. Yet, really it’s a casual dress because it’s a t-shirt material. Sure, the trim adds a bit of dressiness but overall it could be styled casually too.
This is such a great style for women because it’s loose and lovely. In fact, I’ve linked some other wonderful dresses below that would also be good for dressy times and casual.

Insider tip: So many of our items we have categorized in our brains for a certain occasion. For example, a dress is dressy, yet we can make those pieces much more versatile by trying to think differently about them.

You can tell my mom really likes the color lilac a lot lately since that was her color combination when we were inspired by our gardens.

In the past when we’ve discussed maxi dresses, sometimes there is a concern about the safety since they can be easier to trip over.
That’s why this length is ideal. It’s long enough for coverage, yet short enough not to get caught up in especially when going up and down stairs.

Floral Purse

Even though my mom has a lilac purse, I’m so glad she chose this white floral one for this Mother’s Day style look. Granted you might like it because it matches her shoes, yet even if she had on nude shoes, it would be a nice touch.

If floral purses aren’t your thing I found a couple of other options below you might enjoy that seem more summery.

Are You Crafty?

My mom is sharing the patterns she uses for all of her fabric flowers. I found it on Amazon if you’re interested. There are many different varieties of flowers and it’s one way that Charlotte uses the leftover material from either altering pieces or making clothes.

My mom has over 30 of these flowers in her collection. In fact, I bet a multi colored one like her shoes and purse would also look nice on this dress.

Insider tip: If you’re not someone who wants to sew, but loves the idea of this fabric flower, then you could tie a scarf into a flower and pin in on your clothing item.

Flowers for mother's day style

Hat Decor

Did you notice the scarf hanging off the hat also? It’s such a great way to put your scarves to use and add some interest to the rear view of your outfit. There are a couple of ways to get the scarf to stay on your hat. Sometimes the fashion tape is good for this. Other times a safety pin works great.

Remember: Just as many people see you from behind as from the front. So give them something fun to see from every angle.

Floral shoes

Are Print Shoes Versatile?

Even if you’re someone who gravitates toward solid colored shoes, I think floral shoes are something that will get a lot of wear in the warmer months.
They can add such a nice summery vibe.

Insider tip: If you are worried that print shoes are too busy with an outfit, make sure you look at the whole outfit from a distance. Many times, some prints are so small, they almost look solid.
In fact, we styled print shoes once as part of a print mixing 101 blog post.

T-Shirt dress for comfort

Mother’s Day Remembrances

When I asked Charlotte about some of her favorite memories for Mother’s day, she came up with two stories.
One was that her mom’s birthday was on May 2. So one year she and her step father visited and my mom took her shopping. She remembers that her mother ended up with a medium blue raincoat.

The other fun memory is when I was living at home, we would go to our favorite Hungarian restaurant in Toledo with my other grandparents. However, the place didn’t take reservations and we waited over an hour to be seated. After that, my mom suggested that we have Mother’s Day dinner at our house.

Mother's day style outfit

Happy Mother’s Day to All

Here’s wishing each and every one of you a fabulous Mother’s Day.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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