Showcasing Road Trip Outfits in the Summer

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Hat looks

Showcasing Road Trip Outfits in the Summer

Road trip outfits can be varied depending on the weather and destination. No matter what though, we can still look presentable no matter what the situation. You just need a couple of key pieces. Keep reading to hear about the funny one from Lesley’s past.

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Quote of the day: “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.” Unknown

And who isn’t happy with a new adventure on the horizon? It’s like seeing a dog with their face out the window. That’s how road trips can be. Of course there is always the National Lampoon’s version too…haha!

Our road trip outfits differed with Charlotte concentrating on lightweight items, and I tried to stay comfy. Lesley and her husband used to take many road trips around Colorado, and has a couple of things she’s learned along the way.
That’s the best part about hanging with others. We can all learn from each other.

Road Trip Outfits

Shorts and sneakers as part of road trip outfits

Shorts: INC~~ Top: Style & Co ~~ Shoes: Jambu c/o ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Maruca~~Hat: Angela & William

Blue and red look as one of many road trip outfits

Lesley wore her “uniform” shorts which are spandex and a wide stretch elastic waistband. That creates a flatter profile and makes it easy to pull up and down.

As for the top, a pretty print blouse that isn’t tight ticks the boxes for comfort and style! We all think of a tee for casual comfort, but there’s no reason not to pull out your other fun tops too!

Minimal Accessories

Lesley makes sure to grab a purse that is hands free for exploring. Today’s example is her Maruca purse. Maruca is a company from Colorado, and Lesley has many of their designs (you can see a small black one here). In fact, we saw a couple of their products at a boutique here in Phoenix.

We realize that hats are meant more for the outside than the actual road trip itself. Just like I discussed, if you’re napping or rolling around in the back seat, your hair may end up in every direction. But it’s also great if you get out to explore, to keep the sun off your face!

Insider tip: I explored the myths of hat wearing and suggestions to make it work for you in a Kuel article.

Ruffle top for woman over 60

Shorts Again

The idea of loving our legs was the theme last week on the blog. It generated much feedback in comments and even on an Instagram post. The fact that many of us aren’t happy with our bodies really makes me sad. Not that I don’t struggle with my body at times too.
Yet as we’ve gotten older and wiser, I’m hoping that we all practice gratitude and as one friend said “I’m choosing to love the evolution.”

Insider tip: It IS a choice we make about the thoughts regarding our body. A National Science Foundation article reported that for our overall thoughts “80% are negative and 95% are exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before.” Only you can make that change!

Jambu sneakers

Sneaker Love

Walking around the older towns can be an exercise in agility. At least here in Jerome, there were lots of uneven surfaces. That’s the thing to consider when you are going to places you’ve never been. Having supportive shoes is always a smart detail.

Both Charlotte and Lesley wore their Jambu sneakers for this outing. You can see that the material on Lesley’s pair is almost sock like and not as heavy as leather ones.
There is leather on the heel portion which is why she always wears no show socks with them.

Insider tip: My favorite no show socks are still the Sheec brand. Granted for full coverage there are other brands that stay up good too. If your’s don’t or you need lower coverage, check out Sheec and use my code JODIE for 15% off.

Styling road trip outfits for comfort

Lessons from Road Trip Outfits

When Lesley’s husband was alive, they loved to take day trips from Denver. For instance, Lesley talks about Florence, CO that besides being a super maximum prison site, also has a charming downtown area with a main street full of great antique stores.
Or east of Denver are many towns founded by pioneers who got discouraged with the endless prairie. While they could see the mountains in the distance, they decided that this was far enough and settled down.

Insider tip: Did you know that Burlington, Colorado is home to a true treasure of an antique carousel and carousel museum? It shows how the beautiful creatures on the carousel are created.

What Lesley has learned is to take 2 kinds of shoes as part of her road trip outfits. She takes flip flops that she can easily kick off while in the car to let the toes wiggle. Yet they are quick to put on for potty stops.
Then she also has a pair of walking, closed toe shoes for exploring and tramping around.

Along with the shoes, she always has a sweater or jacket and a hat. You can also see that a bottle of water is a huge necessity! Especially here in the dessert.

Insider tip: It’s never a bad idea to keep a jacket and hat in your own car at all times. I’ve recently taken this advice to heart by grabbing another denim shirt at the thrift store for the car.

Road trip outfits for women
You would think that the theme was florals…LOL!

As a Kid

Lesley shares that when she was a child, her family of 7 would take a day trip every week in the summer. It was a cheap way to amuse 5 kids. They usually headed into the mountains where it was cooler and had some wonderful adventures.
The funny part was her mom always kept a large coffee can in the car. Can you guess why?? DIY potty stop!

Insider tip: There is a handy, dandy modern way for women to pee most anywhere. The only reason I know about these is because my friend swears by it. So much easier than squatting.

Ideas for road trip outfits

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo


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