Showcasing the Funny Photos of the Year & Giveaway

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Funny photos with expressions

Showcasing the Funny Photos of the Year & Giveaway

Seeing the funny photos or bloopers can be the best. I’m sure you all realize that just because I show the (mostly) good photos, there are a ton that get sent to the trash because they don’t make the cut. Yet, those are sometimes the best ones, right?

Quote of the day: “A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles.” Mignon McLaughlin

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So read on and have a chuckle or two at our expense. They make me laugh too.

The Weather Outside is Frightful

I always say that the wind is worse for a blogger than the cold. Then again, maybe we are just looking at it wrong, because don’t all the high priced photo shoots have a fan blowing??

The first photo is when we styled cute tights with our outfits. You can see more of the wind blowing us around then.

The second one is showcasing Lesley with her puffer style coat. It was a blustery day in Georgetown, CO for those shots.

He Sees You When You’re Sleeping

My mom is not the only one who does this; however, these are the ones I had saved. Let’s just say, this is the one reason I prefer taking our photos with sunglasses on!!!

Mom was showing off her mad print mixing skills with her wide leg pants in the first photo.

Then I talked about how to keep our summer whites more white and mom was obviously tuckered out…ha ha.

Do You See What I See

I just want to point out that it’s not just us causing the bloopers. Sometimes the photographer is to blame.

Obviously the camera didn’t appreciate my mom’s western outfit.

Along with wanting to focus on the tree instead of our lime colored outfits.

Friends Are Calling Yoo Hoo

When you get three women together, you have to expect a little chit chat. And here’s what happens when we talk when the camera’s clicking.

Chatting up a storm in our Go2 Socks.

I’m sure I’m telling my husband how great he is for our blue and white top theme posts.

There are also way more interesting things to check out while we are standing around taking photos. This was our black and white for spring post.

She’d Been Drinking Too Much Eggnog

Not that Nancy has the corner on funny faces. I mean check out my mom in the first photo of this post. But Nancy sure gave us some good ones this year. While Lesley has that “I’m mad at you” look quite often. We are trying to get her out of that habit…LOL!

It’s almost like Nancy was yawning in our white dresses post.

Lesley has that mom face when we were shooting our wide leg pants theme.

But Nancy cracks me up with her UGH face when we styled spring colors. Luckily there is one where she is smiling on the blog post.


This giveaway is for everyone. I will allow the winner to pick the store for their online $50 gift card. Giveaway ends at midnight on Saturday, December 21.

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Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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