Showing Legs with a Skort for Women over 70

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Woman in her 70's in style

Showing Legs with a Skort for Women over 70

Showing legs could be one of those “rules” we consider inappropriate once we get to a certain age. Either that or we aren’t comfortable with them because of the changes in our bodies. While I understand those thoughts completely, the idea of learning to love our legs was a suggestion by Mildred.

Quote of the day: “Do what you feel in your heart to be right-for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.” Eleanor Roosevelt

The quote is perfect for the idea of showing legs in shorter pieces once you are part of AARP. And notice who is the author of the quote. Does it make you wonder what she was going through? I’m sure her quote was not intended for style and fashion, yet our clothing choices can be very powerful.
How we present ourselves to the world goes a long way to feeling strong and confident. Even though many articles and stylists proclaim we should cover up our “imperfections,” I think learning to love our perfectly imperfect bodies is more important.

Lesley is the model of the day showing legs by wearing a skort that is above her knees. And below she gives her opinion of her legs and who inspires her. For this theme, I got crazy and wore shorts while Charlotte styled a pair of capris she DIY’ed.

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Showing Legs in a Skort

Embracing and showing legs in women over 70

Skort: Cracked Wheat ~~ Top: Caribe ~~ Shoes: A2 by Aerosole ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Small one is Maruka, tote is thrifted

I will admit that I have been influenced by Lesley since we moved here to Arizona. While we were visiting her before our move, she was wearing shorts, and it’s SO refreshing to think that someone is comfortable showing legs especially when it’s a hundred degrees outside.
You might remember seeing her in our apple picking outfit post, where she wore shorts. So the shorts are not only for her at home outfits.

Crossbag for older women

Are Skorts in Style?

While skorts may not be something that is “trendy” right now, they are certainly very convenient. And in reality, no one really knows there are shorts under the skirt unless you are doing crazy dance moves or the wind comes up. Which is exactly when it’s nice to know you’re covered and not flashing the people around you.

Insider tip: One of Lesley’s other secrets is to wear a pair of bike shorts under a skirt in case of the Marilyn Monroe effect.

Matching Accessories

When you have a print top with different colors in it, it creates an easy way to pull in those colors with accessories. Lesley is wearing earrings and bracelets that pull in the darker blue from her top. And even though they look like they match each other, they were purchased separately.

The turquoise tote bag is one way that Lesley travels especially for our blog photos. She will have a tote that she can put her purse in, yet also have room for many other items, just in case. Normally, she will keep the tote in the car, to minimize the weight and size of the purse she carries around.

Insider tip: Downsizing is a term used widely nowadays. Have you downsized your wallet? Many of the “loyalty” cards can be used as an app on our phones instead.

Wearing a skort and showing legs

Does Lesley Love Her Legs?

In Lesley’s words: “Do I like my legs? I love them because they take me dancing, bike riding, hiking and to interesting places. Do I like them? Meh! My thighs are too heavy and look like I’ve been injected with cottage cheese. I once, many years ago, had the nick name of ‘Legs’. No one is to blame but myself that they are not what they once were, but they have held me up for many years with only problems from a couple of knees that have and are being taken care of.

It’s a fact of life for many of us Boomer Babes. I am thankful every morning as I walk my dogs that I’m not on a walker or in a wheelchair, but I can still enjoy my mobility.”

Insider tip: Gratitude. Gratitude is everything.

How showing legs is good for any age woman


In Lesley’s words: “Who inspires me? Two lady friends both in their early 80’s though you would never know it. Charlotte for her classic style and wonderful travel stories. And Carol for her endless energy and example to keep moving and laughing.
Thanks ladies, I want to be you when I grow up.”

Nude shoes with a turquoise skirt and showing legs

The Reality of our Legs

I love how Lesley talked about the functional aspect of our legs. It’s certainly true that they may not look the same as they did when we were young.
But let me ask you a question. When you were younger, did you embrace your body? Or were you constantly criticizing it even then?

I ask you to think about those two questions. Because today you will be the youngest you will ever be. And aging is a good thing. As for getting society to feel this way, it all starts with US!

Can older women embrace legs?

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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