Shrewd Spring Style–How to Wear a Utility Vest

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Shrewd Spring Style–How to Wear a Utility Vest

Why would I wear a green utility vest in the spring? As the St. Patrick holiday and the new spring season approaches, we look to the color green more. And even though olive green tends to be more of a fall color, I think I springified it nicely with this outfit.

Quote of the day: “Every now and then it helps to be a little deaf…That advice has stood me in good stead.” Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Of course Ruth didn’t say this in relation to clothes and style, but you know I can twist almost any quote to work for my blog. Being deaf to those fashion rules and preconceived notions about certain ways to dress can actually benefit us. What if I only wore this olive green utility vest in the fall? How sad would that be??

I believe the items in our closets should work for most seasons no matter the color. When we think of certain colors for certain seasons, it really limits us.
Make sure to see how Lesley wore her green which she confessed is NOT her favorite color. And Charlotte is sporting bright kelly green.

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This Utility Vest Styled for Spring

Florals and green utility vest

Skirt: Old Navy~~Vest: Target~~ Top: c/o~~ Shoes: Tiosebon c/o~~ Earrings: Pam Neri Necklaces~~ Purse: Aldo-thrifted

Color combinations are such an easy way to change up a look and create a mood!! I realize when the days start staying lighter longer, it seems easier to bring out the lighter colors.
Yet you don’t want to ignore the other colors in your closet either, so combining them is the way to go.

Since I always love the pink and green colors together, I grabbed this new pink denim skirt that I picked up at the end of the fall season for $3. And then found some great floral pieces that seem so obvious for spring.

Styling pink and green

What is a Utility Vest/Jacket

If you google what is a utility vest or jacket, you find the definition of a practical piece to combat weather in a masculine look. Yet, we know how fashion can change the details enough to make it stylish.
Many of these vests/jackets are a heavier material, but I’m guessing you’ll be seeing it soon in more materials and colors as time goes on.

If you only style it with other masculine items, then you’re really missing out on having fun with dichotomy or the yin/yang in style.
So I wore it with opposites with pink (which is girly) along with floral pieces.

Pink and Floral

These are details that personally I never wore when I was younger. Maybe you don’t know the story, but I was a serious youngster. Then in my career as a dentist, I felt the need to be “professional” and even more serious. I always felt like I had the world on my shoulders.
It wasn’t until I retired that I have embraced what I say as “having fun with my style”. And having fun means trying all styles, colors (or at least shades of colors that look good on me) and turning a deaf ear to some of the fashion chatter!!

The list of things I would never wear when younger is long and involved, LOL. But it includes pink, polka dots and anything too bright or colorful.
You can certainly see how I’ve turned 180 degrees from then, and I also relate it to the fact that I’m happy.
One of my theories is that most days we project our mood with our clothing!

Insider tip: Even if you aren’t particularly happy, I read a wonderful article (not mine) that vivid color can create joy.

Wearing a utility vest with lighter colors

Style a Green Utility Vest

I know I was surprised when I asked some millennials what is frumpy, and one of the answers was vests. Of course, how we style something can make a huge difference, and I would argue that this outfit looks cute.

Vests can certainly fill a hole in our closet. A “third piece” can make any outfit better. Yet vests can be layered over more than just a blouse. I’ve layered them over a t-shirt, cardigan and even a jacket in the past.

Insider tip: Not all utility vests or jackets are created equal. Many are boxy or too long for some of us shorter women. Make sure to try many!!

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Lightweight sneakers from Tiosebon

Sneakers for Older Women

I’ve been very lucky to try out so many different brands of shoes as I’ve been blogging. Every woman I know yearns for comfortable footwear, and it’s nice how brands are concentrating on that detail PLUS incorporating style too.
This is one of the more budget oriented brands (Tiosebon) that we’ve tried. You can see the original post here. I think the discount code TIOSENBON20 still is effective if you’re interested. Both Lesley and Charlotte picked different styles which they love too.

Sneakers are so comfy so these are the shoes you see us wear more often than not when we go out exploring. So I will tell you that they go with everything including skirts and dresses!

Denim skirt for women over 50
How to style a utility vest

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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