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Shrewd Way to Style a Floral Skirt Outfit When You Hate Florals

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Why would you even want to style a floral skirt outfit if you hate florals? It’s a good question, but sometimes I think florals get a bad rap.

At least I never used to like them because they were a tad “girly” for me. Yet I think I can prove that some florals aren’t quite as girly. In fact, with my floral skirt outfit, you might not even recognize the fact that the skirt is flowers at first.

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Quote of the day: “There is only one success…to be able to spend your life in your own way.” Christopher Morley

It’s nice when you can find clothing items that make you happy. And I’m here to tell you that you CAN wear what you like. No matter what your age or size, fashion can make you feel amazing!!

So when I saw this gold, textural flower skirt while thrifting, I thought it was the perfect idea because it’s more like a piece of art than anything. In fact, I found a couple of other such pieces in the widget at the end of the post if you prefer an artsier definition of floral!
My idea of artsier is the opposite of the small print of florals. Of course, that could be different for everyone.

Women over 50 in floral skirt outfit

Skirt: Banana Republic-thrifted ~~ Sweater: Zara~~ Boots: Pertti Palmroth-thrifted ~~ Earrings: Heartland Jewelry c/o~~ Purse: I knit it~~ Glasses: Glasses Shop (code GSHOT35)

Gold, Floral Skirt Outfit for Winter

This gold, flower skirt is a soft material so when you sit down, it’s not like sitting on pins and needles. Trust me, I checked before I went up to the cash register.
The funny thing is when I was in line to buy this at the thrift store, the woman in front of me told me she had the same skirt. So we talked about what she wore with it.

Since the flower skirt is metallic gold, it really is neutral, and you could pair it with any color. In fact, you can see how Lesley wore gold as a winter color lately.

Insider tip: Do you sit down when you try on items in the store? It’s truly a good idea for so many reasons. I like to see how things feel and you can sometimes gauge if something will wrinkle a lot too. One time I tried on a sequin skirt, but the sit test made me realize I couldn’t buy it because the sequins dug into my behind.

Since the temperatures were a tad chilly when we took these photos, I wore a sweater and boots with the gold skirt.
Obviously not super chilly since I have bare legs. Thank golly for Arizona winters in the afternoon.

How to wear a floral skirt outfit

Adding Dichotomy to the Floral Skirt Outfit

It’s hard to tell in these photos, but the gold flower skirt has a metallic sheen to it. I am sure you would all describe it as dressy. Yet that should NEVER mean that you can’t wear it for a casual day. Just as I have done here.
I think the idea of adding dichotomy to any outfit is a very modern and chic trait. Another idea would be to add sneakers to your floral skirt outfit.

I paired it with a long, blue sweater which kept the proportions at a 2/3 to 1/3. This sweater is one that I bought online for a great sale from Zara years ago. The pockets have this faux fur detailing that I think is super fun.
You can see how I wore this sweater on our Alaska cruise around the ship here, and then switched shoes to wear it for dinner here.

Insider tip: Having fun pockets like this is a detail I love because I love the extras. However, if you tend to a more minimal style, don’t be put off by these details. Most of them could be changed. For instance, with this sweater, it would be super easy to just remove the pockets and have a blue sweater that was a great deal.

I do wear a t-shirt under this sweater usually because it seems low cut otherwise. A blue one would match and basically hide the fact I’m wearing one, but today I went with a burgundy that pulls the burgundy from the faux fur, from my purse, and my glasses. Repeating a color this way makes it seem more intentional.

Statement Earrings and a Hand Knit Purse

I usually reserve my shoulder scraping earrings for when I’m wearing something that exposes my shoulders. However, I decided to see how they would look with the sweater and I liked it. The color of the earrings are a stone brown color (I’m sure there is a real name for the stone, but as I discussed in our periwinkle post, is the name of the color you are wearing really important?)

The purse reminded me of the colors in the faux fur on the pockets of the sweater, so I pulled it out to use for the day. I knit this purse so many years ago that I don’t remember if it was a kit or not. There is a hard plastic part in the bottom of it which makes me think it was part of a kit.

It’s not my favorite purse because it doesn’t hold its shape well, but I know how long it took me to knit it, so I just can’t purge it.

Floral skit outfit with sweater and boots

When Texture is Part of the Outfit

One aspect of this floral skirt outfit that makes my heart go pitter-patter, is the texture of the flowers on the skirt.
When you add textural items to any outfit, you add depth to the look. It’s far more interesting than having everything the same flat material.

While these kinds of textures aren’t always easy to find, that’s why you should definitely grab them up if and when you see them. Another good example of textural items is sequined things.
Don’t forget, you CAN wear these items casually!!

Gold, textural floral skit outfit

Black Patent Leather Boots

I found these boots recently when we were thrifting and was impressed that they had never been worn. In fact, they came with the cardboard still in the shaft which is nice.
If you are ever looking for tips about shopping for second-hand shoes, I wrote a post about that.

Insider tip: There are all kinds of hacks to use to stuff in your boots when you’re not wearing them. I’ve read about cutting pool noodles to have them fit, using rolled-up magazines, as well as buying the items (on Amazon here) that are meant for this job.
However, I use egg cartons. I figure they are free after we use up the eggs, and they are easy to customize. For thinner boots, I tear the top from the bottom and only use one side in each boot. For wider boots, I use both the top and bottom together in each boot.

Even though these boots hadn’t been worn, they weren’t in pristine shape. Because they are patent leather, they had dried out and have cracks in the leather.
Since we have always lived in drier environments, I have found this to happen with many of my vegan boots over time.

However, in my evaluation of the boots, I figured that most people would never notice the cracks. And the deal was such that I figured I would wear them enough times to get my money’s worth. Isn’t that the goal for all of our shopping?
To me, the gold heel and brown leather at the top of the boots made them so unique and different. Plus I like the height of this boot as an option between my tall boots and ankle boots.

Winter floral skit outfit
Florals in winter for mature women

Chuhily in the Desert

We took our photos at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens when the Chuhily exhibit was being showcased. Even though my outfit photos were not in front of any of the Chuhily pieces, I included a couple from our adventure below.

I added a couple to Lesley’s post and Charlotte’s post too if you enjoy these pieces of glass artwork.

We loved how Lesley matched the blue glass sculptures with her outfit in the photo on the upper left. And I included a close-up of some of the colorful ones, so you can see the different colors and textures.

Floral skirt outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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