The Side Tuck Shirt –Another Perspective for the Half Tuck

The Side Tuck Shirt –Another Perspective for the Half Tuck

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Woman wearing side tuck shirt

The Side Tuck Shirt –Another Perspective for the Half Tuck

The idea of creating a side tuck shirt is a fabulous way of still creating that half tuck, yet it’s not in the middle of your body showcasing the belly which many of you don’t appreciate.

Quote of the day: “Faith is not belief. Belief is passive. Faith is active.” Edith Hamilton

I chose this quote because trying new trends is a test of faith. It’s not always easy to change our way of thinking when it comes to style. So many times we think it’s not for “us” or for our age group. Yet, society is slowing changing to the idea that even older women deserve to look amazing!!
And I think we are the best to showcase that idea in so many unique ways.

For instance, even if you don’t enjoy the half tuck in the middle of your body, Charlotte is showing the side tuck shirt for a different perspective. And Lesley will be showcasing still another option.
BTW, I give reasons why the half tuck might need to be part of getting dressed.

But you can’t just imagine it or say it’s not right for you. As I say time and time again, you have to TRY IT, to really know for sure.
As well as not all methods or items are created equal. Sure, this side tuck shirt idea won’t work for every top out there, but how will you know until you put it to the test with what you have?

Side tuck shirt for older women

Jeans: Bill Blass ~~Top: Allie & Rob~~ Boots: Great Land ~~ Earrings: thrifted ~~ Purse: Giani Bernini

Compare the Side Tuck Shirt

Here is the comparison with my mom using the side tuck shirt method as opposed to leaving the top hanging out. I truly think this is a great comparison how the tuck really makes the outfit more interesting.
And it’s easy. You can see a close up a couple of photos below showing how my mom just fed the hem through a belt loop.

Insider tip: I review this idea and a couple of others on how to style a large t-shirt on YouTube.

BTW, you can see my mom wearing this same shirt for the summer.

Adding interest with a side tuck shirt
Boots with jeans

Shoe Hacks

While shoes can’t be altered like clothing can, there are some things we can do to make them work better for us.
For example with these boots, the shoestrings were originally suede and they wouldn’t draw up and stay tied very well. So Charlotte found other laces and switched them out. Seems like an easy fix, but I think we forget about doing that.

Other shoe hack ideas
Promising Shoe Hacks for Narrow Heels, High Arches and More
DIY to Make Your Ankle Strap from Buckle to Velcro and Other Options

Red shirt layered

Other Ways

Of course there is a pro and con to everything. This is a great way to easily transform a top to create an asymmetrical look, but you also have to undo it and then redo it when you go to the bathroom. I think it’s still worth this extra effort, but something to think about.

In fact, there are shirts now made with a knot or tie on the side (or some even in the front) to create this detail. Or you can create the tie or ruching yourself if you are handy with a sewing machine.
My mom has done that in the past with a shirt that was too long. Of course, then you can’t have it long for the times you would rather wear it full length. Like I said, there’s always a pro and a con.
Which is why I always love these little tricks we share with you.

Why the side tuck shirt is better

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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