Changing up your resort wear

Simple Alternatives With Resort Wear For Women Over 50

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Thinking about resort wear for women over 50 means a limited capsule of clothes. Yet this doesn’t mean you can’t change things up and find some alternatives for the pieces that you do take with you.

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Resort wear for women over 50
The tiered dress
Simple alternatives for a blue dress
What goes with a pink dress
Options for a green dress
More Inspiration

We were heading out to one of the Grand Hotels in the area that has a lot of Phoenix history as well as some amazing architecture. It’s the place to go for talking about resort wear for women over 50. When you go to a resort, you wear resort wear right??
But not only that. We decided to give options. That means you get more than one or two ideas.


I was contacted by Chicos to showcase some of their summer styles as part of resort wear for women over 50. Our agreement was for us to create a video for Instagram which we did here.
Putting together this post was not part of the assignment yet Lesley had the idea to recreate the dress with some of our own accessories.
For our collaboration on Instagram, we could only be wearing Chico’s items. So that is the set of photos on the left. Then we got creative with other items in our closet to show how they played so well together.
BTW, If you want to see the exact items on Chico’s site, they are linked in the paragraphs. The links under the photos are to the general Chico’s site.

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The Tiered Dress

Seeing clothing items on women with your own body shape and in your own age group is absolutely beneficial to get the idea of how it will look on you. That’s why I decided to have us all wear the same dress but in different colors.
These are not dresses that either my mom or Lesley would have chosen for themselves, yet I wanted us to wear something that was modern and appropriate for our 100-degree days.

This is Chico’s “Tiered 3/4 sleeve dress” that is available in the 3 colors we are showcasing.

The reasons I chose it when searching online:
1-100% cotton. Do I need to reiterate our 100-degree weather?
2-Mid length because the maxis would be too long for all three of us since we are all petites.
3-3/4 length sleeve is something I know my mother prefers.
4-Tiered dresses and skirts are all the rage right now. While it’s not imperative to follow every new trend out there, when you do style something trendy, it makes you look contemporary.
5-An A-line shape which is flowy and good for the heat.
6-Pockets. If you don’t love them, they are easy to remove.

Insider tip: The advantage to shopping online is the fact that you can read the reviews of what other customers think. Not that you should only go by reviews, but it can be helpful.

The sizing for this dress is limited. This means it only starts at a 00 and there are no half sizes. In fact, the reviews will tell you it runs on the big side.
What many reviews say is that it’s not flattering. HOWEVER, I do think we put too much emphasis on the word flattering. Do I need to look like an hourglass figure every single day? Especially those times when I’m dripping with sweat in our heat, I prefer something loose and flowy.

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Simple Alternatives with a Blue Dress

Chico's dress for resort wear for women over 50

Dress: Chico’s c/o~~ Tan Sandals: Chico’s c/o~~ Blue Sandals: Franco Sarto-DSW ~~ Collar Necklace: Chico’s c/o~~ Tassel Necklace: Mom made it~~ Crochet Earrings: Chico’s c/o~~Tassel Earrings: thrifted~~ Purse: Kelly +Katie-DSW ~~Hat: thrifted

Sizing info: Charlotte usually gets a 1.5 in Chico’s clothing and we sized up to a 2. We probably could have gone with the 1, but if she wants, she can take in some of the material by creating a back seam.

Yellow Jewelry with a Blue Dress

I always love the idea for our accessories to pop or contrast with the clothing we are wearing. If you match the color of your jewelry with the color of your clothing, depending on the neckline, it won’t show up or stand out.
And as I always say in my free eBook (which you can get by signing up for my emails), why wear accessories if no one notices them??

For the Chico’s outfits, I had chosen this yellow/straw lemon necklace from Chico‘s that is short and fills in where the neckline creates a v-shape. BTW, there are earrings and a bracelet that matches this lemon necklace.
You can also see the Chico’s “crochet drop” earrings in this look. I liked how they are gold so go with the necklace but don’t match per se.

Insider tip: These “crochet” earrings are not made of fabric material as I had originally thought when I saw them online. They are metal yet still somewhat lightweight.

For the alternative look, Charlotte also decided to wear yellow jewelry but opted for a longer necklace that didn’t cover the v-opening. My mom made this necklace years ago and then found matching earrings to go with it at a secondhand store.
She also added a straw hat and floral purse which give off the perfect vibe for the idea of resort wear for women over 50.

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Summer Sandals: Resort Wear for Women over 50

Did you know that Chico’s is now selling sandals?? And they have a fun selection on their site.

These Seashell Slide sandals that I chose for my mom have the cutest design on them and are perfect for resort wear for women over 50. Especially if you are just hanging around the resort and aren’t walking for hours.
Most of the reviews of this sandal talk about loving the esthetics but feel they are overpriced. Charlotte would echo that considering there isn’t much arch support in them. The insoles have cushions in them, however, are flat. BTW, they also are available in black.

I like how the straw color mirrors the straw in the necklace and acts as a neutral.

My mom wore blue sandals as her other option of changing up the look.

What Goes with a Pink Dress

Long chain necklace from Chico's

Dress: Chico’s c/o~~White Sandals: Chico’s c/o~~ Turquoise Sandals: Volatile-Online~~ Link Necklace: Chico’s c/o~~ Stranded Necklace: SteinMart~~ Link Earrings: Chico’s c/o~~ Purse: thrifted~~Hat: Toucan

Sizing info: Lesley usually wears a 2.5 in Chico’s clothing and we sized up to a 3. She didn’t think she would try to alter it.

Contrasting Jewelry to Go with a Pink Dress

For the Chico’s outfits, again I chose jewelry for Lesley that would contrast against the color of the dress. Chain links are a trending jewelry detail and I loved how this necklace has an asymmetrical design along with multiple colors.
The advantage of this necklace is even though it’s long, it’s very lightweight because it’s made of plastic.

Lesley is also wearing matching chain link earrings with the Chico’s outfit, however, they must be sold out because I couldn’t find them on their site. Here is a similar pair and there is a matching bracelet too.

Lesley’s option to accessorize from her closet is with the multi-stranded turquoise necklace which is basically the same length. She added turquoise bracelets, pink earrings, and a fabulous hat with a pink band on it.

Insider tip: You can add your own band to a hat by wrapping a scarf around it as Lesley did here.

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The white, Beaded T-Strap sandals I chose from Chico’s for Lesley are a great way to lighten any summer look. In fact, this same style is available in blue too. Most of the reviews echo what Lesley said in that they are adorable. Again, there isn’t any additional arch support, but the insole is cushiony instead of hard.

Then for Lesley’s other look, she found a pair of turquoise sandals in her stash and included a turquoise tote bag too.
It’s the kind of resort wear for women over 50 who are headed to the pool or beach.

Options for a Green Dress

Resort wear for women over 50 in the heat

Dress: Chico’s c/o~~Vest: Forever 21-thrifted~ Green Sandals: Chico’s c/o~~ Peep Toe Shoes: MPS~~ White Necklace: Chico’s c/o~~ Martini Earrings: Chico’s c/o~~ Animal Earrings: they were my Aunt Nancy’s ~ Tote: Goodwill \

Sizing info: I usually take a 000 in Chico’s items. Since that wasn’t available I opted for the 00. I could have it taken in, but I might leave it as is.

Resort Wear to Office Wear

Too many times we categorize our clothing while it can do double (or triple) duty. That’s what I wanted to show with this green tiered dress. It’s definitely not a style you would think that could look professional.
Yet, I was inspired after seeing a mannequin at a Banana Republic store showing this type of dress with a belted vest over it.

When my mom, Lesley, and I were together this day, the talk came around to this type of tiered dress and it was said that you can’t wear a belt with it. Of course, I wanted to try it out when I got home, and I think you can make it work. It’s a good reminder that we should try a bunch of options before we decide on a decision.
For my experiment (which I wish I’d taken photos of and shown here), it looked great with a gold metal belt (like those in the widget below) as long as I left it loose.
The other option I liked was using a thick fabric belt almost like an obi belt style.

Accessory Presto Chango

While I think that any of Chico’s necklaces would have looked marvelous with this green dress, I chose this white multistrand necklace. I was inspired by many of Lesley’s necklaces that are multistranded, and I figured it would pair wonderfully with my colorful closet.
The Chico’s Cocktail Whimsy Earrings caught my fancy when looking online. Considering they are lightweight and just scream fun, I had to have them.

Insider tip: I ended up changing my pair of “Cocktail earrings.” The tassel kept moving to the front and covering the flower detail, so I just removed the tassel. Remember, we are the boss of our clothes and many things can be altered or changed.

When I changed up the look with the vest and belt, I decided to forgo a necklace, but instead added a brooch to the lapel for my “extra.”
I also wore some earrings that are sentimental because they were my Aunt Nancy’s. (I figured the cocktail earrings wouldn’t be as professional, haha. But they sure fit the vibe for resort wear, right?)

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Summer Shoes

The green, Chico’s Embellished Slides are not much different than Charlotte’s pair of sandals from Chicos. Most of the reviews say to size down a half size, but I didn’t and I think my pair fits fine.
The embellishments are adorable, and I think green is a fabulous color for summer. Don’t think you can only wear green shoes with green clothing. It can act as a pop of color with almost any other color.

Insider tip: I added my Sole Insoles to these sandals since we were walking for the day.

And then for my business-appropriate look, I wore some peep-toe heels that I’ve really worn when I was working.

How This Translates to Wonderful Resort Wear for Women over 50

Now the most important aspect of resort wear for women over 50 is the fact that you can mix and match easily. While I don’t beat myself up for overpacking anymore, it’s still nice to not pack TOO much.
It’s also beneficial to have base layers that are easy to pack and that travel well. This tiered dress was somewhat wrinkled when it came in the mail, but the wrinkles hung out easily. No ironing is always an added benefit.

Insider tip: With this kind of material, my mom commented that you wouldn’t want to iron it anyways. If you felt it needed to be freshened up, steaming it would be the best option. This is the steamer I use at home.

The idea of mixing and matching is why I consider jewelry and accessories to be so magical when traveling. They don’t take up much room in your suitcase, yet can change up a look.

In fact, make sure to see how each of our Chico’s necklaces works with all three colors of this dress in our video.

More Inspiration

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Chico's dress for any age

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