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Simple & Easy Style: What Color Tops Go With Navy?

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If you’ve been following along for a while now, I’m sure you realize that the answer to what color tops go with navy bottoms would be any of them, haha!! But I thought I’d showcase 5 options that aren’t quite as obvious as what I normally see in public.

Quote of the day: “If you’re always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.” Maya Angelou

Experimenting with what color tops go with navy:
1-Light Blue
2-Bright Pink
3-Emerald Green
6-White in this post
7-Black worn here

Since navy is a wonderful neutral, we have all heard that it can be combined with any color. Yet, until we see it with our own eyes, sometimes it’s hard to imagine how it will look. That’s why I wanted to showcase more than one option of what color tops go with my navy bottoms.

This week has been focused on the color navy since it really is such a versatile color that is many times underappreciated.
Charlotte and Cathie both gave options of navy and white outfits, while Lesley got over the hump about pairing black and navy.

Of course, I bet you have a favorite color combination, and I’d love to know what it is.

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Light blue color tops to go with navy

Jeans: Ann Taylor~~ Top: Rails-thrifted ~~ Boots: Bleeker & Bond~~ Earrings: Lil Shop of Ours~~ Hat: thrifted

Light Blue and Navy Blue

Two shades of the same color are one easy way to find what color tops go with navy bottoms. You could easily translate this option to almost any blue that you have in your closet.
If you want to keep the overall look darker, then a teal blue would work nicely. Or if you are looking for contrasting colors, then a royal blue would be beautiful too (which I basically showed with my beret).

For this outfit, I added in print snakeskin booties to break up the monotony of the solid colors. Another way I counteracted the all-blue look is by incorporating an entirely different color with my earrings. It may not be super obvious in the full photo, but if we were up close and talking, you’d notice right away.

Bright pink as idea for color tops to go with navy

Jeans: Ann Taylor~~ Sweater: Banana Republic~~ Shoes: Angeli~~ Earrings: Lil Shop of Ours

What Color Tops go with Navy: Bright Pink

I always feel like a bright color is fabulous with any neutral because they contrast so nicely with one another. While I rarely combine red with navy by itself, I love that this sweater has both bright pink and red in it.

White was the other neutral that I added to the equation with a hoodie under my crew neck sweater. You’ve seen how a hoodie gets styled in 5 different ways in the past.

Insider tip: A crew neck sweater can be somewhat boring by itself. I LOVE to add either a collared shirt under it or my favorite of late is a hoodie. Another option? Try a scarf.

Navy and emerald green

Skirt: Express~~ Top: Semantiks~~ Boots: G By Guess~~ Scarf: Vera-thrifted ~~Earrings: Heartland Jewelry~ Purse: Kate Spade-thrifted

Navy and Green

I showed this exact outfit in my emerald green post, and it made me realize that all greens would look amazing with navy. This navy skirt I talked about in the original blog post is a vintage one from my dental school days. Crazy, right??

You can see how the idea of other greens would work since I wore a belt scarf with a lighter green in it PLUS carried my lime green purse. Even your olive green would be a great option if you prefer more muted colors.

One option of color tops that go with navy

Jeans: Ann Taylor ~~ Top: won in a giveaway: Kye Mi from RedPoppi boutique~~ Boots: Vivaia c/o~~ Bracelet: Alison + Aubrey

What Colors go with Rust?

The funny thing is I didn’t have much rust in my closet before a year ago. Then I bought a rust overall dress (which you can see here with emerald green) and realized that the warmer rust colors look great on me.

That’s why I tried it for these examples of what color tops go with navy pants. The rust gives a wonderful autumn vibe when paired with the navvy yet can be just as contrasting as the bright pink.

These brown booties are the ones that are made from recycled water bottles. Lesley, Charlotte, and I all reviewed the brand and shoes here, and I have to say, they are amazing.

Showing lilac color tops to go with navy

Jeans: Ann Taylor ~~Sweater: Anthropolgie~~ Top: Bebe-thrifted~~ Shoes: Naot c/o~~ Necklace: Sally Hoffman~~ Earrings: Lil Shop of Ours~~ Purse: thrifted~~Glasses: Target

Let’s Talk Lilac

Lilac was forecasted to be one of the big colors of the winter season, and I love seeing a pastel brought forward for the cooler weather. It really works with all of the darker colors usually seen around this time.

In fact, you can see the other ways we wore it this fall:

And because I love lilac so much, I wanted it to be the star of the show for this post about what color tops go with navy.

If we really evaluate navy, even though it’s considered neutral, it’s part of the color wheel that is considered “cool” colors. So the other blues, greens, and purples complement it fabulously. The reason I love the lilac with navy is that the lilac is lighter and really shows up beautifully.

I’ll go into more detail about these specific pieces later in the post, but let me give some rationale for the other elements of the look.

Adding color with Sally Hoffman accessories

How to Add A Third Color to an Outfit

A third color is a wonderful way to give an outfit more interest. I accomplished this trick with my accessories. This beautiful multi-colored necklace was a gift from Sally Hoffman’s designs when we met up recently. Between that and the handmade earrings, I figured I was a walking small business billboard!!

The other multicolored item is my “purse”. This is a real vintage lunch box that I found thrifting a couple of years ago. It really is the perfect size for a purse and adds a ton of whimsey.

BTW, you can use many other items to be your purse. My mom carried a jewelry box once (seen here), and I have a wine carrier that I’ve used (seen here).

Make sure to check out both handcrafted businesses:
Sally Hoffman Designs –not only does she combine the pieces all herself, but Sally also hand stamps the metal in her items.
Lil Shop of Ours–These sisters will even create a shape that you request. In fact, I requested the skein of yarn. I wore one earring from each set that I have. They were not mismatched when I bought them-I have a set of each shape, but I thought it would be fun to wear them this way.

Lilac and navy blue with whimsy

The Lilac and Navy Pieces

First I have to laugh about this lilac sweater. It’s actually the top of a 2-piece loungewear set that I bought for a steal at Anthropologie. It’s not super easy to see, but it’s actually two different prints on the right side vs the left side.

Insider tip: While Anthropologie tends to be expensive, I have found some fabulous deals when shopping their sale section.

In the past, I would have only worn it as loungewear, but I’ve learned that just because something is classified as a specific item, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in other ways.

In fact, that’s one of my secrets to having a bigger closet. Stop categorizing our clothing. Sure, you may realize you bought the piece as loungewear or athleticwear or workwear, but nobody else knows that! In fact, I’ve worn this “sweater” as my sweatshirt to go to the gym too!

Coated Jeans & Silk Blouse

This pair of navy jeans may look a tad shiny and that’s because they are called coated jeans. They aren’t leather or faux leather, but they have this wax coating on them that gives them a little sheen. It’s not even THAT noticeable, except for the fact that pet hair doesn’t stick to them. That’s actually the reason why I have 3 pairs of these kinds of jeans!!

Insider tip: Faux leather, leather, and coated jeans all have this great characteristic of not collecting pet hair. If you have a pet, you need them!!

I even created a column of color with the navy by wearing a navy silk blouse under the lilac sweater. While most of us would “save” a silk blouse for fancy events, I truly believe that every day is special, so wear your fun clothing. Besides, the sheen of the silk adds a wonderful texture to the look.

Naot sneakers

Another Comfortable Shoe Brand

This pair of sneakers is from a company called Naot. I won a pair of sandals from them last year, and am very impressed with the comfort factor. That’s why I added them to my post about comfortable shoe brands that I love.

Their shoes have arch support built into them. Personally, it works with my foot, which is why I wore them for this day as we were attending a huge craft fair which meant a lot of walking.
I don’t have a lot of black shoes in my closet, but I thought the gold stripe on these sneakers gave the footwear the required sass that I seem to need in my clothing.

BTW, you can see my Sheec socks (these are the Active-X mid-cut version) slightly from this angle. I was very excited when one of my friends sent me this message about them: “OMG! They are every bit as great as you say! How nice to have a low-profile sock that doesn’t slip even one bit! Unbelievable! You actually found a unicorn”

Casual color tops to go with navy

Another option of colors that go with navy can be found on Lesley. It’s the perfect example of how it can be a great backdrop for other colors.

Color tops that go with navy?

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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