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Simple Ways of Wearing White and Cream Together At Shamrock Dairy Farm

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Does wearing white and cream together give you the willies?? I know I’ve heard others talk about how the whites in their outfit don’t match exactly, yet we wear 2 different shades of other colors together. So why not white and cream??

Quote of the day: “The avant-garde spirit is not just a youthful sentiment–I live my life by it.” Yohji Yamamoto (Sometimes knowing more about the author of the quote makes it even better. Yohji is a Japanese fashion designer and is known for his futuristic shapes and mix of masculine/feminine-seen here).

Personally, I’ve always loved pairing white and cream together. In fact, I have this vivid memory of a pair of white and cream tweed pants at Ann Taylors a long time ago. They were too expensive for me, but I’ve thought it was an amazing combination.

Therefore when we came up with ways to present the white on the white trend seen as part of the spring trends for 2022, I was happy to showcase wearing white and cream together.
Whether you call it cream, non-white, ivory, or any other such term, it’s all about your “whites” not matching.

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I’m also sharing the fabulous tour we took this day at Shamrock Dairy Farms in Stanfield, Arizona. We laughed that wearing the white-on-white trend made us milk maids!!

Pants: Ann Taylor~~ Top: the was label cut out~~ Shoes: Rocket Dog~~ Boots: Universal Threads-thriftted~~ Bra: J. Crew swimsuit top~~ Earrings: Kendra Scott~~ Purse: DSW ~~Hat: Amazon

Inspiration for Wearing White and Cream

I did see many examples of wearing white and cream on the runway looks too, but I used this street style for inspiration instead.

My entire outfit was different shades of white and cream, and yet I think it all blends well together.

My whites are my pants, footwear, and swim top. The cream pieces are my hat, the crochet top and my purse. Let me break it down for you.

Bikini top as bra top wearing white and cream

Cropped Wide Leg Pants

Wide-leg pants are emerging more and more, and before you turn your nose up at them, think about how the shape can be very much like a skirt. And since we realize that skirts are a beautiful shape for us, why wouldn’t wide-leg pants be the same?

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Insider tip: The advantage of these cropped wide-leg pants is they are cooler in the summer since they don’t hug the legs. PLUS they are easy to wear when getting pedicures!!

Now the fact of the matter is that not every pair of cropped wide-leg pants may be the right look for you. It’s no different than skinny jeans. Not every pair you try on will be a winner, but you won’t know unless you try them.
BTW, many times a new silhouette looks “funny” to us only because we aren’t used to it. The secret?? Ask a friend to help, or email me. I’m always happy to give my two cents.

Accessories To The Rescue

One trick if you aren’t sure about a silhouette, detail, or color combination is to make sure you add in interesting accessories.
What this does is create focal points all around the outfit so the eyes move all around the look.

You might laugh that all 4 of us wore hats for these photos, but they really can be such a wonderful addition to the outfit. I know sometimes women say they feel so conspicuous in a hat, but then again, why is that a bad thing?

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This rancher hat was a deal off Amazon and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. It comes in over 20 different colors, and I chose the cream version. Some versions have a solid band instead of the gold buckle.

The purse did not come with this gold chain strap. When I bought the purse and it had a leather strap that could be removed, and also brown straps sticking up in the middle. So I went into my purse dresser and found a long, gold chain strap so I could wear the purse as a crossbody.
The brown straps?? They got tucked into the middle part to hide them for this outfit.

Insider tip: Even your purse can use style hacks from time to time. Some I’ve already discussed here.

Wide leg pants wearing white and cream

Crochet Top and Bra?

I’ve had this crochet top for a long time and usually wear a cami top or t-shirt under it. However, I decided to get a tad bold for this look of wearing white and cream together.

I bought this swimsuit bra top after hearing another influencer talk about how she wears it as a strapless bra.
Granted you can see how I used the strap for my look. But it’s an interesting concept to use a swim top as a bra top.

Since my pants are considered high-rise, I did not feel too exposed.

What Shoes to Wear with Cropped Pants

It seems like a conundrum for many about which shoes to pair with cropped styles of pants. In all reality, there are very few pairs of shoes that wouldn’t work.

Once you stop obsessing over the idea there is a “perfect” look or wanting to look taller or thinner, then everything goes.
I thought it would be fun to show 2 different examples with this wide-leg, cropped pants.

White Sneakers

White sneakers have been trending for a couple of years now, and there are so many varieties that are ageless. The sneaker style is popular because everyone appreciates comfortable footwear. Granted even some sneakers don’t feel good depending on your foot issues.
But there is certainly a ton to choose from.

My white pair are an inexpensive pair from Gordmans. But the Rocket Dog brand has always seemed to fit my foot, well.
The thing I love about my pair of white sneakers is that they have a raw edging plus the sole is interesting.

White Cowboy Ankle Boots

This pair of white cowboy ankle boots is actually my mother’s. You can see her wearing them in the past, and I thought they might be a fun option for this look.
She and I don’t wear the exact same size shoe, but close enough that I could wear thicker socks to make these work.

By wearing the ankle boots, most of the bare skin is covered and they bring in a western vibe. I love how cowboy boots are being seen more and more.

Crochet top for older women
Milkmaids at Shamrock Farms

Shamrock Dairy Farm

One of my friends (Sarah who shared about her RV lifestyle here) told me that we should take the Shamrock Dairy Farm tour. I would honestly say I would have never thought to do it otherwise. Yet it was SO informative and a delightful tour.

Shamrock Dairy is about 1.5 hours southeast of where we live, so it was quite the trek. Yet their tours are set up wonderfully. You start in the red farm building that also has a gift shop, a lot of historical information as well as a place to buy ice cream.

This was one of the plaques in the building comparing Shamrock Dairy from 1955-2005. Then everyone climbs into the trolley which takes you to the family farm. You start at the hands-on simulated milking area and then walk over to where the cows get milked.

You get to climb to a second story in order to see how the cows come marching into the milking parlor (it’s a real term). Our guide explained how the cow’s udders are cleaned before being attached to the milking machine.
At Shamrock Dairy Farms, there are 200 cows being milked at a time. And then they go back out to their open stalls. It’s quite impressive because the stalls have fans to keep the air cool and the cows happy.

We also rode by the area where they keep the food for the cows and there is a lot of science and nutrition to that.
Additionally, we also saw the separated area for the “organic” cows. Yes, organic milk is produced by different cows who are kept in different stalls and milked in separate areas.

It was SO fascinating. I have to admit, it made me appreciate milk much more!!

Wearing white and cream together

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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