Using a cabinet for sock organization ideas

Simplistic & Easy Sock Organization Ideas

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Who knew I would be discussing sock organization ideas? Can there be that many ways to keep your socks in place?

I’ve lived 50 years doing it one way, and I never thought about changing it up, until Lisa asked me about sock organization ideas when I was putting together a closet organizational presentation.

Quote of the day: “Truth is a pathless land.” Jiddu Krishnamurti

One of my superpowers is to functionally organize a space. Not that I always keep it that way or not that it always looks perfect like it’s out of a magazine. This is real life that I showcase.

So before I get to the sock organization ideas, let me relay the important factors to consider with ANY closet organization.

  • Consider the amount of these clothing items you have.
  • What is the space you store it in (and is it ideal?)
  • Don’t fall into the trap that there is only one way to fold/store an item.
  • Study other storage places in your closet that may work better.

Insider tip: Remember, clothing storage doesn’t have to look perfect especially when it’s inside a drawer. Functionality is key.

I’ve discussed other organizational ideas in the past that may strike your fancy.

Before and after sock organization ideas

Before Vs After

Who else used my original sock organization idea of folding matching socks together?
That’s how I was brought up, and that’s how I continued to do it for my entire life.

Yet, there were always issues, especially with my husband’s sock drawer where he wasn’t as anal about keeping them in place.

Socks would divorce each other and end up single and playing the field in the sock drawer.

Then you would spend precious time looking for its mate and sometimes you would give up and wear a different pair of socks.

Who’s with me?


Sheec sock organization ideas

First Method For Sock Organization Ideas

Keeping the socks together is key.

That’s when I concluded that tucking one inside of the other can be the way to go.

Does it take me longer when I’m folding laundry?

Maybe. I used to always match them and fold them, so stuffing one inside the other may take a couple of seconds more, but it’s not a humongous amount of time.
It’s definitely easier to do this method with ankle socks vs. knee socks.

Is it worth it? Undeniably.

Just think of the time I save looking for mates.

Sock organization ideas so they stay together

I have a cabinet in my closet that I use for my sock organization. My husband uses a drawer under a bed (I’ve showcased our bed when talking about bedroom and storage issues.)

This concept works no matter where you keep your socks.

This is what it looks like after tucking one sock inside the other. I still fold them in half to fit in my cabinet, if they are long.

The method (and maybe this is obvious, but here goes): Place the sock on one hand and then just pull the other one over it.

Insider tip: If you’re looking for no-show socks that really stay put, both my husband and I wear Sheec socks. I’ve written about some of their varieties. My go-to’s are the Invisible Liners for my ballet flats, the casual no-show socks for my sneakers, and the half socks for my mules.
One of the ways they fit better than most is they are sized for your feet. Plus their revolutionary technology.

Sock Clips~~Sock Bands~~Loc a Sok

Sock Clips

Another option for sock organization ideas as shared with me by Margie is using sock clips.

There are basically 3 different types that I found on Amazon as shown above.

Insider tip: This saves you time because they are meant to be put on the socks after wearing them when you are placing them in the laundry bag. That means they go through the washer and dryer together and don’t need to be sorted at the end.
You take them out of the dryer together and throw/place them in your sock drawer.

I have not personally used the sock clips but the reviews on all of these say they work wonderfully. I’m sure over time they break and need to be replaced, but what doesn’t?

What it boils down to is time vs. money. If you are looking to save more time with your sock organization ideas, then buying any version of these sock clips is the answer.

If you have the extra time to sort your socks when they come out of the dryer, then you’ll save money and the frustration of looking for mates by stuffing them inside each other.

Either way is a winner.

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Easy sock organization ideas

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