Wearing robes as kimonos

Simplistic Ideas for Sleepwear as Daywear

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As someone who likes to live by the motto that we shouldn’t categorize our clothing, I wanted to showcase ideas for how to wear your beautiful sleepwear as daywear.

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I think one of the best stories I heard about styling sleepwear as daywear was from my friend, MK.
In MK’s words “As I remember the story, my MIL and FIL were in England on a business trip (that actually had to do with horse shows, but that’s too long a story). They would be attending a lot of outdoor events in the English weather, so my MIL had packed suitable clothing (probably tweeds, wool sweaters, and rubber boots). She was not aware they had a cocktail party in a manor house on the agenda and did not have an appropriate dress.

In those days, women wore long nightgowns of silk, with lace, etc. Goodie (my MIL) was searching in her suitcase and realized that the one she had did not look that different from a cocktail dress (think 1970s, bouffant hairdos, psychedelic patterns). She doesn’t remember if it had a matching peignoir (sp?) or what else it looked like, but I’m picturing something sleeveless. She wore it with heels and jewelry and then decided to OWN the look (as in not going around telling everyone it’s a nightgown!)  This sure sounds like being the boss of your own clothes, doesn’t it?!?!

These kimono robes were gifted to us from Ulivary which not only has stunning ladies’ long robes, but also pajamas and even lingerie. Make sure to check out their sale tab too.

This is not the first time we’ve talked about how one piece can be worn in a variety of ways. In fact, it’s one of the secrets of shopping your closet and creating a larger wardrobe.

Ideas for Styling Sleepwear as Daywear

Let me start with the simplistic ideas for styling your sleepwear as daywear before I show you our examples.

1-Stop categorizing the item. This is the biggest takeaway for anything in your closet. Stop referring to it as casual/dressy, workout wear, sleepwear, or any other label. This stops you from styling it creatively.

2-Look at your item with different eyes. Does this piece remind you of something else? For instance, when I talked about wearing a sports bra as a regular top, I had to remind myself that it looked like a tank top.

Insider tip: This idea works fabulously not only for sleepwear as daywear but also for your swimwear and workout wear. Just because they were marketed as one thing doesn’t mean they don’t have other capabilities.

3-Mix up textures. Combining different textures is a great way to camouflage the idea that you’re wearing sleepwear as daywear. For example, all of us took the long silk robe and wore it with cotton, knits, and/or denim.

4-Include accessories. Your extras can really transform your sleepwear into daywear. Even if you wear the self-belt instead of a leather belt, think about necklaces, earrings, and even your hairstyle can change up the look.

5-Tuck and or change it up. As I’ve described in a video about cropping your cardigans, you could also do that with a long kimono/robe.
Another option is tucking in a contrasting trim which is what I did.

Beautiful silky robe by Ulivary

Lesley: Wearing a Robe Over a Dress

Lesley made her sleepwear work as daywear by throwing the kimono robe over a yellow dress. She added a couple of necklaces so there were no thoughts of going to bed.
Plus she let her hair down too.

Insider tip: When wearing the self-belt with the dress, Lesley tied it just in the front, so it wouldn’t interrupt the amazing design on the back.

Sleepwear as daywear for older women

Charlotte-Sleepwear as Duster

My mom used the same colors in her kimono robe to wear it with an everyday look.
She used tricks #3 and #4, by adding in a knitted top and then using a leather belt instead of the self belt.

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Ideas for sleepwear as daywear

Jodie: Wide Jeans & Long Kimono

I wanted my kimono robe to be a focal point, so I wore muted colors under it.
Using trick #5, I tucked the turquoise trim under around the neck and in front so it was only visible on the sleeves.

Insider tip: To keep the trim pulled back, I used fashion tape to hold it in place. If you use this, don’t forget to pull it off before you wash the item.

I also wore a metallic belt for my daywear look instead of the self-belt.

Insider tip: Ever have issues losing the self-belt because it slips and falls? I found an answer to that. And it works for belts on your coat too.

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Simplistic ideas for sleepwear as daywear

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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