Could a Skinny Scarf be Perfect for You?

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Women Over 40 & Styling Scarves

Could a Skinny Scarf be Perfect for You?

Quote of the day: “The secret to so many artists living so long is that every painting is a new adventure. So, you see, they’re always looking ahead to something new and exciting. The secret is not to look back.” Norman Rockwell

Finding the perfect scarf for your outfit, can seem daunting, I suppose. And then there’s always questions involved. How do I tie it? Will there be too much material around my neck? Which color or print is best? And why are there so many different varieties of scarves? I realize that the options can be overwhelming. So let’s focus on the skinny scarf this time around.

Many women already have a bunch of scarves in their possession. But what I hear most of all is the fact that they forget to wear them. I think having them organized within easy reach (like I talked about here)  can be a huge factor for most of us. I always say that if you see it, then you can imagine wearing it!

And for a little background on this particular scarf. My mom made a Pucci print shirt many years ago that the 3 of us wore here, here & here. Then with the leftover material, she created this scarf for me and also one for herself. I used to have mine adorning the rim of a hat, but I finally decided I could wear it other ways too!

Jodie’s (50’s) Outfit: I like this skinny scarf for a multitude of reasons! It’s colorful, it’s lightweight and it can be worn so many ways.

I happen to love the choker look right now, so I wore this scarf so it was tight to my neck and then also hanging down the front of my shirt!

Fashionable ways to style scarves for women over 40

Not that it takes a degree in rocket science to tie this scarf, but I’ll describe it anyways!! I first wrapped the material around my neck, and brought the ends to the front. I then just tied them in a loose knot in the front of my shirt. One of the reasons I like this way so much is that it acts as a choker around my neck, yet still has a vertical element!

Women over 50 and scarf tying

If you want to see it live—here’s the video!!


Nancy’s (60’s) Outfit: It’s no secret that Nancy doesn’t love a lot of material close to her neck.

Although I do give her credit for allowing me to style scarves in ways that she wouldn’t usually wear them!

Women over 60 and accessories

But I do try to make my moms happy (most of the time, ha ha), so I had Nancy wear this skinny scarf in an easy to tie way. We actually tied it like a normal long scarf. The advantage of doing this with the skinny scarf, is there isn’t the bulk of material that you can get with your regular long scarves!

Women, clothing, style and fun

Even though Nancy was a first grade teacher, acting in a video wasn’t high on her priority list, LOL! So give her a little love, so she’ll humor me and do it again sometime!!  🙂


Charlotte’s (70’s) Outfit: And we can’t forget my wonderful mother with her great facial expressions!!

You might laugh if you were around us taking these photos while we were in Vegas!! We’d find a great, solitary spot and Rob would start snapping photos. All the while, I’m behind him trying to get mom to smile and pose and have some fun!! I think people either thought we were crazy or else we were professionals (yeah, right)!! But by the time we were done taking photos, they would inevitably be a ton of people milling around!! It was quite amusing!

Women over 70 and fashion

This option for tying the skinny scarf is not very original, but it can be pretty effortless! My mom just tied a knot between the two ends and wrapped it around her neck twice.

Women over 70 with Style

For your viewing pleasure, I even had mom make a video for this method–I certainly couldn’t leave her out, now could I?

As for a skinny scarf, it’s really much like the long scarves that are quite popular. But for those of you, who don’t like or need extra bulk around your neck, these can be perfect!  And if you have a certain shape of scarf that needs a different look, make sure to check out the ways we wore a wrap scarf, square scarf, a long scarf, an infinity scarf, and a neck scarf.

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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