Women over 50 wearing a-line skirt outfits

Proven Ways to Restyle A-Line Skirt Outfits

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Even though skirts are not always the clothing choice of the norm, I wanted to showcase how A-line skirt outfits could work no matter what the occasion.
In fact, I included the photos from an article from 8 years ago with the original models so you can see how some things really don’t go out of style.

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Instead of concentrating on what’s out of style, I always like to challenge myself to see if I can style an older piece from my closet and make it look contemporary. I did this by restyling the same A-line skirt worn ages ago. Lesley created a casual look, and Charlotte chose a classic outfit.

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Lesley: A-Line Skirt Outfit with a Skort

Long necklace with solid t-shirt
Skirt: Susan Braces-thrifted ~~ Vest: no label-online~~ Top: Chicos ~~ Shoes: Anne Klein-Macys~~ Purse: no label from Painted Tree

In Lesley’s words: “Growing up, A-line skirts were just getting to be a style. Considering I didn’t have this type of skirt in my closet anymore, I went thrifting for a month or so with no luck. Even going online, I was shocked that I couldn’t find anything with the silhouette I was used to.
However, I did see a bunch of skirts with this silhouette which made me pull out this skort instead. No one knows it’s not a true ‘skirt'”.

I love how Lesley used a long vest as a topper to give the outfit more sass. And her embroidered backpack is the cherry on top.

Charlotte: Classic & Vintage A-Line Skirt Outfit

Fancy a-line skirt outfit with pearls
Skirt: no label-from Hungary in 1984~~~ Top: Crazy Horse-thrifted~~ Shoes: 9 West~~ Earrings: vintage~~ Purse: no label-thrifted

My mom remembers that I brought this skirt back from Hungary back in 1984. Even though she doesn’t wear it often, it’s truly a classic plus since it’s a wrap skirt, it is size adjustable.
A white skirt like this can be paired with almost any color in your closet since there is a wide variety of colors in the embroidery.

Charlotte kept it simple with a plain, red t-shirt and classic with the string of pearls (which should be worn, any day and anytime).

I love how my mom added a pink purse instead of matching a red one to the mix. A pair of light tan heels give the A-line skirt outfit a dressy flair.

Jodie: Restyle A-Line Skirt Outfit

First I wanted to show 2 different proportion A-line skirt outfits with the top left untucked or tucked in.
Do you have a favorite? It’s the perfect example of a half & half proportion vs the skirt having more material showing. Lesley told me she liked it tucked in better, but I don’t mind it left untucked either.

I try not to obsess over proportions in an outfit, but it’s interesting to see examples side by side which I have shown in the past.

My mom made me this skirt years and years ago, and that’s why I wanted to wear it for this example of A-line skirt outfits and compare it to how I wore it back in 2015 (photos below). Even though the material is wool, it’s really not too warm because of the silhouette.

I thought it would be fun to bookend the outfit with a color that isn’t in either the top or bottom, so I chose these yellow booties and a yellow hat. These booties were from Amazon 2 years ago and they are still available in many colors and very inexpensive. I think they are comfy because the heel is small and I did size up a half size.

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Styling With The Original Crew: A-Line Skirt Outfits

This post in this series of wearing an A-Line skirt outfit revolves around a dressy date!  Who doesn’t like a fancy night on the town once in a while?  And what better way to get ready for it than by showing off your legs and adding some bling?

This silhouette is usually quite flattering for most women. One of the tricks is where the hemline falls on your legs. The three of us are wearing a-line skirts that fall in different places. Nancy, the 60’s model, is showing her entire knee. My skirt, (the 50’s model) is right at my knee. And mom’s skirt (the 70’s model) falls below her knee. Your hemline can be a personal preference, but it’s nice to have a variety in your closet.

A-Line Skirts for the 50's, 60's, & 70's

I tried to show that this item can be versatile for many situations.  The three of us wore these exact same skirts for a business day and casual day.

Even though this bracelet is large, it’s relatively lightweight!  Mom made it out of buttons!

Nancy’s shirt is actually the kind that is slightly open in the back.  Therefore she likes to wear a cami under it. The color of this shirt does not match the colors of the stripes in her a-line skirt yet it’s in the same basic colorway.

Blue is my mother’s favorite color…probably because it looks so good on her!

Happy Styling to all…and thanks for reading.

A-Line skirt outfits

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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