Taking your Skirt from a Classic to Modern Look

 A skirt styled classic and modern

Taking your Skirt from a Classic to Modern Look

Quote of the day: “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” Anonymous

Not that I get many catalogs anymore, but I was browsing through a Talbot’s catalog recently and saw the same skirt styled with two different shirts! On the cover was a black & white plaid skirt paired with a black & white polka dot blouse! My initial reaction was look at how modern Talbot’s has become. And then I open the catalog to see this exact same skirt shown with a white blouse!

This is exactly how some ideas come to me!! So I wanted to explore the possibility of taking the same item and putting both a classic to modern twist on it. We tried this concept earlier with a dress, and now I’m introducing a skirt!

But wait, there’s more!! Do I sound like a commercial? LOL!! I wanted to make the modern styles all different by trying various ideas! Read along, and I’ll explain!!

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: For my classic to modern approach with my floral skirt, I started with a white blouse and then switched to a striped shirt.

Women over 50 taking a skirt from Classic to modern

Classic Style for Jodie

The white blouse is an eyelet blouse that my mom made for me last year! I consider this more of a classic style because white is in the print of the skirt. There is also the fact that white goes with everything!

I’m sure we all have a white blouse in our closets! Talk about a  classic, basic item of clothing, right? In fact in March, the 3 of us teamed up with Amy to show 3 different ways to wear our white blouse! But since the white shirt goes with so much, it’s always fun to have a couple varieties in our closet like a cool, asymmetrical one or one with interesting sleeves!

Floral skirt from classic to modern

I vacillated on which pair of shoes I should wear with this outfit. I thought the classic look would be better with a matching pair. So I chose this peach pair of sandals that I bought last year when I was praising the block heels!

Do you have a pair of block heels in your closet?? I will admit that they aren’t a style I would have worn a couple of years ago! But now that I see them on everyone, I’m happy to join in! There are so many varieties for great deals. Under $25 will get you this pair or this pair!

Accessories in classic to modern looks for women over 50

Let me also point out that my mother, Charlotte, made my skirt also!! I’m hoping you’ll see more of it one of these days, because all 3 of us have something from this material. My mom has a maxi skirt and Nancy has a scarf!

Floral skirts will never go out of style, I bet! Sure the silhouette will change and the length you prefer may evolve, but there is something classic about them. If you want to invest in the more modern version, then this one or this one could be perfect.

But for those of you that want to stick with the more classic floral skirts so you can wear them to death, I found a couple more. A pencil skirt will work for so many occasions, along with the maxis! But there are always the midi versions and the pleated versions!

White blouse for classic to modern style with floral skirt

Skirt: My mom made it (similar here)~~Top: My mom made it (similar here)~~Shoes: Old Navy (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

Modern Style for Jodie

I have been trying my darnedest to incorporate more print mixing into my outfits! At first, I thought it was craziness, but for some reason, there is a part of me that loves the challenge.

And if you’ve been thinking about print mixing too, then you’ll realize how perfect a striped top is for the job! Now you could just buy your striped top with different prints already on it! Or maybe you’d prefer vertical stripes? But either way, stripes along with gingham & polka dots seem to be the prints of choice when you are mixing them together!

Floral skirt from classic to modern styling

For my shoes I wanted to pull in another trend from this summer!! The espadrilles seem to come back in style every summer, but this season they’ve added in the lace up ties. If you don’t love the idea of tying and untying the laces every time you put on your shoes, then the back zipper is the best detail! Of course, the blush pink color is very hot right now. When you have a pair of shoes this color, it’s almost like a nude!

Print shirt for classic to modern looks

Since I felt like there was a lot going on in this outfit with the print mixing, I tried to keep my accessories simple. My shirt has mint embellishments already on it, so I just added in red earrings and a couple of red bracelet!

Print mixing for classic to modern ways to style a skirt

Skirt: My mom made it (similar here)~~Top: Gap (similar here)~~Shoes: Louise et Cie (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)~~Sunglasses: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: To change up Nancy’s look from classic to modern approach, I used shirts that were neutrals. With the classic look, I had her wear a black top which is also a color in her skirt. For the modern outfit, I wanted a neutral shirt of a color hat wasn’t in the skirt. What I mean is this color isn’t part of the skirt’s colors!

Women over 60 styling classic to modern separates

Classic Style for Nancy

Black is one of those colors that is so popular, and definitely considered classic! In fact, the 3 of us just recently styled black pieces for the summer due to a reader’s suggestion!

Of course since black is a neutral, it will go with everything. But since it’s also a color in the print of this skirt, I thought it’d be a great way to showcase a difference of styles!

Women 60+ style for classic to modern looks

Nancy’s black top is a shiny material with a small cowl neck. The one I linked to as similar below is nice that the front portion has a built in cami, so you aren’t over exposed! But if you are looking for a black shirt with different details, then here’s one with ruffles! Or for the summer you may enjoy one with sheer sleeves!

Styling skirt from classic to modern ways

Since we discussed striped for your tops in my outfit above, then why not discuss them for our skirts? I know many of us have heard that stripes make us look wide!

I don’t subscribe to this theory, but if you do, then a vertical striped skirt or two may make you feel better about the design!

The ballet flats were chosen to try to keep the look more traditional along with black earrings and a bracelet!

Skirt styled classic to modern for women over 60

Skirt: Ric Rac Designs (similar here)~~Top: Pantology (similar here)~~Shoes: H&M (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

Modern Style for Nancy

Grey is one of my favorite neutrals, and I think it gets overlooked much of the time. I thought this could be considered a more modern approach since there isn’t any grey in the skirt’s pattern, yet it should work because it’s a neutral!

Adding a different shirt for classic to modern looks

One of my favorite Pinterest pins that I had saved many years ago was from Style Me Grasie seen here!! It really made me think about considering a grey shirt with a print even though the color grey isn’t a color in that particular print!

There are quite a few different shades of grey too and the shirts can have some fun details involved! Like this tie front shirt is darker than many others I see! Or there is the heather grey and this one even includes a ruffle! And then, like Nancy’s shirt, there is lighter grey and this one has a different kind of ruffle!!

Grey shirt & classic to modern styles

The other way I tried to make this outfit more contemporary, is to pick a totally different color for Nancy’s sandals! We went with her yellow pair and then bookmarked the outfit with yellow earrings!

The three of us showcased yellow shoes last summer because I think they add such a fun color to most summer outfits!! If you don’t have a pair of yellow shoes yet, then let me entice you with a walk on the wild side!! This pair has yellow in them, but aren’t too bright, and then this pair would work for the days when you are walking around more!!

classic to modern separates for women 60+

Skirt: Ric Rac Designs (similar here)~~Top: Gerard Daniel (similar here)~~Shoes: Kelly & Katie (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: Mom’s classic to modern outfits involved different colored shirts also. But for her options, I wanted colors instead of neutrals. She chose the yellow-green shirt to match her skirt for the classic version. But then I chose a totally different color for the modern version that doesn’t “match” the skirt!

Women 70+ style from classic to modern

Classic Style for Charlotte

I do think most of us tend to look at a print skirt and try to match our shirt to the colors in the skirt!! Isn’t that how we were taught to dress when we were growing up? And there is nothing wrong with that. To me it’s a look that works for many occasions and looks cohesive.

Styling skirts from classic to modern looks

Matching colored shoes were the next choice for the outfit. My mom even has white pumps, but she chose this ivory pair because they were dressier!

I have been seeing many more white shoes this summer! If you have a pair, it’s time to pull them out. And if you want a pair then check out these or these!!

Accessories for classic to modern looks

To continue along the matching theme, my mom chose her yellow-green accessories.

Print skirt from classic to modern colors

Skirt: Mom made it (similar here)~~Top: Casual Corner-thrifted (similar here)~~Shoes: (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

Modern Style for Charlotte

However, I also think it’s fun and a tad more youthful to try to incorporate a new color to work with your print skirt! This is one of those times, that my mom looked at herself in the mirror after we put the outfit together and said, “I’d never wear this in public!”

Come on everyone, tell my mom how pretty the blue looks with this palm print skirt!!

Different colors for classic to modern style

The other reason, my mom wouldn’t put this top with this skirt is because of the difference of materials! The shirt is a silky shell and the skirt is a cotton. However, to me, that’s what also makes this look more modern!! The mixing of not only colors but materials!!

Women over 70 style classic to modern ways

Speaking of palm prints, this skirt was made by my mom many years ago. They are certainly becoming popular again, so if you like the print then let me show you some others varieties. You could join in on this trend with a short sleeve blouse, a t-shirt dress or a pair of wide leg pants!

70+ women and classic to modern looks

Skirt: Mom made it (similar here)~~Top: Field Manor (similar here)~~Shoes: AK (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

I hope you liked these comparisons. I know most of us were taught how to put together outfits when we were young.

However, many of the rules that we learned have changed over time. On top of that, by this stage in our life, isn’t it time we have fun with our clothes? By this, I mean, lets switch up some of the ideas that we were taught!! I’d love for you to try and tell me what you think!

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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Here’s some more print skirts to ogle!! How would you transform these from a classic to modern style?

  • mummabstylish

    Lovely outfits here Jodie, I love the green and white – so fresh looking. x Jacqui

  • Thank you for linking up and I love Charlotte’s blue and green combination and i always love seeing what she had made.

  • I love all three skirts! Great styling, you manage to create different types of looks 🙂
    Thanks for linking up with Jennie and me on Fab Friday linkup!


  • You made your point really well in this post Jodie! I love both the classic and modern styles equally! Peace!

    • Thanks Cheryl!!
      I do think that both styles work….sometimes I think it depends on the situation, and other times it’s a preference??

  • Rebecca Saffer

    First of all – lucky you. I love white eyelet and the details on the blouse are so lovely (can I borrow Charlotte for a bit??) Your posts are always wonderful but I think this series on modernizing outfits is excellent. I have gotten so many great tips (now the key is to implement these ideas!!)

    • Awww, Rebecca!! My mom will be tickled pink to read your comment.
      She actually used to sew clothing for others, until about 10 years ago!! She has a ton of fabric in her basement that she is now trying to use up—and guess who benefits?? Ha ha!!
      I’m so glad you enjoy the blog—it really makes my day to hear you say that!!

  • I am behind on everything right now and just catching up with my blog reading! These are such great print skirts and you have really shown their versatility! Jodie I just love the one your mom made you! So bright and cheery! She’s so gifted! Great job print mixing! That can be so tricky but this all looks fabulous!

    • Isn’t it such a pretty material, Ronnie?? And I love that it’s very lightweight—perfect for our hotter weather lately!!

  • Look at you ladies in your lovely skirts! Mine are all maxis these days. Need to do a bit of a renno on my legs I think so I can bring back my shorter skirts.

    • I have a couple of maxis, and they are perfect too!!
      What kind of renno on your legs, Leanne?? One of the reasons I like my maxis is I don’t have to worry about shaving…haha!!

  • Great concept. Love those red espadrilles. Would you believe that I don’t own a white shirt? Not even a white t-shirt? Why not? Because I’m so klutzy they don’t stay white for long.

    • I no believe Jo!! You could always have a white shirt and then when you start collection spills and stains on it, call it abstract art!! LOL!!

  • I love the black and white striped skirt, so cute X #brilliantblogposts

    • Thanks!! It was made by my cousin’s company, which they have since closed down!! But we all have cute skirts from them, and they are all fun!!

  • EVERYONE looks stunning in these outfits! I love Nancy’s outfits the most. I like how you give ideas for all different settings.

    • Thanks Crystal!! Nancy will be so happy to hear you liked her outfit—I forwarded the comment to her so she could appreciate it!!!
      I hope you’ll join us again soon!!

  • I love how just a few changes completely restyled these looks! Your’s is my favorite – cute pattern mixing!

    Doused In Pink

  • Nicole Mölders

    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

  • Your blog is just so much fun, Jodie! I love these looks and I can tell how much work went into this post. Well done as always. 🙂

    • Thanks Melissa!! I always think it’s fun to compare side by side, so this was a kick!!

  • Missy May

    Now these are all great effortless outfits. Y’all look gorgeous and I must say that these skirts are lovely. The patterns are nice.


  • I love what you’ve done here Jodie!
    So fresh and inspiring.
    And your curls look beautiful with your short hair!!! XXX

    • Thanks so much Samantha!! Your short hair was one of my inspirations when I was thinking of cutting it!!

  • Out on Catwalk

    You ladies did it again! <3 All of you look fabulous! Love how you revamp you outfit! All of them are so pretty! Have a great day you all! 🙂

  • Seriously, these might some of my favorites! Your looks is my favorite, but honestly I love them all! I just love your shoes!

    • Thanks Laura!!
      I love these shoes now that I’ve done some “surgery” on them!! Before that they were cute but uncomfortable!! Now they are perfect!!

  • I know I said this earlier, but I love these types of posts. Your look is especially fun Jodie because I can really see the difference with your tee and fun shoes!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Thanks Amy!! I love coming up with these ideas, and showing outfits side by side really helps me see things!! But I will admit that they are more time consuming. The worst part is I scheduled 2 weeks like this in a row (next week is another side by side showing—what was I thinking?? ha ha)

  • Donna

    You know, I never would have thought to put that vivid blue shirt with that skirt either but it totally works! I think the alternating blue/green accessories and neutral shoes pulls it all together. Also, your mom is a very talented seamstress. (I’d be interested in a post about that.)

    • Thank you so much Donna, first for the wonderful compliment to my mom. I forwarded this to her so she could appreciate it too!!
      And secondly thanks for the suggestion about a future post. Did you have something specific in mind with that request. It’s funny you say that, because she & I were just planning some pieces for her to make for the blog for next summer for the 3 of us. She did create t-shirt dresses for all of us too that we’ve worn (and I can give you the link if you want). Or were you looking for more DIY, instructional posts? I keep thinking I’d like to incorporate more of that in the blog at some time…..

  • every outfit is so cool and stylish , love these photos
    also check out my blog


  • Love every outfit. So good styled!





  • Kathy Marris

    This is really amazing because I’ve always never mixed patterns (florals with stripes) or even clashed colours in my wardrobe. I love that all the old rules have been thrown out the window. I love the modern look. 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

    • Thanks Kathy!!!
      I do think it’s sorta hard to change the rules that we were brought up with! But it is super fun to play around with different combinations (if you like that sort of thing). For some reason, I think it helps us to feel better about ourselves when we dress for the times!!

  • writeofthemiddle

    It amazes me how you keep coming up with these ideas Jodie! Classic vs Modern – great idea! I’m loving the black cowl neck top that Nancy is wearing. I do tend to wear quite a bit of black – love it as it can go with everything! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

    • This made me laugh Min!! Because when I first started the blog, my husband asked me if I would have enough ideas for a year!! And that was almost 3 years ago. Somehow they just keep coming!! And a lot of the ideas are from readers, which is the best!!

  • Isn’t it amazing what a difference a change of shirt / colour (or shoes) can make?! I don’t really wear skirts (or dresses) but tend to mix and match pants and shirts a lot so I can take things from pretty casual to work outfits etc… #teamlovinlife

    • I love to hear that Deborah!! Mixing it up with our clothes is not only fun (at least for me), but it’s good for our brains!!!

  • Judy Gramith

    I really like BOTH of your looks Jodie! However I do have to say that there is something so sweet about the little white top (looks like a Victorian era top for a petticoat) and I love the fact that Charlotte made the entire outfit!
    I prefer the classic looks on both Nancy and Charlotte. I think they could easily be modernized with accessories but I have a strong preference for the matchy tops this time! It’s got nothing to do with rules and everything to do with colors, contrast and symmetry. I’m convinced that Charlotte will know what i mean … 🙂

    • It’s funny Jude, because I loved the striped top with my skirt when I wore it (and I took those photos first). But after I took the photos with the white shirt, I thought to myself that I almost liked it better….it was a little surprising to me!!
      I do think that most of us (in our age groups) tend to prefer the matching items. But I wonder if it’s because what we are used to?? Is it a learned thing? Or is it your personality thing??
      You know…like the artists who are so creative—I almost think their brains are wired differently and see things differently?? But can we change our brains to like certain styles and combinations that we didn’t use to??
      Always good food for thought, right??
      And thanks!!

  • I loved where Charlotte looked at herself in the mirror … and said, “I’d never wear this in public!” — and everybody praised her outfit.

    You mentioned the rules changing. Might you do some posts on Old Rules that are irretrievably broken and New Rules as they apply to Charlotte and me? I fear teetering on the edge of looking like an old woman who doesn’t remember the Rules and wears outfits that are too young or too ‘unmatched’ or conversely, too matched.

    Some of the blogs that I read have rules regarding shoes and many of them do not agree The same applies to other fashion rules and trends. It makes my head bizzy. I think the farther toward the west coast you go, the more the rules change.

    • Jean!! You bring up such a great point with the rules, and after another conversation with a store owner today, I can see your perspective.
      I almost think it was easier when we had “rules”, don’t you? You knew what went together and looked good within boundaries??
      So I will absolutely take your suggestion and work on a couple of posts..and see what I come up with. Do you have a couple of favorite rules that you’d like me to talk about in particular??
      And just so you know—I’m booked out until September—but don’t worry. I’m writing it down in the queue, so I won’t forget!!

  • Amy D. Christensen

    Jodie, I just wish I could give you a hug. Ha, ha. You do such a wonderful, thoughtful job putting these outfits together. I loved all three (or should I say six) of these. All three of you look so classic and modern. I love that each skirt was different in print and length. And yes, your Mom looks amazing with both of those looks. I actually love the blue with the palm print skirt, especially since you added the cute fringe necklace. Once again, a wonderful job! – Amy

    • Awwww, Amy! Thanks for such a virtual hug—it really means so much to me!!
      I do think this experiment is something I do in my head a lot when I’m people watching. I always think about how I could change out an item or two and make the outfit different!!
      So I have to think I’ll be doing this again—because it’s a great challenge!! Maybe you should join us??

  • HappyFace313

    🙂 I really like these styles!
    have a very HAPPY week, ladies! 🙂


  • I am loving these beautiful Classic vs Modern looks. All of these are worth trying. Thanks for sharing gals <3

  • Laura

    I used to try and match my printed skirts to a top for years. It was such an epiphany when I realized I could pair them with a complimentary color or another printed top instead! Love your lace up espadrilles!

    • Gosh, Laura—I love to hear you say that!!! I know that’s exactly how my mom’s & stepmom’s mind works, so I was trying to show that epiphany!! ( I have a feeling it takes awhile..ha ha!!)

  • Great! I love the backdrop of Nancy s pictures! And agent floral skirts just fantastic with striped tees!

  • Yana Kasekamp

    Ladies, you look amazing! Such creative and beautiful looks. 🙂


  • Your mom is so talented! I love your top and skirt she made! And I agree, floral skirts will never go out of style. (And even if they do, I’m still wearing them. Haha.) I am loving block heels right now too! Great post again, Jodie! Each of these looks are so beautiful!

    • That’s so nice of you to say that about my mom, Lindsey!! That comment will have her grinning from head to toe!!! (I forwarded it to her…you’re the best!!)

  • Such a great post! I love your espadrilles Jodie and your mums skirt is gorgeous!

    Gemma x

    • Charlotte Miller

      The skirt fabric is actullay curtain material–I keep seeing it on sale at JoAnn’s Store and valued if Isaw it one more week–I’d break down and buy it–Presto!

    • Thanks Gemma!!

  • Nicole Mölders

    I like your casual chic, Nancy’s classic chic and Charlotte’s casual chic best.

    • Thanks Nicole!! It was fun doing the comparison!

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    I guess my fashion sense needs work, I can’t really tell the difference between classic and modern, other than they all look wonderful! Very well styled in what I have always called “sporty-casual.” Maybe I need updating, LOL!

    • You bring up a great point Terri!! When you’re not around fashion and style all the time, you don’t always realize there is a difference!! Which is not a bad thing!
      I think some people have more of a creative mind, and they pair things together that I’d consider more modern! However, that’s only because I hadn’t been exposed to it early on in life!! So really, I should call these “how I learned to dress as a youngin'” and “how i dress now” LOL

  • Mary Kalpos

    Jodie I love the modern take on your outfit. Those fun shoes are to die for!! Well maybe not die but you know what I mean. Super fun outfit!

    • Aren’t these shoes great Mary?? I have to admit, that I bought them online, and when I got them, they were so uncomfortable!! The side panels had been sewn in on the inside part of the heel, and they rubbed terribly! So I did surgery on them!! I moved the side panels to the outside part and they feel SO much better!!

      • Mary Kalpos

        You see you are a DIYer after all!

  • love how creative and cute you ladies are! I love the idea of mixing up a top with a skirt to make a whole new outfit! great looks ladies!


    • Thanks Kelsey!! This really was a fun experiment, to see if it’d look any different or fresher, maybe?

  • Lesley Watson

    My first reaction would have been same as Charlotte’s, however seeing the cobalt blue with the palm leaves, what a POP, reminded me of an island vacation. I would wear that combination in a flash. I own nothing green though so I’ll have to see what other pop out fits I can put my with my cobalt tops. Thank you for welcoming me to the Fierce 50’s. I’ve enjoyed seeing all these vibrant women and how encouraging they are to others who are experiencing rough times. When they introduce themselves I feel OLD. I think someone needs to start the same thing for an older generation of styleish women “Sensational Sixties” Spread the word.

    • Well, you aren’t old Lesley!! But I know exactly what you mean!! Did you also join the group Sixty + Me (http://sixtyandme.com/) community?? I think we can all learn from many generations, and realize we have a lot more in common than we thought!!
      I’m glad you liked mom’s blue & green combo!! I thought it just looked so lovely, and yet she was not impressed..ha ha!!
      I think cobalt blue really goes with everything!! Have you tried it with blush or melon??

      • Lesley Watson

        I don’t know if I’ve joined 60+me, but read it on a regular basis (love your articles BTY), As for cobalt & blush , not yet, but good suggestion will try. Blue & melon? yes in my wardrobe & sort of accidentally in my living room. Navy blue leather sofa & burnt orange/rust recliners (will never order furniture from pictures again). One would think I’m a big bronco for some reason (not) I tone the affect down with accessories. They work in a room and on a body.

  • I love all these examples of changing the style of these skirts! I adore your mix of patterns Jodie.


    • Thanks Kathrine!! It’s always fun to see them side by side!!

  • I’m all about that striped shirt with the floral skirt! How fun are your shoes, too!! Two thumbs up!!

    • Thanks Darlene!! One of these days, the print mixing will be second nature to me..ha ha!!

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    Gray is one of my favorite (probably the favorite) neutrals too…it’s so versatile. My favorite look is your print mix version, surprising right…lol! I love the espadrilles too; the color is gorgeous!

    • Nancy laughed when I pulled out her grey shirt, because she thinks I have her wear it a ton!! I just love that it doesn’t “match” yet goes with everything!!!
      Thanks Debbie!!

  • Pauline Starsmore

    I love all of your looks so summery. I love you mum in the lime green outfit (one of my favourite colours )

    • Thank you so much Pauline!!!
      I’ll forward this comment to my mom, so she can enjoy your kind words!!!

  • So beautifully done, all the looks! Though these days most of us tend to go towards modern approach for styling, classic ways have always intrigued me. Just like here, there are so timeless and gorgeous 🙂

    • Thanks Ankita!! I do think the style you tend to like more also depends on our age?? Don’t you think??

  • All wonderful looks!!

  • Jodie, you completely nailed these two styles! The classic looks are all so perfectly timeless. And then the modern looks are simply fabulous! All three skirts are so gorgeous and I would totally wear each and every one of them. I am loving all of this!


    • Thanks Shelbee!! This was a fun experiment to see how to not only wear the skirt again, but with a totally different style (at least what I thought was totally different)!!

  • Karen

    Each of you has done this beautifully! While I definitely find myself leaning toward the classic looks, the way you took them to modern is something I’d definitely do. Your mom’s bright blue top with the skirt is especially good with that necklace that ties the whole thing together. That was a perfect choice! I like the subtle pattern mixing you did with the stripes and floral skirt. That takes a bit more courage (speaking for myself), but it works! I was thinking you were wearing tassel earrings, but the link to the Target earrings showed something else. I LOVE tassel anything! Even though I know this is a trend, how better to indulge it than with accessories, right? Love your espadrilles, and I’m loving the lace up trend! Nancy’s classic look really speaks to me, probably because I spend so darn much time at work and that is something that positively works for an office environment. Her modern look, I looked at it and thought how very much that works too, and completely changes the look. About those catalogs (I’m a Talbot’s shopper and know the plaid skirt you mentioned, loved it with the dot top!)! I get quite a few catalogs and try to keep buying from those who send them, the reason being that this is a good way to see what is new for the upcoming seasons. I keep track of my wardrobe gaps and when I see something that will work in a catalog, I take the page out and put it with my shopping list. My sister and I do a couple dedicated shopping trips (pre-season) and this year when we went we were in Talbots and I had all my catalog pages (from various catalogs) stapled together and it made finding those things a breeze! So I’m a fan of catalogs.

    • Karen—that’s amazing that you know exactly the skirt pairing I was talking about then!! How funny!
      But that’s such a great idea to cut out what your wardrobe is missing and take it with you shopping. I just went thrift shopping with a friend, and that’s exactly what I should have done!!! But I don’t get a ton of catalogs anymore either. But I could write them down–I’m sure that would work too!! Thank you for that!!!
      And thanks for the wonderful praises for our outfits!! I made sure to forward this comment to both mom & Nancy too!!!

  • I definitely fall into the classic “trap” you noted: pairing my skirts, etc. only by the colors in them. Your post is a great reminder that I have plenty of more modern, fashionable options right in my closet.

    • But it’s only normal for us to style our separates like that, I think, Em!! That’s how we were taught and it makes sense!!
      Want to hear how I try to get out my ruts lately?? So when I grab the pants or skirt I want to wear for that day—I think, what would I normally wear with it? Then I try to pick out something that is totally different than my first response. Of course it depends on how much energy and time I have, ha ha!!!

  • Hi Jodie,

    I think I like your skirt with the white blouse, Nancy’s skirt with black T-shirt and your mom’s with her yellow top. What a wonderful idea to style one skirt in two different ways! I love that!

    • Thanks so much for your thoughts Miri!!! So at least for these selections, you like the classic looks!!!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Floral/Print fabulous and so sweet for the summer!! A skirt that is light and breezy is just so nice in the summer, love making them more casual! You all look GORGEOUS!!